How many calories are in Denny’s buttermilk pancakes?

Quick Answer

A short stack (2 pancakes) of Denny’s buttermilk pancakes contains approximately 410 calories. The full nutritional information is provided below.

Calorie Count for Denny’s Buttermilk Pancakes

Denny’s offers their buttermilk pancakes in different stack sizes:

Stack Size Calories
Short Stack (2 pancakes) 410
Full Stack (3 pancakes) 620
Tall Stack (4 pancakes) 830

As you can see, the number of calories scales up accordingly with the number of pancakes ordered.

Some key details on Denny’s buttermilk pancakes:

– Made from scratch with real buttermilk
– Dusted with powdered sugar
– Served with whipped butter and warm syrup

The calorie counts are based on Denny’s standard recipe without any additional toppings or customizations. Adding extras like fruit, chocolate chips, nuts, or additional syrup will increase the calorie count.

Nutrition Facts for Denny’s Buttermilk Pancakes

Here is the complete nutrition information for a short stack (2 pancakes) of Denny’s buttermilk pancakes:

Nutrient Amount
Calories 410
Fat 12g
Saturated Fat 4g
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 110mg
Sodium 690mg
Carbohydrates 62g
Fiber 1g
Sugar 15g
Protein 8g

As you can see, the majority of calories come from carbohydrates (62g). There is also a considerable amount of fat (12g) and protein (8g).

The high carbohydrate count is expected given that pancakes are made from flour. The sugar content is also relatively high at 15g.

Denny’s buttermilk pancakes provide a decent protein kick to start the day, but they are carb and calorie-dense, so portion control is important.

Comparing Denny’s Pancakes to Other Breakfast Items

How do the calories in Denny’s buttermilk pancakes compare to some other breakfast offerings on their menu?

Here is a calorie comparison of a short stack (2 pancakes) versus some other breakfast items:

Menu Item Calories
Buttermilk Pancakes Short Stack 410
Traditional Breakfast (2 eggs, bacon/sausage, toast) 545
French Toast Slam (2 slices french toast, 2 eggs, bacon/sausage) 660
Loaded Omelette 890
Lumberjack Slam (2 pancakes, 2 eggs, bacon/sausage, hashbrowns) 980

As you can see, a short stack of buttermilk pancakes is on the lower end of the calorie scale compared to other Denny’s breakfast items. A traditional breakfast or french toast slam provides a comparable amount of calories.

Loading up your pancakes by adding sides like eggs, meat and hashbrowns (like the Lumberjack Slam) can quickly add to the total calorie count. So it’s a good idea to choose lighter sides and limit high-calorie add-ons if you are trying to make a healthier choice when ordering pancakes.

How Denny’s Pancake Nutrition Compares to Other Chains

Denny’s is not the only chain that offers fluffy, indulgent buttermilk pancakes. How does their nutrition information compare to pancakes from some other popular breakfast chains?

Here is a calorie and nutrient comparison of buttermilk pancakes from Denny’s versus IHOP and Waffle House:

Nutrition Facts Denny’s Buttermilk Pancakes Short Stack IHOP Buttermilk Pancakes Short Stack Waffle House Buttermilk Pancakes Short Stack
Calories 410 420 380
Fat 12g 14g 18g
Carbs 62g 63g 41g
Protein 8g 8g 6g

The pancake nutrition is fairly comparable across the major chains. Denny’s, IHOP and Waffle House buttermilk pancakes are all close in calories and macronutrients for an equivalent short stack.

Waffle House pancakes edge slightly lower in calories but higher in fat compared to Denny’s and IHOP. Denny’s has a bit more protein than the others.

Overall, buttermilk pancakes at most major chains tend to be around 400 calories for a short stack, with a hefty contribution of carbs and fat. So the nutrition numbers for Denny’s pancakes are typical.

Tips for Making Denny’s Pancakes Healthier

Denny’s buttermilk pancakes can be a tasty indulgence, but they are calorie and carb-dense. Here are some tips for making your pancake breakfast at Denny’s a bit healthier:

– Choose a short stack instead of a tall stack to reduce calories, carbs, fat and sodium.

– Opt for lighter sides like a small fruit cup instead of hash browns or grits.

– Avoid adding sugary syrups or chocolate chips, bananas, etc which will jack up calories.

– Request sugar-free syrup instead of regular syrup to cut sugar.

– Opt for bacon or turkey sausage instead of higher-fat pork sausage as your meat side.

– Ask for veggies like onions, mushrooms, tomatoes or spinach to be added to your omelette or scrambled eggs.

– Order milk or fresh orange juice instead of a high-calorie coffee drink.

– Share your pancakes! Split a short stack with a friend to control portions.

– Take half your pancakes to go. Portion control is easier when you don’t have a huge stack staring you down.

– Move your body after eating. Go for a walk around the block to help burn some pancake calories.

With some adjustments, you can still enjoy the pleasure of fluffy Denny’s pancakes without going overboard on calories or nutrition. Just be mindful of portions and loading up on unhealthy extras.

Healthier Pancake Recipes to Make at Home

To control nutrition and ingredients, you can also try making healthier pancakes at home. Here are some ideas for lighter recipes:

– Banana oat pancakes – Mash up ripe bananas as a natural sweetener and use oats instead of some flour for extra fiber.

– Protein pancakes – Add greek yogurt and egg whites to increase protein and make them more filling.

– Buttermilk pancakes – The tang of buttermilk provides flavor so you can use less sugar.

– Pumpkin spice pancakes – Pureed pumpkin provides moisture, fiber and nutrients.

– Whole wheat or multigrain pancakes – Use whole grain flours to increase fiber.

– Blueberry pancakes – Fold in fresh or frozen blueberries for antioxidants.

– Flaxseed pancakes – Add ground flaxseed for healthy fats and fiber.

You can also control portions by making silver dollar or mini pancakes. Top with fresh fruit, berries, nuts, peanut butter or Greek yogurt rather than sugary syrup.


Denny’s buttermilk pancakes can make for an indulgent breakfast. A short stack contains around 400 calories, with carbohydrates providing most of those calories. Compared to other major breakfast chains, Denny’s pancake nutrition is fairly standard.

To enjoy pancakes more healthfully, opt for smaller portions, lighter sides and avoid sugary add-ons. You can also try making healthier recipes at home with wholesome ingredients. With some adjustments, you can still get your pancake fix without going overboard on calories or nutrition.

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