How long can you keep RumChata?

RumChata is a creamy liqueur made with rum, cream, sugar, and spices. It has a sweet, cinnamon flavor that makes it perfect for mixing into coffee drinks or enjoying on its own. But since RumChata contains dairy cream, it has a shorter shelf life than pure spirits. So how long does an unopened bottle of RumChata last before it goes bad?

Quick answer

An unopened bottle of RumChata will stay good for at least 1 to 1.5 years past the printed “best by” or “bottled on” date on the label if stored properly.

How to tell if RumChata has gone bad

Here are some signs that your RumChata may have spoiled and is past its prime:

  • Off odors – It smells sour, rancid, or unpleasant
  • Off flavors – It tastes sour or unpleasant
  • Lumpy texture – The cream has curdled and formed lumps
  • Separation – The cream separates from the rum and forms distinct layers

If you notice any of these signs in a bottle of RumChata, it’s best to toss it. A spoiled cream liqueur like RumChata won’t make you sick if you drink it, but it won’t taste good.

Factors that affect how long RumChata lasts

Several factors impact how long a bottle of RumChata will stay fresh and drinkable after opening:

Storage temperature

Heat and light are enemies of dairy products. Storing RumChata at high temperatures will cause the cream to deteriorate faster. Keep RumChata stored in a cool, dark place between 55-70°F for best quality.

Opening and exposure to oxygen

Once opened, the oxygen in the air slowly starts oxidizing the cream in RumChata, causing off flavors. An opened bottle will only last 4-6 months.

Level of alcohol

The rum and alcohol help preserve the dairy cream. Higher proof liqueurs generally last longer. RumChata contains 20% alcohol by volume (ABV).

Ingredients and preservatives

The dairy cream contains fat which can go rancid. However, RumChata contains carrageenan, a seaweed extract ingredient that helps stabilize the cream. This extends its shelf life compared to straight cream.

How to store RumChata

Follow these storage guidelines to maximize how long your bottle of RumChata will stay fresh and drinkable:

  • Store unopened bottles in a cool, dry place away from direct light at 55-70°F
  • After opening, re-seal the bottle tightly and refrigerate
  • Use within 4-6 months once opened
  • Don’t let the liqueur freeze – freezing ruins the texture
  • Store upright to prevent leakage from the cap

Does RumChata expire?

Yes, RumChata does eventually expire and has a defined shelf life. The expiry date is printed on the neck or bottom of the RumChata bottle as a “best by” or “bottled on” date. This is the manufacturer’s recommendation for peak freshness and flavor.

An unopened bottle of RumChata has a shelf life of at least 1-1.5 years beyond the printed date if stored properly. Once opened, it will stay good for about 4-6 months refrigerated.

How to tell if unopened RumChata is bad

If your unopened RumChata is past the expiry date, here’s how to tell if it has spoiled and is no longer good:

  • Check for leaks – Signs of leakage mean it may be spoiled
  • Check the smell – Carefully crack it open and sniff. Rancid or sour smells mean it’s gone bad
  • Examine the consistency – It should be uniform cream, not chunky or separated
  • Take a small taste – It should taste fresh, not sour

If the liqueur passes all these checks, it should be fine to consume even past its best by date. But an unopened bottle that’s more than 2 years old is pushing it.

Can expired RumChata make you sick?

Drinking RumChata that’s a little past its prime won’t make you sick or harm you. However, very spoiled milk products that are several years old and neglected can potentially cause food poisoning.

Here are some potential risks if you drink very old, expired RumChata:

  • Upset stomach – from rancid fats and dairy
  • Food poisoning – from bacterial growth in spoiled dairy
  • Vomiting or diarrhea – from foodborne illness

So while properly stored RumChata may be fine past its expiry date, don’t take chances with bottles that are very old or have been mishandled. When in doubt, toss it out.

How to store an opened bottle of RumChata

Once opened, RumChata will only last 4-6 months even if properly stored. Follow these guidelines for opened bottles:

  • Re-cap the bottle tightly
  • Refrigerate at 40°F or below
  • Store upright to prevent spills
  • Use within 4-6 months
  • Don’t freeze opened bottles

Also keep the bottle away from light, heat sources like the stove, and areas with fluctuating temperatures like the fridge door. These steps help slow oxidation and prevent the cream from spoiling quickly.

