How many calories are in a Little Caesars pretzel crust pizza?

A Little Caesars pretzel crust pizza can range from 220 calories per slice for a cheese pizza, to 320 calories per slice for a pepperoni pizza. With 8 slices in a 14 inch pizza, that equals between 1,760 and 2,560 calories for the whole pizza. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the calorie count for Little Caesars pretzel crust pizzas:

Calories per slice

The number of calories in a single slice of Little Caesars pretzel crust pizza depends on the toppings:

  • Cheese only: 220 calories
  • Pepperoni: 320 calories
  • Supreme (pepperoni, Italian sausage, green peppers, onions, and mushrooms): 350 calories
  • Meatzza (pepperoni, Italian sausage, ham, bacon): 370 calories

As you can see, the more meat and toppings are added, the higher the calorie count per slice. Cheese-only has the fewest calories, while a loaded meat pizza has the most.

Calories for a whole 14-inch pretzel crust pizza

A 14-inch Little Caesars pretzel crust pizza contains 8 slices. So to calculate the calories for the entire pizza, you multiply the per-slice count by 8.

This gives the following calorie counts for a full 14-inch pretzel crust pizza from Little Caesars:

  • Cheese only: 1,760 calories (220 x 8 slices)
  • Pepperoni: 2,560 calories (320 x 8 slices)
  • Supreme: 2,800 calories (350 x 8 slices)
  • Meatzza: 2,960 calories (370 x 8 slices)

The cheese-only pretzel crust pizza has the lowest amount of calories, while the Meatzza has the highest number of calories.

Comparing pretzel crust to original crust

How does the pretzel crust pizza compare calorie-wise to Little Caesars’ original regular crust pizza?

Here’s a calorie comparison of 14-inch pizzas with different crusts and toppings from Little Caesars:

Pizza Type Calories (14-inch pizza)
Cheese only, pretzel crust 1,760
Cheese only, regular crust 1,840
Pepperoni, pretzel crust 2,560
Pepperoni, regular crust 2,640

As the table shows, the pretzel crust has slightly fewer calories than the original regular crust, when comparing similar toppings.

The difference is 80 calories for the cheese pizza, and 80 calories for the pepperoni.

This indicates the pretzel crust has a bit of a calorie advantage over the regular crust. However, the difference is minimal.

Factors affecting calorie count

Several factors can account for differences in the calorie counts of Little Caesars pretzel crust pizzas:

  • Crust thickness: The pretzel crust is denser and chewier than the thin, crispy original crust. The thicker crust likely contributes slightly more calories.
  • Cooking method: The pretzel crust is partly boiled then baked, while the regular crust is just baked. Boiling allows it to absorb a bit more moisture, which may marginally increase calories.
  • Salt content: Pretzel crust has a sprinkling of kosher salt on top, while regular crust does not. The extra salt adds a small number of calories.
  • Oil or butter: Little Caesars may use a bit more oil or butter to give the pretzel crust its richer flavor. This would add some calories.

While the differences in calories appear relatively small, over an entire pizza they can add up. So the cooking method, ingredients, and crust thickness are all factors in the calorie counts.

Calorie differences between pizza sizes

Little Caesars offers pretzel crust pizza in three sizes:

  • 10-inch (6 slices)
  • 12-inch (8 slices)
  • 14-inch (8 slices)

Obviously, the larger pizzas contain more calories. But how big is the difference in calories between the 10-inch vs 12-inch vs 14-inch pretzel crust pizzas?

Here is a calorie comparison of Little Caesars pepperoni pretzel crust pizzas in different sizes:

Pizza Size Slices Calories Per Slice Total Calories
10-inch 6 320 1,920
12-inch 8 320 2,560
14-inch 8 320 2,560

As shown, the calorie count per slice remains consistent at 320 calories across the different pizza sizes.

But the 10-inch pizza contains 1,920 total calories, while the 12-inch and 14-inch both have 2,560 calories.

So stepping up just one size from 10-inches to 12-inches adds 640 more calories to the whole pepperoni pretzel crust pizza!

Strategies for lowering calories

If you want to enjoy Little Caesars pretzel crust pizza but watch your calorie intake, here are some tips to reduce the calories:

  • Choose cheese-only or veggie toppings: Avoid fatty meats like pepperoni, sausage, and bacon which boost calories.
  • Go for a 10-inch pizza: The smaller size has significantly fewer calories than the 12-inch or 14-inch.
  • Eat just 1-2 slices: Limit portions to around 320 calories per slice, not the full pie.
  • Pair with a salad: Add a side salad with low-calorie dressing to help fill you up.
  • Split it with someone: Share the pizza to control your personal calorie intake.

Being mindful of portions, toppings, size, and sides can help you healthfully enjoy pretzel crust pizza from Little Caesars without going overboard on calories.

Nutritional pros and cons

Beyond just calories, what are some other nutritional pros and cons of Little Caesars’ pretzel crust pizza?


  • Whole grains: Pretzel crust is made with whole wheat flour, providing more fiber than white flour pizza crust.
  • Protein: Pizza provides protein from the cheese and any meat toppings. A slice of pepperoni pretzel crust pizza has around 15g protein.
  • Vitamins and minerals: Cheese supplies calcium for strong bones. Tomato sauce contains vitamin C and lycopene.


  • High in sodium: A slice of pretzel crust pizza contains around 600mg sodium, which is 25% of the daily value intake.
  • Lacks veggies: Unless you opt for veggie toppings, pizza is lacking in nutrients from vegetables.
  • Highly processed: With refined flour, cured meats like pepperoni, and artificial flavors added, pizza is a processed food.

Overall, pretzel crust pizza provides some nutritional value from cheese, whole grain crust, and vegetable toppings. But the high sodium and processed aspects are downsides nutritionally.


A Little Caesars pretzel crust pizza can range from around 1,700 calories for a cheese 10-inch, up to around 3,000 calories for a fully loaded 14-inch Meatzza pizza.

Exact calories depend on the size, crust type, and toppings. But pretzel crust appears to be marginally lower in calories than original crust when comparing similar pizzas.

To lighten up your pretzel pizza meal, consider a smaller size, fewer toppings, salad side, and portion control. While tasty, pretzel crust pizza does come with a hefty dose of calories, sodium, and processed ingredients.

Overall, enjoying Little Caesars pretzel pizza in moderation can be part of a balanced diet. But it’s best to account for the high calorie count when making healthy eating choices.

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