How many calories are in a maple bar donut?

A maple bar donut, also known as a maple frosted donut or maple glazed donut, is a sweet bakery treat coated in maple flavored icing or glaze. Maple bar donuts are a beloved breakfast item and snack, appreciated for their soft, light interior and sweet maple topping. But like many tasty bakery treats, maple bar donuts can be high in calories. If you are watching your calorie intake or have dietary restrictions, you may be wondering just how many calories are in a maple bar donut.

What is a Maple Bar Donut?

A maple bar donut is a classic yeast-risen donut which gets its name from its topping of maple flavored icing or glaze. Maple bar donuts are made by deep frying yeast dough into a ring shape. Once fried, the donut is coated while still warm in a topping made from confectioner’s sugar, milk or cream, and maple syrup or maple flavoring. This creates the shiny, sweet maple coating synonymous with maple bar donuts.

Maple bar donuts can come in a variety of base donut shapes from classic rings to long johns to twists or cruellers. But no matter the shape, they are distinguished by their signature maple icing. The maple glaze or icing provides a lovely glossy finish and sweet, rich maple taste that perfectly complements the soft, cakey interior of the donut.

Calories in a Maple Bar Donut

So how many calories are actually in one of these sweet maple treats? Let’s break it down.

The number of calories in a maple bar donut can vary depending on the exact ingredients, size, and preparation method. But on average, a typical maple bar donut contains between 220-280 calories.

Here is the calorie range for a medium-sized maple bar donut from some top donut chains:

Calories in Maple Bar Donuts by Chain

Chain Calories
Krispy Kreme 260 calories
Dunkin’ 270 calories
Tim Hortons 220 calories
Shipley 280 calories

As you can see, most major maple bar donut brands range between 220-280 calories per average size donut. This can vary slightly based on the exact preparation. A mini or cake style maple bar may be slightly lower in calories, while a jumbo size could be higher. But in general, you can expect a single maple bar donut to deliver around 250 calories.

Calories from Different Donut Components

A maple bar donut contains two main components delivering calories – the dough base and the maple icing.

Calories from Dough

The dough contributes the bulk of the donut’s calories. Plain donut dough without any coating or filling contains approximately:

– 150-210 calories

This comes primarily from the refined flour and sugar in the dough. The frying process also adds additional fat and calories.

Calories from Maple Icing

The maple flavored icing or glaze that coats a maple bar donut contributes approximately:

– 60-70 additional calories

The icing is made from sugar, milk or cream, and maple flavoring. So the extra calories come mainly from added sugars.

Combined, the dough and maple icing make a maple bar donut around 220-280 calories.

Macronutrients in a Maple Bar Donut

Looking beyond just calories, a maple bar donut contains mostly carbohydrates along with some fat and protein.

Here is the macronutrient breakdown for a typical maple bar donut:


– Total Carbs: approx. 36g
– Fiber: approx. 1g
– Sugar: approx. 20g

The majority of a maple bar donut’s calories come from carbohydrates. Most of these carbs are added sugars from the dough and icing. The donut contains very little fiber.


– Total Fat: approx. 12g
– Saturated Fat: approx. 3g

The frying process adds fat to the donut, delivering around 12g total fat per maple bar. They are low in saturated fat.


– Protein: approx. 2-4g

Maple bar donuts provide minimal protein, with most coming from the eggs and flour in the dough.

So in summary, a maple bar donut is high in refined carbs and sugar, moderate in fat, and low in protein and fiber. The majority of calories come from carbohydrates.

Maple Bar Donut Calories Compared to Other Donuts

Maple bar donuts have a similar calorie count to many other classic donut varieties. How do they compare?

Here are the calories for one medium-sized donut of other common flavors:

Calories in Different Donut Types

Donut Flavor Calories
Glazed 220 calories
Chocolate frosted 240 calories
Powdered sugar 210 calories
Jelly filled 250 calories
Maple bar 250 calories

As you can see, maple bar donuts are very similar in calories to other classic donut flavors. Varieties like jelly filled, chocolate frosted, or cake style may be slightly higher due to additional fillings and toppings. But in general, most standard size yeast donuts range from about 200-300 calories depending on preparation.

So maple bar donuts are not drastically higher or lower than other donut choices. If you are looking for ways to lighten your donut, you may want to opt for a mini size, share one donut between multiple people, or select a plain cake donut without icing or fillings. But all else being equal, a maple bar donut is similar in calories to many other fan favorite flavors.