Does RumChata need to be refrigerated?

RumChata does not need to be refrigerated before opening. Unopened bottles can be stored in a cool, dry pantry and will stay good for over a year past the printed expiry date.

However, after opening a bottle of RumChata, it must be stored in the refrigerator. The dairy cream is susceptible to spoilage once exposed to air. Refrigeration extends the shelf life to about 4-6 months.

Can you freeze RumChata?

It’s not recommended to freeze unopened or opened bottles of RumChata. The low freezing temperatures will negatively affect the texture of the cream.

An unopened bottle may expand and crack under freezing conditions. An opened bottle will suffer texture changes as the cream crystallizes. The liqueur will become grainy and lose its smooth, creamy consistency.

Instead, refrigerate opened RumChata and consume within 4-6 months for best quality.

How to revive thickened RumChata

Over time, especially after being opened, RumChata can thicken up as moisture evaporates and the cream concentrates. Here are some tips to thin it out:

  • Add a splash of milk or water – Just a tablespoon or two and shake to dilute
  • Use a blender or immersion blender to briefly emulsify
  • Place sealed bottle in warm water bath to gently heat and loosen texture

Avoid excess heating or freezing, as temperature extremes can curdle the cream. Just a little mixing, moisture, or warming should restore the right consistency.

Does alcohol go bad?

Alcohol itself does not really expire or go bad, as long as the bottle remains sealed. Liquor like rum maintains its quality and alcohol content indefinitely if stored properly.

However, flavored liqueurs like RumChata have a shorter shelf life due to their added dairy, sugars, and flavors. While the rum may stay good, the cream can degrade over time, causing separation, curdling, and off flavors.

How long does spiked eggnog last?

Eggnog Type Refrigerated Frozen
Store-bought 3-5 weeks 1-2 months
Homemade with liquor 2 weeks 1 month

Theshelf life of spiked eggnog depends on the ingredients and storage method:

  • Commercial eggnog with preservatives lasts longer refrigerated or frozen
  • Homemade has shorter life of 2 weeks max refrigerated
  • Liquor helps preservation but dairy still spoils eventually
  • Frozen eggnog lasts 1-2 months max

No matter what, consuming spiked eggnog past a month is not recommended, even if frozen. Discard if separation, clumping, or sour smell develops.

Does Baileys go bad?

Yes, Baileys Irish cream liqueur does eventually go bad due to its dairy and cream components. An unopened bottle lasts:

  • 2 years from the bottling date if stored properly
  • 6 months after opening if refrigerated

Signs that Baileys has spoiled include sour smells, curdling, separation, mold, and off flavors. A bad bottle of Baileys should be discarded.

How long does Kahlua last?

As a liqueur with 20% alcohol, Kahlua has a shelf life of:

  • 2-3 years unopened stored at room temperature
  • 6-8 months once opened if refrigerated

Kahlua eventually loses quality due to evaporation and oxidation. Signs of spoilage include fading color, weak coffee aroma, poor taste, and evaporation. Kahlua should not be frozen for storage.

Does Irish cream go bad?

Yes, Irish cream liqueurs do go bad eventually. Products like Baileys, Carolans, etc. have a dairy cream component that can spoil. General shelf life guidelines are:

  • 2 years unopened if stored properly
  • 6-8 months refrigerated after opening

Signs of spoiled Irish cream include odor changes, curdling, mold growth, separation, and diminished flavor. Irish creams should not be frozen, only refrigerated once opened.


Like any cream-based product, RumChata does have an expiration date and will eventually go bad. Properly stored bottles can remain good for 1-1.5 years unopened or about 4-6 months after opening. Keep bottles refrigerated and tightly sealed once opened. Watch for signs of separation, lumpiness, and foul odors which indicate spoilage. Discard any bottles of RumChata that seem over the hill for the safest consumption and enjoyment.

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