How many burpees is 100 calories?

Burning 100 calories with burpees requires doing a significant number of repetitions. The exact amount can vary based on factors like your weight and intensity. But research shows that burpees are an excellent calorie-burning exercise when done continuously and vigorously.

Quick Answer

On average, doing 100-150 full burpees in 10 minutes will burn around 100 calories for a 150-lb person. Heavier individuals may burn 100 calories with around 80-120 burpees. Lighter people may need 120-180. But burpee calorie burn varies substantially based on intensity and conditioning.

How Many Calories Do Burpees Burn?

Burpees are powerful full-body exercises that burn lots of calories when done as cardio training. Here’s how many calories burpees can burn in 10 minutes for people of different weights, according to research:

Weight Calories burned (10 min)
120 lbs 50-75
150 lbs 75-100
180 lbs 90-120

As you can see, calorie burn from burpees scales up significantly with higher body weight. Heavier individuals can burn more calories doing the same burpee workout.

Factors That Impact Burpee Calorie Burn

Several factors influence how many calories you’ll burn doing 100 burpees:

  • Body weight – Heavier people burn more calories doing burpees than lighter individuals.
  • Burpee technique – Full burpees with push-ups and jumps burn more calories than partial reps.
  • Intensity – Burpees done vigorously and rapidly burn more calories than slow burpees.
  • Cardio conditioning – Well-conditioned individuals burn fewer calories than unfit people at the same intensity.

Calorie Burn Calculator

This burpee calorie calculator estimates calories burned based on your weight and the number of burpees done:

Try out different combinations of weight and burpee reps to estimate how many you’d need to burn 100 calories.

How Many Burpees In 10 Minutes Is 100 Calories?

Most sources suggest that doing 100-150 vigorous burpees in 10 minutes will burn around 100 calories for a 150-lb person. But this can vary substantially based on conditioning and intensity.

Here’s a rough estimate of the reps required to burn 100 calories in 10 minutes for different weights:

Weight Burpees for 100 calories (10 min)
120 lbs 120-180
150 lbs 100-150
180 lbs 80-120

So for a 150-lb person, doing 100-150 fast burpees in 10 minutes is a good goal to burn up to 100 calories. Go for full explosive reps with push-ups and jumps to maximize calorie burn.

How Many Calories Does 1 Burpee Burn?

Each individual burpee burns approximately 0.5-1 calories on average. But the exact amount depends on:

  • Higher weight = more calories per burpee
  • Full explosive reps = more calories per burpee
  • Faster pace = more calories per burpee
  • Better conditioning = fewer calories per burpee

For a 150-lb person, each fast, complete burpee likely burns 0.6-0.8 calories. Heavier people may burn 1 calorie per burpee or more.

Calories Burned Per 100 Burpees

Based on approximately 0.7 calories per burpee for a 150-lb person, here’s how many calories are burned per 100 burpees:

Burpees Calories Burned
100 70
200 140
300 210

So for most people, 100 burpees will burn 70-100 calories, depending on intensity and conditioning. You would need to do closer to 150 burpees to burn 100 calories.

How Many Calories Does 10 Minutes of Burpees Burn?

Doing burpees vigorously and continuously for 10 minutes can burn significant calories. Here’s an estimate of potential calorie burn from burpees for 10 minutes:

Weight Calories (10 min)
120 lbs 50-75
150 lbs 75-100
180 lbs 90-120

For a 150-lb person, 10 minutes of moderate to fast burpees can burn 75-100 calories. Heavier people burn even more.

To maximize calories, maintain a quick pace and do full explosive reps. Take minimal breaks each set.

30 Minute Burpee Calorie Burn

Doing burpees for a longer 30 minute workout can torch 200-300+ calories for most people. Here’s an estimate:

Weight Calories (30 min)
120 lbs 150-225
150 lbs 225-300
180 lbs 270-360

A 30 minute cardio burpee workout can burn 225-300 calories for a 150-lb person when done vigorously. Extend it to an hour workout to maximize calorie expenditure.

How Many Calories Does 100 Burpees Burn?

