Does Safeway have Torani syrup?

Yes, Safeway does carry Torani syrup in many of its grocery store locations. Torani is a popular brand of flavored syrups that can be used to customize coffee, tea, Italian sodas, and other beverages. Safeway, as a major national supermarket chain, stocks many Torani syrup flavors on its shelves to appeal to customers seeking premium drink customization options.

Torani Syrup Overview

Torani is an Italian-style syrup brand that was originally founded in 1925 in San Francisco. The company offers over 100 flavors of syrups, sauces, and sweeteners for customizing hot and cold beverages. Some of Torani’s most popular syrup flavors include vanilla, caramel, hazelnut, raspberry, and a range of sugar-free options.

In addition to grocery stores, Torani syrups are commonly found in coffee shops and restaurants. The vibrantly colored bottles make a visually appealing display on retail shelves and beverage preparation counters. Torani uses natural flavors and cane sugar in many of its syrups, responding to consumer demand for high quality ingredients.

Availability of Torani at Safeway

Safeway stocks Torani syrups in the coffee aisle of its grocery stores, typically near the prepackaged ground and whole bean coffee selections. The Torani syrup assortment may vary by location, but most Safeway stores carry at least 10-12 of the most popular Torani flavors. These generally include vanilla, caramel, hazelnut, cinnamon dolce, raspberry, and popular sugar free options such as sugar free vanilla.

Along with the individual Torani syrup bottles, some Safeway locations also stock Torani syrup flavor pumps that are designed for easy use in home coffee machines. The syrup pumps dispense a pre-measured amount of Torani flavor to customize a single serving of coffee or espresso.

Safeway Store Locator

The best way to check Torani syrup availability at your local Safeway is to use the grocery store locator on Safeway’s website. You can enter your zip code or city and state to find contact information for nearby Safeway locations. Calling the customer service desk at your store is the most accurate method to check current Torani stock.

Syrup assortments may vary seasonally, with pumpkin spice and sugar free peppermint options appearing in the fall and winter months. Around the winter holidays, Safeway may also stock Torani’s seasonal syrup flavors like gingerbread or eggnog.

The Safeway website indicates that over 1,300 Safeway stores across the U.S. have Starbucks coffee shops inside them. These in-store Starbucks cafes draw upon Safeway’s Torani syrup supply for making customized espresso drinks.

Torani Syrup Selection at Safeway

While Torani offers dozens of unique syrup flavors, the following are some of the bottles you can expect to find on Safeway shelves:

  • Torani Vanilla – A basic flavor and one of Torani’s most popular
  • Torani Caramel – Sweet and buttery caramel flavor
  • Torani Hazelnut – Rich, nutty flavor for coffee drinks
  • Torani Raspberry – Sweet, tart fruit flavor
  • Torani Cinnamon Dolce – Spicy and sweet cinnamon
  • Torani Sugar Free Vanilla – Vanilla flavor without sugar or carbs
  • Torani Sugar Free Caramel – Sugar free version of popular caramel
  • Torani Sugar Free Hazelnut – Sugar free nutty hazelnut taste

Along with these regular flavors, Safeway may also have Torani’s seasonal syrups depending on the time of year:

  • Torani Pumpkin Spice – Warm blend of pumpkin and spices
  • Torani Gingerbread – Ginger, cinnamon, and molasses flavors
  • Torani Peppermint – Candy cane flavor for winter drinks
  • Torani Almond Roca – Sweet almond and chocolate
  • Torani Eggnog – Creamy nutmeg eggnog flavor

Using Torani Syrups

Adding just a small amount of Torani syrup to coffee, tea, milk, Italian sodas, frostings, pancake batter, and more can create amazing new flavor experiences. Here are some tips for using Torani syrups creatively at home:

  • Add 1-2 tablespoons of Torani syrup to a cup of drip coffee or espresso
  • Mix 2 ounces of syrup with cold milk over ice for a flavorful Italian soda
  • Stir 1/2 ounce of syrup into a mug of hot tea or chai latte
  • Blend Torani caramel sauce into milkshakes for a salted caramel taste
  • Swirl syrup into whipped cream to top waffles, crepes, pies and more
  • Brush Torani syrup on fruit, pound cake or ice cream for a glaze
  • Mix syrup into pancake batter before cooking on the griddle

The standard ratio is 1-2 pumps or tablespoons of Torani syrup per 6-8 oz beverage. Adding too much syrup can make drinks overwhelmingly sweet. Start with a small amount of Torani flavor and adjust to taste.

