How many calories are in a bottle of Cava?

Cava is a sparkling wine that originates from Spain. It is made using the same methods as Champagne, with a second fermentation in the bottle that creates the bubbles. Cava has gained popularity around the world as an affordable and tasty sparkling wine option.

Quick Answer

There are approximately 600 calories in a standard 750ml bottle of Cava.

Calculating Cava Calories

The number of calories in a bottle of Cava depends on a few factors:

  • Alcohol content – More alcohol means more calories. Cava ranges from 11-13% ABV.
  • Residual sugar – Brut Cava has less sugar than Demi-Sec, resulting in fewer calories.
  • Serving size – A full 750ml bottle contains around 600 calories. A 5oz glass is around 150 calories.

Using this nutritional information, we can estimate the calories in Cava:

  • Alcohol: Roughly 7 calories per gram
  • Carbs: Around 4 calories per gram

Most Cava contains around 12% alcohol by volume. There are about 25.4oz (750ml) in a standard bottle.

Doing the math:

  • 12% of 750ml = 90ml of alcohol
  • 90ml alcohol x 7 calories/gram = 630 alcohol calories

Next, account for the carbs from residual sugar. Brut Cava has around 0-15g of sugar per liter, while Demi-Sec has around 33-50g/L. We’ll estimate on the higher end:

  • 50g sugar x 4 calories/gram = 200 calories

Total estimated calories per 750ml bottle:

  • Alcohol: 630 calories
  • Residual sugar: 200 calories
  • Total: 830 calories

For a reasonable average, we can estimate there are approximately 600 calories in a 750ml bottle of Cava.

Calories In Different Types Of Cava

The amount of residual sugar is the main factor affecting the calorie content in different types of Cava:

Type Sugar Content Calories (750ml)
Brut Nature 0-3g/L 600
Extra Brut 0-6g/L 620
Brut 0-15g/L 640
Extra Dry 12-20g/L 680
Dry 17-35g/L 700
Demi-Sec 33-50g/L 800

As you can see, Brut Nature has the fewest calories, while Demi-Sec has the most. Dry Cavas with less residual sugar tend to have around 600 calories per bottle, while sweeter styles can have 800+ calories.

Calories In A Glass Of Cava

What about a typical serving glass of Cava? Let’s look at the calorie content in a 5oz (150ml) pour:

  • Alcohol = 90ml x 12% ABV = 10.8ml
  • 10.8ml alcohol x 7cal/g = 75 calories
  • Carbs = 50g/L x 0.15L = 7.5g
  • 7.5g carbs x 4cal/g = 30 calories
  • Total calories per 5oz glass = 105 calories

So in a standard restaurant pour, you can expect around 100-150 calories in a 5oz glass of Cava.

To get a more specific estimate, you’ll need to know the exact alcohol percentage and sugar content of that particular bottle of Cava.

Comparing Calories In Cava, Champagne, And Other Sparkling Wines

How does Cava compare to other sparkling wines and Champagne in terms of calories?

In general, dry styles of most sparkling wines have similar calorie contents per serving. For example:

  • 5oz Brut Cava: 100-150 calories
  • 5oz Brut Champagne: 100-150 calories
  • 5oz Brut Prosecco: 100-150 calories
  • 5oz Brut sparkling wine: 100-150 calories

Sweeter styles will have more variance. For example, an Extra Dry Prosecco may have around 120 calories per 5oz, while a Demi-Sec sparkling wine could have up to 200 calories. Check the sugar content for a more accurate comparison.

In general, dry sparkling wines are comparable, while sweeter versions will have more calories.

Tips For Drinking Cava On A Diet

Here are some tips if you’re watching your calorie intake and still want to enjoy Cava:

  • Stick to Brut or Extra Brut – The drier, the fewer calories.
  • Choose a smaller pour – Try a 3-4oz glass instead of 5-6oz.
  • Alternate with water – Sip some water between drinks.
  • Reduce frequency – Savor one glass instead of consuming multiple.
  • Account for calories – Be mindful of your overall calorie goals.
  • Eat light – Balance it out with lower calorie meals.

You can definitely fit Cava into a healthy diet by being mindful of serving sizes and residual sugar content. Focus on quality over quantity, and sip slowly to satisfy your craving.

Low-Calorie Cava Cocktail Options

If you’re being mindful of calories, try one of these delicious low-calorie Cava cocktails:

Cava Sangria

Mix Brut Cava with fresh orange and lemon slices, a splash of brandy, and club soda. The fruit adds natural sweetness with fewer calories than juice or sugar syrups.

Cava Spritzer

Top up Brut Cava with sparkling water for a light, fizzy spritzer. Add fresh berries or cucumber for extra flavor.

Cava Mimosa

Try using fresh orange or grapefruit juice rather than sugary juice blends. Keep the juice ratio low, using just a splash for flavor.

Pomegranate Cava Cooler

Mix Cava with pomegranate juice, lemon juice, and club soda over ice. The tart pomegranate balances the Cava’s sweetness.


Enjoying Cava doesn’t have to wreck your diet goals. Stick with Brut or Extra Brut styles in reasonable serving sizes. Alternate with water and balance it out with lower calorie foods. Opt for lighter Cava cocktails using fresh juice and fruits. And as always, sip mindfully and savor every celebratory sip!

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