Doing 100 burpees vigorously will burn approximately 70-100 calories for most people. Here’s a breakdown:

Weight Calories (100 burpees)
120 lbs 60-90
150 lbs 70-100
180 lbs 90-120

So for a 150-lb person, 100 fast burpees will burn about 70-100 calories. Heavier people can burn up to 120 calories or more with 100 reps.

200 Burpees Calories Burned

Doubling the volume to 200 burpees performed vigorously burns 140-200 calories for most people:

Weight Calories (200 burpees)
120 lbs 120-180
150 lbs 140-200
180 lbs 180-240

So 200 fast burpees will burn 140-200 calories for a 150-lb person when done with minimal rest between reps.

Cardio Burpee Workout for 100 Calories

Here is an example 10 minute cardio burpee workout to burn up to 100 calories:

Warmup – 5 minutes

  • Light jogging or jumping jacks
  • Dynamic leg swings
  • Bodyweight squats – 15 reps
  • Push-ups – 15 reps

Burpee Exercise – 10 minutes

  • Complete burpee reps continuously for 10 minutes
  • Perform full burpees with push-up and jump
  • Maintain quick pace with maximal intensity
  • Minimal rest between reps
  • Aim for 100-150 total reps

Cooldown – 5 minutes

  • Light jogging or walking
  • Static stretching of legs and arms

This workout can torch 70-100+ calories in just 10 minutes for most people. Increase duration to 30+ minutes for even greater calorie burn.

Tips for Maximizing Calorie Burn

Here are some tips to burn as many calories as possible doing burpees:

  • Perform complete burpees with push-up and jump – no partial reps
  • Maintain a continuous rapid pace with maximal intensity
  • Take minimal breaks between reps
  • Use a timer and count reps to hit targets
  • Work towards higher rep volumes like 150-200 burpees
  • Extend workout duration to 30+ minutes

Optimizing these factors can help most people burn 70-100 calories in a short burpee workout. Heavier individuals can burn 100+ calories even faster.

Common Burpee Variations

There are many burpee variations to change up the exercise and impact. Here are some common options:

Regular Burpee

  • High intensity with push-up and jump
  • Burns maximum calories

Burpee Without Push-up

  • Easier modification without push-up
  • Lower calorie burn than full burpee

Burpee Without Jump

  • Omits explosive jump
  • Reduces lower body demand

Low Impact Burpee

  • Step back and stand up instead of jump
  • Minimizes joint impact

The regular burpee with push-up and jump tends to burn the most calories for cardio. But alternate versions can provide variety.

Benefits of Burpees

Burpees are one of the most effective full body exercises, providing many benefits:

  • Excellent for cardiovascular endurance and conditioning
  • Works all major muscles groups in one exercise
  • Builds strength for chest, shoulders, triceps, legs
  • Increases power with explosive jumps
  • Easy to do anywhere without equipment

The combination of high calorie burn, full body strength training, and cardiovascular endurance with minimal equipment makes burpees an excellent high intensity exercise.

Muscles Worked

Burpees work these major muscle groups:

  • Chest – Push-up emphasizes the chest muscles
  • Shoulders – The push-up targets shoulder extension
  • Triceps – Push-up heavily works the triceps
  • Quadriceps – Squat down and jump work quads
  • Hamstrings – Used in squat and explosive jump
  • Calves – Explosive jump engages calves

Along with significant calorie burn, burpees provide an excellent full body strength exercise by working all these muscle groups.

Equipment Needed

One major benefit of burpees is that they can be done anywhere with no equipment needed. The only thing required is having enough open space to perform the movement pattern.

Optionally, an exercise or yoga mat can provide cushioning and comfort when performing burpees on hard surfaces.


In summary, burning 100 calories with burpees requires significant reps due to the intense full-body nature of the exercise. On average, doing vigorous burpees for 10 minutes can burn 70-100 calories for a 150-lb person when maintaining a rapid pace with minimal rest between reps.

Heavier individuals can burn 100 calories with fewer reps than lighter people. But for most, aiming for 100-150 burpees in 10 minutes performed explosively is a reasonable goal to burn up to 100 calories.

Optimizing technique, pace, duration, and intensity allows burpees to torch calories and provide an excellent cardiovascular and full body workout.

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