How many seedbed curses do you need for dung eater?

In Elden Ring, the Dung Eater is an NPC invader that can be found imprisoned in the sewers of Leyndell, Royal Capital. After freeing him from his cell, he can be summoned as a spirit ashes ally in combat. However, to truly unlock the Dung Eater’s full power, you need to acquire and give him Seedbed Curses.

What are Seedbed Curses?

Seedbed Curses are special key items in Elden Ring that are essentially vessels that capture the spirits of demigods and champions. When given to the Dung Eater, he can use the curses to defile the spirits within, corrupting them and gaining power.

Seedbed Curses take the form of creepy cocoon-like pods that you can find at various locations throughout the Lands Between. Each curse contains the spirit of a different character.

Locations to Find Seedbed Curses

Here are some of the main locations to find Seedbed Curses in Elden Ring:

  • Underground Roadside site of grace in Limgrave – Curse of Godrick the Grafted
  • Behind an illusory wall in Sage’s Cave, Caelid – Curse of Radahn
  • Dropped by Putrid Avatar enemy in War-Dead Catacombs, Caelid – Curse of Rykard
  • Defeat the Erdtree Avatar in Minor Erdtree Catacombs, Altus Plateau – Curse of Morgott
  • Defeat the Putrid Tree Spirit in Grand Cloister, Altus Plateau – Curse of Malenia

There are a total of 5 different Seedbed Curses that can be collected in the game, each containing the spirit of a major demigod boss.

How Many Seedbed Curses for Dung Eater?

To fully unlock the Dung Eater spirit ashes, you need to give him all 5 of the available Seedbed Curses. This will maximally empower him as a spirit summon.

So in summary, the number of Seedbed Curses needed for the Dung Eater is:

5 Seedbed Curses Total

  • Godrick
  • Radahn
  • Rykard
  • Morgott
  • Malenia

After giving all 5 curses to the Dung Eater at the Untended Graves site of grace in Leyndell, he will thank you and say that the spirits have been properly defiled. His spirit ashes can then be acquired from the Prince of Death’s Throne site of grace.

What are the Effects of the Seedbed Curses?

Feeding all 5 Seedbed Curses to the Dung Eater has the following effects on his summon:

  • Greatly increases his HP, attack power, and poise
  • Gives him a new swirling vortex weapon skill called “Omen Killer”
  • Maximizes his aggro and tanking ability
  • Unlocks his armor set for purchase from Enia

In essence, a fully defiled Dung Eater becomes an extremely tanky spirit that can draw aggro away from the player and deal big damage in melee combat. He gains dramatically improved survivability and offensive ability.

Strategies Using the Empowered Dung Eater

Here are some recommended strategies for utilizing the Dung Eater once he has consumed all 5 Seedbed Curses:

  • Use him as the main tank vs tough bosses and mini-bosses – let him absorb hits with his high poise
  • Support him with ranged attacks or spells as he engages enemies in melee
  • Cast buffs on him pre-fight like Golden Vow to further boost his power
  • His Omen Killer skill stuns groups of enemies, allowing you time to cast or heal
  • Keep summoning him if he dies, his increased HP will allow him to tank for longer

The empowered Dung Eater is one of the tankiest and most damaging spirit summons available. He can help immensely in difficult boss fights by holding aggro and dishing out strong melee DPS. Just be sure to give him all 5 Seedbed Curses first to get the most out of this foul Omen!

Other Uses for Seedbed Curses

While feeding all the Seedbed Curses to Dung Eater is recommended for maximizing his spirit summon, there are some other uses for these key items as well:

  • Can give individual curses to Dung Eater for partial empowering
  • Consuming the curses yourself grants small HP boosts
  • Trading curses to Seluvis unlocks alternate sorceries to purchase

So you may want to duplicate a curse using a Lost Ashes of War before turning them all over to Dung Eater. This allows you to retain the ability to get the benefits above if desired.

Where to Get Dung Eater’s Spirit Summon

After giving Dung Eater all 5 Seedbed Curses, you can pick up his enhanced spirit summon item at the Prince of Death’s Throne site of grace in Deeproot Depths:

  1. Teleport to Prince of Death’s Throne site of grace
  2. Exit the throne room and turn right down the hallway
  3. The summon will be lying on the ground a short way down on the right
  4. Interact with it to add the empowered Dung Eater summon to your inventory

You can now use the Perfume item to summon the mighty Dung Eater tank to aid you in battles across the Lands Between!


To fully power up the Dung Eater spirit ashes, you need to collect all 5 Seedbed Curses containing the spirits of demigod bosses and give them to him. This will dramatically improve his HP, damage, weapon skills, and armor in combat. An empowered Dung Eater can act as the ultimate tank summon, drawing aggro and staggering enemies with his Omen Killer skill. With the foul curses defiling these shards of the Elden Ring, the Dung Eater can unleash his full disgusting might against the enemies of the Tarnished!

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