How many points do you need to get gamora in fortnite?

Gamora is a popular playable character in the battle royale game Fortnite. She was added as part of the Marvel-themed Season 4 in Chapter 2. Gamora is an unlockable outfit that players can get by earning Battle Pass points and reaching certain tiers.

What is the Gamora Outfit in Fortnite?

The Gamora outfit allows players to take on the appearance of Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy in the game. The outfit includes:

  • Gamora model with accurate details
  • Four selectable styles – Default, Reactive, Armor, and Cloaked
  • Godslayer blades pickaxe
  • Combat Chaps back bling
  • Daughter of Thanos emote

The different styles allow players to customize Gamora’s look on the battlefield. The Godslayer blades pickaxe, Combat Chaps back bling, and emote round out the cosmetic set.

How to Get Gamora in Fortnite

To unlock Gamora in Fortnite, players need to earn Battle Pass points and reach Tier 42 in the Chapter 2, Season 4 Battle Pass. Here is a breakdown of how to get the Gamora outfit:

  1. Purchase the Season 4 Battle Pass for 950 V-Bucks (around $7.99)
  2. Earn Battle Stars by completing challenges, punchcards, and daily quests
  3. Collect enough Battle Stars to reach Battle Pass Tier 42 (requires 37 Battle Stars)
  4. Claim the rewards on Tier 42 to unlock the Gamora outfit

Once Gamora is unlocked, all of her cosmetics can be used by equipping them in the locker section of the game.

How Many Battle Pass Points for Gamora?

In Chapter 2, Season 4, Gamora unlocks at Tier 42 of the Battle Pass. This tier requires 37 Battle Stars to reach.

Each match, players can earn up to 10 Battle Stars from:

  • Daily challenges – 1-3 Battle Stars
  • Weekly challenges – 14-45 Battle Stars
  • Character punchcards – 6,000-80,000 XP for 5-55 Battle Stars
  • Quick challenges – 1 Battle Star each

Adding up the points from daily, weekly, and punchcard challenges, players can expect to earn around 60 Battle Stars per week. With the 1000 V-bucks Battle Pass granting a 20 Battle Star head start, reaching Tier 42 will typically take 2-3 weeks for most players.

Battle Pass Tier Points Breakdown

Tier Battle Stars Needed Total Battle Stars
1-20 10 stars per tier 200 stars
21-30 15 stars per tier 150 stars
31-42 20 stars per tier 240 stars
Total for Tier 42 37 stars 590 stars

As shown in the table, reaching Tier 42 takes 590 Battle Stars in total. With the 1,000 V-bucks Battle Pass bonus, players will need to earn around 570 Battle Stars from challenges, quick challenges, and other gameplay sources.

Tips for Unlocking Gamora Quickly

Here are some tips to help unlock the Gamora outfit faster:

  • Complete daily & weekly challenges – These are the main source of Battle Stars and allow rapid tier progression.
  • Level up your Battle Pass – Each time the pass levels up, you get 5 Battle Stars.
  • Open chests and ammo boxes – These grant small amounts of XP to help level up your pass.
  • Focus on punchcards – Punchcards offer high Battle Star payouts for weapon/character milestones.
  • Play with friends – Playing in a party grants +20% bonus XP and Battle Stars.
  • Purchase tiers – You can buy 10 Battle Pass tier unlocks for 1,500 V-bucks.

What’s the Easiest Way to Unlock Gamora?

The easiest and fastest way to unlock Gamora is to buy tier skips using V-bucks. You can purchase 10 tier skips in a bundle for 1,500 V-bucks.

Buying 10 tier skips outright will boost you to Tier 32. After that you’ll need:

  • Tier 32 to 42 = 240 Battle Stars
  • With 60 Battle Stars per week, that’s just 4 weeks of challenges/milestones
  • Or approximately 15-25 hours of total playtime

Purchasing 4 x 10 tier skip bundles for 6,000 V-bucks totals 40 tier skips, putting you at Tier 82 and guaranteeing the Gamora outfit immediately.

Unlock Gamora Through Save the World Mode

An alternative way to get V-bucks for Battle Pass tiers is through the PvE mode Save the World. In Save the World you can earn 50-100 V-bucks per day from daily rewards, challenges, and mission alerts.

After 2-3 weeks of grinding Save the World for 1-2 hours per day, you’ll have enough free V-bucks to purchase 10 tiers and leap forward on the Battle Pass. Combining daily Save the World V-buck farming with Battle Royale play time is a proven way to unlock skins faster.

How Much Money to Unlock Gamora?

If purchasing tiers with V-bucks, unlocking Gamora will cost around $15-$20 in real money. Here’s a cost breakdown:

  • Battle Pass: 950 V-bucks ($7.99)
  • Two 10-tier skips: 1,500 V-bucks ($14.98)
  • Extra tiers (est): 1,500 V-bucks ($14.98)
  • Total: 3,950 V-bucks (est. $15-$20)

The exact amount depends on your playtime and progression rate. Buying the 25 tier skips bundle for 3,500 V-bucks is the cheapest way to guarantee Gamora immediately.

What If I Missed Unlocking Gamora in Season 4?

If you didn’t unlock Gamora during Chapter 2 Season 4, don’t worry – you still have a chance of obtaining her!

Previously Battle Pass-exclusive skins like Gamora are often added back to the Item Shop for purchase at a later date. However, they can cost more than a standard shop skin, usually 2,000 – 3,000 V-bucks.

Players who missed out on skins like Omega, Carbide, and others from older seasons have seem them return months or years later. So it’s likely Gamora will be purchasable in the Item Shop within 6-12 months.

Is Gamora Worth Unlocking in Fortnite?

For Marvel fans and Gamora supporters, the skin is definitely worth getting! Gamora is one of the most popular female superheroes, and her appearance in Fortnite is highly accurate to the movies.

The green skin, detailed outfit modeling, Godslayer pickaxe, and emotes like “Daughter of Thanos” make it a great cosmetic set for fans. Gamora is also an uncommon skin that was only available in Season 4, making her more exclusive.

What Marvel Skins Can You Get in Fortnite?

In addition to Gamora, here are some of the other Marvel superhero skins available in Fortnite:

Marvel Skin Battle Pass Season
Black Widow Season 8
Cable Season 3
Captain America Season 4
Carnage Season 8
Daredevil Season 4
Deadpool Season 2
Groot Season 4
Iron Man Season 4
Mystique Season 4
Nick Fury Season 7
Silver Surfer Season 4
Star-Lord Season 8
Thor Season 4
Venom Season 4
Wolverine Season 4


Unlocking Gamora in Fortnite requires reaching Battle Pass Tier 42 in Chapter 2, Season 4. This can be achieved by:

  • Grinding daily/weekly challenges for 2-3 weeks
  • Purchasing 10 tier skips with V-bucks for faster unlock
  • Using Save the World V-buck rewards to buy tier skips

For Marvel fans, Gamora is one of the best superhero skins in Fortnite with intricate detailing and cosmetics. With her Battle Pass exclusivity, it may be worth buying tier skips to add her to your locker immediately. If you missed out on unlocking Gamora, keep an eye on the Item Shop in case she returns for purchase.

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