Tips for Enjoying Maple Bar Donuts While Managing Calories

Maple bar donuts can absolutely be part of a balanced, healthy diet when enjoyed in moderation. Here are some tips for satisfying your maple bar craving while managing calories:

– Stick to a single donut as a special treat instead of multiple donuts

– Share one maple bar with a friend or family member to reduce calories

– Select a mini or cake donut which is slightly lower in calories

– Pair your donut with fresh fruit, yogurt, or eggs provide more nutrients

– Drink water or unsweetened coffee and avoid caloric beverages

– Walk or exercise after enjoying a donut to burn additional calories

– Practice mindful eating and savor your maple bar slowly

– Choose maple bars over higher calorie fast food breakfast sandwiches or pastries

By carefully controlling portions, balancing with nutritious foods, and maintaining an active lifestyle, you can satisfy an occasional sweet craving for a maple bar donut, even if you are monitoring your calorie intake.

Nutrition Tips for Maple Bar Donuts

If you are watching your nutrition and wondering if maple bar donuts can be part of a healthy diet, here are some things to consider:

Potential Benefits

Maple bar donuts do provide some nutrients, including:

– Carbohydrates for energy
– Small amounts of riboflavin, niacin, iron, and magnesium from the enriched flour
– Antioxidants from the maple syrup

Enjoying maple donuts in moderation can satisfy a sweet tooth craving. They may also promote feelings of nostalgia and comfort for many people.

Potential Drawbacks

Potential nutritional downsides of maple bar donuts can include:

– High in added sugars, providing empty calories
– Refined carbs lack fiber and nutrients
– Low in protein compared to other breakfast options
– High glycemic index can spike blood sugar
– Fat content from frying, though not extremely high

Overall, while maple bar donuts can be enjoyed on occasion, they are considered an indulgence treat rather than a nutritious staple.

Tips for Increasing Nutrition

You can make maple bar donuts slightly more nutritious by:

– Choosing whole wheat or multigrain donuts when available
– Selecting donuts made with real maple syrup over artificial flavoring
– Sticking to a small or mini-size donut
– Pairing it with milk, fruit, yogurt, nuts or other nutritious foods

This can help provide more fiber, vitamins, minerals, and balance to your treat. But overall, maple bar donuts are still best enjoyed in moderation.

Health Impact of Maple Bar Donuts

What are the health implications of regularly eating maple bar donuts? Here is an overview:


Potential benefits of occasional maple bar donuts:

– Provide enjoyment when eaten in moderation
– Can be part of a normal, balanced diet
– Antioxidants in maple may provide some benefits


Potential health risks of frequent/excessive maple bar donut intake:

– Weight gain due to calorie, fat, and sugar content
– Blood sugar spikes from refined carbs impacting diabetes risk
– Increased inflammation from highly processed foods
– Nutrient deficiencies when crowding out more nutritious foods
– High sodium impacting blood pressure
– Gut health disruption from emulsifiers and refined carbs

For most healthy adults, an occasional indulgence in a maple bar donut is fine. But regular, excessive consumption could impact weight, blood sugar, inflammation, and other health markers. Moderation is key.

Maple Bar Donut Alternatives for Fewer Calories

If you are looking for a similar sweet treat but with fewer calories than a maple bar donut, here are some alternatives to consider:

Maple Bar Donut Alternatives

Alternative Calories
Plain cake donut + maple dipping sauce 150-200 calories
Maple oatmeal muffin 200-250 calories
Maple protein bar 180-220 calories
Pancakes with maple syrup 200-300 calories
Waffle with maple syrup 200-300 calories

These options provide the sweet maple taste with fewer calories when portion sizes are controlled. To lighten your donut, you can also ask for it without icing or glaze. Going for a holeless mini maple bar rather than a full size ring donut can slash calories as well.

There are also many easy low calorie homemade donut recipes made with alternative flours and sweeteners that allow you to recreate the maple bar donut experience. With a little creativity, you can satisfy your maple craving for less.

The Bottom Line

A maple bar donut is a beloved sweet treat perfect with a morning coffee. While calorie counts can vary based on preparation and size, a typical medium maple bar donut contains approximately 220-280 calories. These calories come primarily from carbohydrates in the dough along with fat from frying and added sugar in the maple icing.

Maple bar donuts are similar in calories to other classic donut flavors. While they make for an indulgent breakfast choice, they can be incorporated into a healthy diet when enjoyed in moderation as part of an overall balanced nutrition plan. Portion control, pairing with nutritious foods, and watching consumption frequency are key if you want to enjoy maple bar donuts while managing calories and staying healthy.

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