How many calories are in 1 Pizza Hut cinnamon sticks?

Pizza Hut’s Cinnamon Sticks are a popular appetizer item consisting of dough coated in cinnamon and sugar that is baked and served with icing for dipping. With their sweet cinnamon flavor, Cinnamon Sticks make for a tasty treat. However, like any food, they also contain calories that are important to take note of.

In this article, we will provide a detailed breakdown of the calorie count in Pizza Hut’s Cinnamon Sticks. We will examine the calories in one order of Cinnamon Sticks as well as the calories per individual Cinnamon Stick. Additionally, we will compare Pizza Hut’s Cinnamon Stick calories to other similar appetizers. Read on to learn more about the calorie content of this delicious menu item!

Calories in 1 Order of Pizza Hut Cinnamon Sticks

One order of Pizza Hut Cinnamon Sticks contains five individually fried pieces of dough coated in cinnamon and sugar served with a side of sweet icing for dipping. According to Pizza Hut’s nutrition information, one full order of Cinnamon Sticks contains the following calories:

  • Total Calories: 810
  • Calories from Fat: 270

So one full order of five Cinnamon Sticks from Pizza Hut provides a total of 810 calories, with 270 of those calories coming from fat.

This represents a fairly high calorie appetizer, providing nearly half of the daily recommended calorie intake for an average adult in just the five pieces alone. The large amount of calories per order is not surprising given that the Cinnamon Sticks are fried and coated with sugar and icing.

Calories Per Individual Pizza Hut Cinnamon Stick

Since a full order contains five Cinnamon Sticks, we can divide the total calories by five to determine the calorie count per stick:

810 calories per order / 5 sticks = 162 calories per Cinnamon Stick

Therefore, each individual Pizza Hut Cinnamon Stick contains approximately 162 calories on its own without any icing or dipping sauce.

The calorie content comes from the fried dough coated in cinnamon and sugar. The sweet icing dip adds even more calories per stick when consumed. Just a single Cinnamon Stick equates to about 8% of a standard 2000 calorie daily diet.

Calories from Fat in Pizza Hut Cinnamon Sticks

As mentioned previously, one order of Pizza Hut Cinnamon Sticks contains 270 calories that come specifically from fat content.

Again dividing the total fat calories per order by the five sticks provides the amount of fat calories per stick:

270 fat calories per order / 5 sticks = 54 fat calories per Cinnamon Stick

So out of the total 162 calories in each stick, 54 of those calories (or 33%) comes from fat. This represents a moderate amount of fat from a single appetizer item.

How Pizza Hut Cinnamon Stick Calories Compare to Other Appetizers

Pizza Hut’s Cinnamon Sticks provide a relatively high calorie appetizer option, but how do they compare to other popular appetizers from chain restaurants? Here is a look at the calorie counts for some comparable appetizer items:

Appetizer Calories (order) Calories (per piece)
Pizza Hut Cinnamon Sticks (5 pieces) 810 162
Domino’s Bread Twists (10 pieces) 670 67
Applebee’s Mozzarella Sticks (6 pieces) 890 148
Chili’s Southwestern Eggrolls (2 pieces) 770 385
Outback Bloomin’ Onion 1,280 N/A

Based on this comparison, Pizza Hut’s Cinnamon Sticks are on the higher end for appetizer calorie counts, providing 162 calories per piece. Mozzarella sticks from Applebee’s contain a similar amount at 148 calories each.

On the lower end, Domino’s Bread Twists only have 67 calories per piece. Chili’s Southwestern Eggrolls provide a very high 385 calories each.

So while the Cinnamon Sticks are not the most calorie-laden appetizer option, they do pack a heavier calorie punch than items like breadsticks and egg rolls from other popular chains. Given the high fat and sugar content, it’s important to be mindful of portion sizes when eating Cinnamon Sticks.

Tips for Reducing Calories When Eating Pizza Hut Cinnamon Sticks

Here are some tips to cut down on calories if you want to enjoy Pizza Hut Cinnamon Sticks as part of a meal:

  • Order fewer Cinnamon Sticks. Get just 2-3 sticks instead of a full order of 5 to save yourself 300-450 calories.
  • Skip the icing dip or just lightly dip rather than dunking. The icing adds extra sugar and calories.
  • Remove any excess sugar coating on the sticks before eating.
  • Pair your Cinnamon Sticks with lower calorie menu items like a salad or bowl of soup rather than fries or wings.
  • Avoid adding high-calorie dipping sauces like ranch or nacho cheese.
  • Split an order with a friend so you each eat fewer Cinnamon Sticks.
  • Only eat half of each Cinnamon Stick to cut calories in half.

Being mindful of servings and portion control is key to enjoying this appetizing snack while keeping your daily calorie intake in check.

Nutritional Value of Pizza Hut Cinnamon Sticks

Beyond just calories, here is a detailed look at the full nutritional profile of Pizza Hut Cinnamon Sticks:

Nutrition Facts Per 1 stick Per order (5 sticks)
Calories 162 810
Fat Calories 54 270
Total Fat 6g 30g
Saturated Fat 3g 15g
Trans Fat 0g 0g
Cholesterol 0mg 0mg
Sodium 270mg 1,350mg
Total Carbohydrates 26g 130g
Dietary Fiber 0g 0g
Sugar 8g 40g
Protein 2g 10g

As you can see, the Cinnamon Sticks provide a good amount of fat, sodium, carbohydrates and sugar. They are low in protein and fiber. Understanding the full nutritional profile can help inform healthy dietary choices when planning your meal.

