How many calories per day does Brian Shaw eat?

Brian Shaw is one of the world’s top strongman competitors and has won the World’s Strongest Man competition multiple times. Given his massive size and intense training regimen, Brian Shaw requires a huge number of calories per day to fuel his body and maintain his extreme muscle mass.

Quick Answer

It is estimated that Brian Shaw eats between 8,000 and 10,000 calories per day on average. However, his calorie intake can vary significantly depending on his training schedule and whether he is actively preparing for a competition.

Detailed Answer

As a 400+ pound strongman, Brian Shaw has an enormous daily calorie requirement just to maintain his body weight and muscle mass. Most sources estimate his maintenance calories to be around 8,000-10,000 calories per day.

However, during intense training periods or when packing on size for a competition, his calorie intake can increase dramatically. When “bulking up” for a competition, he may consume as many as 12,000 calories per day for weeks at a time.

To put this in perspective, the average adult male requires around 2,500 calories per day for maintenance. As an elite athlete, Brian Shaw burns through calories at an astounding rate through his hardcore strength and conditioning workouts.

Some key factors that contribute to Brian Shaw’s massive calorie needs include:

  • His overall body mass – At over 400 pounds, his basal metabolic rate is sky high
  • His muscle mass – More muscle means you burn more calories around the clock
  • Intense daily workouts – His training sessions last several hours and are extremely taxing
  • Frequent intense cardio – He does conditioning work like pushing prowlers and sledgehammers
  • High NEAT – Non-exercise activity from daily life at his size requires lots of energy

Details on Brian Shaw’s Diet

Fueling a 400+ pound strongman requires a massive amount of quality nutrition. While Brian Shaw eats a flexible diet and allows himself cheat meals, the majority of his food comes from healthy, calorie-dense sources.

Here’s an overview of what a typical day of eating looks like for Brian Shaw:


– 12 whole eggs scrambled with cheese, onions, peppers

– 4-5 slices of Ezekiel toast with peanut butter

– 1-2 cups old-fashioned oats

– 1 lb lean ground beef or steak, grilled

– Protein shake

Morning Snacks

– Nut butter and jam sandwiches

– Smoothies with protein powder, fruit, greens, nut butters

– Trail mix, dried fruit, nuts


– 1 lb grilled chicken, steak, or fish

– 2 cups rice or quinoa

– Salad or roasted vegetables

– Yogurt, cottage cheese

Afternoon Snacks

– More smoothies, shakes

– Sandwiches with meats, cheese

– Fruits like bananas, apples


– 1-2 lbs meat or fish

– Roasted or grilled veggies

– Quinoa or sweet potato

– Salad

Evening Snacks

– Protein shake

– Cereal, nuts, nut butters

– Ice cream or other desserts

Estimating Brian Shaw’s Calorie Needs

There are a few methods that can provide reasonable estimates of Brian Shaw’s enormous calorie needs:

Harris-Benedict Equation

This is one of the most commonly used equations to estimate basal metabolic rate (BMR). Plugging Brian Shaw’s stats into the formula looks like this:

BMR = 66.47 + (13.75 x weight in kg) + (5.003 x height in cm) – (6.755 x age)

For Brian Shaw:

Weight: 200kg

Height: 200cm

Age: 39 years

BMR = 66.47 + (13.75 x 200) + (5.003 x 200) – (6.755 x 39)

= 66.47 + 2750 + 1000.6 – 266.5

= 3550 calories per day

This BMR is then multiplied by an activity factor ranging from 1.2-1.9 to estimate his total calorie needs:

Sedentary (1.2 x BMR) = 3550 x 1.2 = 4,260 calories

Light Activity (1.375 x BMR) = 3550 x 1.375 = 4,881 calories

Moderate Activity (1.55 x BMR) = 3550 x 1.55 = 5,503 calories

Heavy Activity (1.725 x BMR) = 3550 x 1.725 = 6,124 calories

Athlete (1.9 x BMR) = 3550 x 1.9 = 6,745 calories

Considering Brian Shaw’s training regimen, an activity factor of 1.725-1.9 is likely, putting his calorie needs around 6,000-7,000 calories per day.

