How many calories is a Dutch Bros rebel?

Dutch Bros is a popular coffee chain known for its flavorful coffee drinks and energy drinks. One of their most popular offerings is the Rebel, a blended iced coffee drink available in a variety of flavors. But how many calories are actually in a Dutch Bros Rebel drink? Let’s take a closer look.

What is a Dutch Bros Rebel?

A Dutch Bros Rebel is a blended iced coffee drink made with Dutch Bros premium coffee, milk, ice, and your choice of flavor. You can customize your Rebel with flavored syrups like white chocolate macadamia, blue rebel (blueberry), mint mocha, and many more. The standard Rebel comes with 2 pumps of flavor, but you can request more or less flavor pumps to tailor the drink to your taste.

In addition to flavored syrups, you can also customize your Rebel with extras like protein powder, vitamins, or fruit purees. Some popular additions are banana, strawberry, peach, and mango puree. The fruit purees add sweetness and texture to the blended iced coffee.

Rebels are available in small, medium, and large sizes. A small is 16 oz, a medium is 24 oz, and a large comes in at 32 oz. So in addition to the flavor, the size of your Rebel will impact its calorie count.

Calories in a Small Dutch Bros Rebel

A small 16 oz Dutch Bros Rebel ranges from 140 to 390 calories, depending on the flavor and customizations.

Here are some examples of calorie counts for popular small Rebel flavors:

  • White chocolate macadamia: 200 calories
  • Mocha: 140 calories
  • Strawberry: 210 calories
  • Mango: 290 calories
  • Banana: 250 calories
  • Blue rebel (blueberry): 180 calories

As you can see, calorie counts can vary significantly based on the flavored syrups used. Fruit flavors like mango tend to be higher in calories, while lighter flavors like mocha are lower.

Customizations can also impact the calorie count. Adding a fruit puree like strawberry will add around 60 calories to your Rebel. Including an extra pump of flavor syrup will add 15-30 calories. Protein powder adds 50-60 calories, while vitamins add 30 calories.

So a lightly customized small white chocolate Rebel may have around 200 calories, while a heavily customized small mango Rebel with 2 extra pumps of flavor, mango puree, and vitamins could have over 390 calories.

Calories in a Medium Dutch Bros Rebel

Since a medium Rebel is 24 oz, it will contain more calories than the small size. Here are some estimates for a medium:

  • White chocolate macadamia: 300 calories
  • Mocha: 210 calories
  • Strawberry: 320 calories
  • Mango: 430 calories
  • Banana: 380 calories
  • Blue rebel (blueberry): 270 calories

Again, customizations make a significant impact for a medium Rebel. An extra pump of flavor will add around 20-40 calories, fruit purees add 90 calories, protein is 80 calories, and vitamins are 45 calories.

A customized medium mango Rebel with 2 extra pumps, mango puree, and protein could have upwards of 560 calories.

Calories in a Large Dutch Bros Rebel

Finally, the large 32 oz Rebel packs the biggest calorie punch. Here’s an overview:

  • White chocolate macadamia: 400 calories
  • Mocha: 280 calories
  • Strawberry: 430 calories
  • Mango: 570 calories
  • Banana: 510 calories
  • Blue rebel (blueberry): 360 calories

Extra flavor pumps add around 30-50 calories each for a large Rebel. Fruit purees tack on 120 calories, protein contributes 100 calories, and vitamins are 60 calories.

A customized large mango Rebel could have over 700 calories with added pumps, fruit puree, and a protein powder.

Low Calorie Dutch Bros Rebel Options

If you’re looking for ways to enjoy a Dutch Bros Rebel without going overboard on calories, here are some tips:

  • Choose size small or medium rather than large
  • Opt for lighter flavors like mocha or white chocolate rather than fruit flavors
  • Easy on the extra flavor pumps
  • Skip sugary additions like fruit purees
  • Request Splenda instead of sugar syrup
  • Ask for nonfat milk rather than whole milk
  • Avoid protein powder or vitamin blends

Being mindful about customizations is key for a lower calorie Rebel. A small mocha Rebel with nonfat milk and no extras clocks in at just 100 calories – a significant difference compared to a heavily customized large mango Rebel at 700+ calories.

Factors That Impact Dutch Bros Rebel Calorie Count

As we’ve explored, the exact calorie count per Dutch Bros Rebel varies substantially based on:

  • Size – small, medium, or large
  • Base flavor – fruit flavors vs lighter flavors
  • Customizations – extra flavor, fruit purees, protein, vitamins
  • Milk options – nonfat vs whole milk
  • Sweetener – Splenda vs sugar syrup

Understanding how each of these factors impacts calories can help you make educated choices to fit your dietary needs.