Ingredients in Pizza Hut Cinnamon Sticks

Pizza Hut Cinnamon Sticks consist of fairly simple ingredients to create their signature sweet flavor. The main ingredients include:

  • Enriched flour (wheat flour, niacin, reduced iron, thiamine mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid)
  • Sugar
  • Brown sugar
  • Leavening (baking soda, sodium aluminum phosphate, monocalcium phosphate)
  • Water
  • Soybean oil and/or canola oil
  • Salt
  • Spices
  • Natural and artificial flavors
  • Annatto extract (for color)
  • Cinnamon sugar (cinnamon and sugar)
  • Icing (sugar, water, enriched bleached flour, vegetable oil, corn starch, salt, preservatives, artificial flavor, modified food starch, soy lecithin, xanthan gum, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, yellow 5, yellow 6, titanium dioxide)

So the sticks themselves are made from a yeast dough that is fried and coated in cinnamon sugar. The accompanying icing dip contains a variety of additional ingredients for flavor, texture, color and freshness.

Those watching their sugar intake will want to take note of the multiple types of added sugars including brown sugar, sugar and corn syrup in the icing. Overall, fairly standard ingredients for a quick fried snack item.

Allergens in Pizza Hut Cinnamon Sticks

Pizza Hut Cinnamon Sticks contain the following major food allergens:

  • Wheat: The dough for the Cinnamon Sticks is made from enriched wheat flour.
  • Soybean Oil: The frying oil used is a blend of soybean oil and canola oil.
  • Milk: The icing dip contains dairy ingredients.

Those with wheat, soy, or dairy allergies should avoid consuming Pizza Hut Cinnamon Sticks due to the presence of these ingredients.

The sticks do not contain any egg, peanut, tree nut, fish or shellfish ingredients based on the posted ingredients list. However, Pizza Hut restaurants may handle other allergen-containing foods, so there is a risk of cross-contact that those with severe allergies should be aware of.

Speak with a restaurant manager about allergen safety practices and protocols before ordering if you have food allergies.

Are Pizza Hut Cinnamon Sticks Vegetarian?

Pizza Hut Cinnamon Sticks are not suitable for vegetarians. While the dough sticks themselves do not contain any meat ingredients, they are fried in oil that also fries meat products like chicken wings.

Additionally, the icing dip contains milk ingredients like dairy whey. So both the Cinnamon Sticks and the icing contain animal products, making them unsuitable for vegetarians.

Those following a strict vegetarian or vegan diet will want to select a different appetizer from the Pizza Hut menu that does not contain milk-based icing or use shared fryer oil.

Low Calorie and Healthier Appetizer Alternatives to Cinnamon Sticks

If you love the Cinnamon Sticks but want a lighter appetizer option, here are some lower calorie alternatives to consider:

  • Pizza Hut Garden Salad (70 calories without dressing)
  • Pizza Hut Chicken Caesar Salad (270 calories)
  • Domino’s Oven-Baked Dots (170 calories per 10 pieces)
  • Wings with Naked Buffalo Sauce (60 calories per wing)
  • Breadsticks with Marinara Sauce (130 calories for 4 sticks and 2 oz sauce)

Sticking to salads, lighter dips, and avoiding fried options can satisfy your appetite while keeping calories in check. Be mindful of portion sizes as well.

You can also create a healthier version of Cinnamon Sticks at home by lightly coating baked dough with cinnamon and sugar rather than frying. This bakes off some of the fat for a less caloric sweet treat.

Cost of Pizza Hut Cinnamon Sticks

In addition to calories, another consideration may be the cost of Pizza Hut Cinnamon Sticks. Pricing can vary by location, but on average a full order of 5 Cinnamon Sticks costs around $5.99 as an appetizer choice.

At this base price point without any deals, each individual Cinnamon Stick equates to about $1.20 per piece.

Of course, prices are frequently lower than menu price when specials and coupons are applied:

  • Daily Deals: Often around $3.99 for a 5-piece order
  • Coupons: Can bring 5 Cinnamon Sticks down to $4.99 or lower
  • Combo Deals: Adding Cinnamon Sticks to other items may discount price
  • Happy Hour: Half price apps including Cinnamon Sticks

So while the base cost is moderately high for an appetizer, smart use of promotions throughout the week can bring the price down to just about $1 or less per Cinnamon Stick.

Cinnamon Sticks Calorie Count in Summary

To summarize the key facts:

  • One full order of Pizza Hut Cinnamon Sticks contains 810 calories total
  • Each individual Cinnamon Stick contains approximately 162 calories
  • Around 33% of the calories come from fat due to being fried
  • Pizza Hut Cinnamon Sticks provide relatively high calories compared to many other appetizers
  • Cutting portions, dipping sauces and fried sides can reduce calorie intake

While high in calories, fat, and sugar, enjoying Pizza Hut Cinnamon Sticks in moderation can be part of an overall balanced diet. Just be mindful of your total daily calorie consumption and balance with plenty of fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins throughout the day. Limiting yourself to just 1-2 sticks can help keep calories in check.


Pizza Hut’s Cinnamon Sticks make for a delicious and indulgent appetizer with their cinnamon sugar coating and sweet icing dip. However, each stick contains a significant amount of calories, providing 162 calories per piece.

A full order of five Cinnamon Sticks equates to over 800 total calories, or nearly half of a typical adult’s recommended daily caloric intake. The calories come primarily from the fat used to fry the dough combined with the sugars in the coating and icing.

When enjoying this menu item, practicing portion control by sharing a smaller order can help balance out the calorie count. Accompanying your Cinnamon Sticks with lower calorie side dishes instead of other fried appetizers can also help offset the calorie content while still allowing you to enjoy the great taste.

Being an informed consumer by understanding nutrition information like calorie counts allows you to make smart dietary choices while still treating yourself to your favorite foods in moderation.

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