Katch-McArdle Formula

Another commonly used method that takes into account lean body mass (LBM):

Calories = 370 + (21.6 x LBM in kg)

Brian Shaw’s LBM is estimated to be around 135-140kg. Using 140kg:

Calories = 370 + (21.6 x 140)

= 370 + 3,024

= 3,394 calories per day

Multiplying by an activity factor of 1.725-1.9 gives an estimated calorie need of around 5,850-6,450 calories.

Body Weight Formula

Finally, a simple formula based solely on body weight:

Calories = Body Weight (lbs) x 10-15

Brian Shaw weighs around 430 lbs:

Calories = 430 x 10 = 4,300 calories

Calories = 430 x 15 = 6,450 calories

This aligns closely with the other formulas, supporting a calorie range of 5,000-7,000 calories per day for maintenance.

Sample Meal Plan for Brian Shaw

Here is an example of what a daily meal plan might look like for Brian Shaw requiring around 8,000 calories:

Meal Foods Calories
Breakfast 8 eggs, 2 cups oats, 2 scoops protein powder, 2 tbsp peanut butter 1,100
Snack 1 Protein shake 600
Lunch 1 lb chicken breast, 2 cups rice, veggie salad w/ dressing 1,300
Snack 2 2 sandwiches w/ 4 oz deli meat, 2 oz cheese 800
Dinner 12 oz steak, 2 baked potatoes, 3 cups mixed veggies 1,300
Snack 3 Protein shake, trail mix 700
Snack 4 Cottage cheese, fruit, nuts 800
Total calories: 8,000

As shown in this meal plan, Brian Shaw requires a tremendous number of calories spread over 5-6 meals and snacks throughout the day. This allows him to maximize protein synthesis and recovery while providing the energy he needs for his hardcore training.

How Brian Shaw’s Calorie Intake Changes

While Brian Shaw’s daily calorie intake averages 8,000-10,000 calories, his specific needs fluctuate substantially depending on his training cycle and competition schedule. Here is how his nutrition changes throughout the year:


– Training is reduced to 2-3 intense sessions per week

– Cardio and conditioning work is decreased

– He reduces calories to roughly 8,000 per day

– The goal is to maintain strength and size while allowing his body to recover


– Ramps up training to 4-5 sessions per week

– Increases cardio for improved conditioning

– Calories increased to around 10,000 per day

– Aim is to slowly add mass while improving endurance

Competition Season

– Training hits peak intensity and volume

– Follows specific strength peaking program

– Calories increased substantially to 11,000-12,000 per day

– Goal is to pack on as much mass as possible


– Dramatically reduces training volume

– Focuses on active recovery like stretching, swimming

– Calories reduced back to maintenance levels

– Allows his body to fully recover and normalize

This approach of strategically fluctuating his calorie intake and training workload allows his body to adapt and perform at its best when competition time arrives.

Sources of Brian Shaw’s Calories

To consume 8,000-12,000 calories daily, Brian Shaw needs to take in a massive amount of quality nutrition each day. Here’s an overview of where his calories come from:

Protein – 25-30% of calories

– Lots of lean meats like chicken, steak, fish

– Dairy such as Greek yogurt, cottage cheese

– Eggs (12-15 per day)

– Whey and casein protein supplements

Carbs – 50-60% of calories

– Oats, rice, quinoa, potatoes, fruit

– Ezekiel bread

– Limited added sugars except around workouts

Fats – 15-25% of calories

– Peanut butter, nuts, seeds, oils

– Whole eggs

– Avocados, coconuts, nut butters

– Full-fat dairy like cheese, whole milk

Getting the right balance of nutrients supports Brian’s performance. The combination of lean proteins, complex carbs, healthy fats and micronutrients allows him to recover, gain mass and perform at his best.


In summary, the average calorie intake for Brian Shaw ranges from 8,000-10,000 calories per day. However, during intense training and competition periods, his intake soars as high as 12,000 calories daily. Consuming huge quantities of protein, carbs and fats is necessary to maintain his 400+ pound strongman physique. While his calorie requirements are significantly higher than average, strategic nutrition is what fuels Brian Shaw’s status as one of the world’s top strongmen.

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