Does Blending Change the Calories?

You might be wondering – does blending a coffee drink somehow increase its calorie content compared to a hot coffee with the same ingredients? The answer is no. The blending itself does not alter the calories or nutritional values. The key factors are just the size of the drink and what ingredients are included in the recipe.

Comparing Dutch Bros Rebels to Other Drinks

To put the calories of a Dutch Bros Rebel in context, let’s compare them to some other popular blended coffee drinks.

Drink Calories (Small 16 oz)
Starbucks Bottled Frappuccino 190
McCafe Mocha Frappe 340
Starbucks Caffe Vanilla Frappuccino 230
Dunkin Donuts Coffee Coolatta 171
Dutch Bros Rebel (Mocha) 140

As you can see, a small Dutch Bros Rebel is generally on par or lower in calories compared to other coffee frappes and coolattas. However, heavily customized Rebels with lots of add-ins can end up significantly higher in calories.

Should You Drink Dutch Bros Rebels If You’re Counting Calories?

Dutch Bros Rebels can definitely fit into a calorie-conscious diet in moderation. Here are some thoughts on enjoying Rebels while watching your calorie intake:

  • Stick to small or medium sizes rather than large 32oz
  • Opt for lighter base flavors like mocha
  • Limit extra pumps of flavor, purees, etc.
  • Make substitutions like nonfat milk and artificial sweetener
  • Share a Rebel with a friend
  • Sip slowly – don’t gulp it down!
  • Treat yourself to a Rebel occasionally rather than daily

With smart customizations and reasonable portion sizes, you can satisfy your blended coffee cravings while maintaining your health goals.

Should You Drink Rebels If You Have Diabetes?

For people with diabetes, drinking high-sugar beverages like Rebels can cause blood sugar spikes. Here are some tips for diabetics to enjoy Rebels in moderation:

  • Stick to small size
  • Avoid fruit flavors and purees
  • Request sugar-free syrup instead of regular
  • Ask for nonfat or lowfat milk
  • Limit to occasional treat rather than daily habit
  • Pair with protein or healthy fat to blunt blood sugar impact
  • Monitor blood sugar before and after to see individual response

Moderation and customization are key. Having a Rebel occasionally within a healthy diabetes diet can be done with proper portion sizes and ingredients.

Should Kids Drink Dutch Bros Rebels?

Dutch Bros Rebels do contain a lot of sugar and calories, so they may not be the best choice for children on a regular basis. However, as an occasional treat, a kid-sized Rebel can hit the spot. Here are some thoughts on Rebels for kids:

  • Only buy kid size, not small, medium or large
  • Skip extra pumps of flavor and sweet add-ins
  • Substitute nonfat or lowfat milk
  • Limit to a weekly or bi-weekly treat
  • Encourage kids to drink water afterward
  • Remind kids to sip slowly and avoid “slurping”

Rebels can be part of a balanced childhood diet. But proper portions and limiting frequency is important.

Should You Drink a Rebel Before a Workout?

Dutch Bros Rebels don’t make the best pre-workout beverage because of their high sugar content. Consuming excess sugar right before exercise can cause an energy crash mid-workout. However, a Rebel could work as a post-workout treat in moderation. The protein from milk and blended ice can help with muscle recovery. Just be mindful of portion size and sugar content.

Are There Healthier Alternatives to Dutch Bros Rebels?

If you’re looking for a healthier alternative to enjoy a blended coffee drink, consider these options:

  • Cold brew coffee protein shake – Add cold brew, milk, ice, and a scoop of protein powder to a blender. Skip sugary syrups.
  • DIY “skinny” frappe – Mix cold brew with ice and a sugar-free flavor syrup like skinny mocha or caramel.
  • Black cold brew lemonade – Cold brew poured over lemonade makes a refreshing lighter drink.
  • Iced coffee smoothie – Blend cold brew, banana, peanut butter, milk, ice, and cocoa powder for a nutrient-rich treat.

With a little creativity, you can create lighter coffee drinks at home that still satisfy your blended cravings. Portion out servings instead of relying on large cafe drinks.

The Bottom Line on Dutch Bros Rebels

When consumed in moderation, Dutch Bros Rebels can be part of an overall balanced diet. Be mindful of size, flavor, and custom add-ins. Stick to occasional treats rather than daily drinks. And if you’re looking to limit sugar, customize a lighter Rebel or explore lower calorie coffee alternatives.

Satisfy your blended coffee cravings without overdoing it on the calories!

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