Benefits of Torani Syrups

There are many reasons Torani syrups have become a staple both in retail stores like Safeway and coffee shops across America:

  • Huge Flavor Range – With over 100 flavors, Torani offers almost endless customization potential
  • Quality Ingredients – Many syrups use natural flavors and cane sugar
  • Consistent Taste – Each Torani flavor tastes the same from bottle to bottle
  • Appealing Colors – Vibrant red, brown, and other colored syrups look great in drinks
  • Affordable Luxury – At around $4-$6 per bottle, Torani provides premium customization at a fair price
  • Convenient Bottles – Easy to grip, dripless lids, and measured sides for recipes

Torani allows both cafes and home consumers to experiment with barista-quality flavor experiences without specialized equipment. The syrups elevate everyday beverages into artisanal tastes.

Torani vs DaVinci Syrups

DaVinci Gourmet Syrups represent Torani’s main competitor in the flavored syrup space. DaVinci offers many of the same popular coffeehouse flavors as Torani. Both Italian-inspired brands use attractive glass bottles. Here’s how Torani and DaVinci stack up:

Brand # of Flavors Sugar Options Price Range
Torani 100+ Cane sugar and sugar free $4.00 – $6.00
DaVinci 60+ Cane sugar and sugar free $3.50 – $5.00

While DaVinci tends to cost slightly less, Torani offers a wider range of flavors that justifies its premium pricing for many consumers. Both Italian brands have passionate fans and detractors debating the taste differences online. In the end, flavor preferences are subjective to each consumer’s palate.

Torani Sauce Options

In addition to syrups for flavoring beverages, Torani manufactures bottled sauces that work great as ice cream toppings, cake fillings, dipping sauces, and more:

  • Caramel Sauce – Thick, buttery caramel sauce. Available in original and sugar free.
  • Chocolate Sauce – Thick fudge sauce for premium chocolate flavor.
  • White Chocolate Sauce – Creamy white chocolate flavored sauce.
  • Raspberry Sauce – Fruit sauce with sweet tart raspberry taste.
  • Blood Orange Sauce – Tart orange and berry fruit sauce.

Safeway typically stocks the Torani caramel sauce near the coffee syrups. Occasionally you may also find the chocolate, white chocolate or raspberry sauces as well. The colorful glass bottles make these sauces appealing options for gifting too.

Safeway Store Brand Syrups

In addition to Torani, Safeway sells its own private label brand of coffee syrups under the name Clear Value. These generic syrups offer fewer flavor options – usually just vanilla, caramel, hazelnut and seasonal flavors like pumpkin spice. The generic syrups are designed to offer shoppers a more budget friendly alternative to premium Torani.

However, the Clear Value syups tend to score lower in customer reviews compared to Torani’s flavor quality and intensity. For just a dollar or two more, many shoppers opt for the real Torani syrups while the cheaper store brand options linger on the shelves.

Alternative Places to Buy Torani

For even more Torani buying options, here are some other US retailers that stock the brand’s syrups and sauces:

  • Amazon – Wide Torani selection eligible for Prime shipping
  • Target – Carried in select Target grocery departments
  • World Market – Food focused import retail chain
  • Bed Bath and Beyond – Some locations in kitchen and dining sections
  • Sur La Table – Upscale cookware stores with Torani syrups

Many regional supermarket chains not owned by Kroger also carry Torani syrups in their coffee aisles or mixer sections. Some examples are HEB, Publix, Hy-Vee, Meijer, and more. Checking your local store directory can help locate Torani.

Independent coffee shops and cafes are also a great place to purchase Torani retail bottles. Coffeehouses that use Torani syrups will often sell them over the counter or in self-serve areas for customer convenience.

Buying Torani Syrups Online

Purchasing Torani syrups online is quick and easy. Websites like Amazon,, and even offer the full range of Torani flavors. The syrups ship well and withstand being in transit without damage.

Benefits of buying Torani syrups online include:

  • Access to full product selection not at local stores
  • Availability of bundle deals and promotional pricing
  • Convenience of direct shipping to your home
  • Chance to read detailed customer reviews
  • Ability to price compare between retailers

One bottle of Torani syrup usually costs between $4-$6 online. It’s economical to purchase packs of 4-6 different Torani flavors for variety and maximize your syrup investment. Be sure to select expedited shipping options to get your Torani order quickly.

Troubleshooting Torani Syrup Issues

While Torani syrup is consistent and high-quality, you may occasionally encounter issues like:

  • Syrup separating – Shake gently to recombine ingredients
  • Flat or faded taste – Replace bottle if expired or stored improperly
  • Bottle leaks – Carefully wipe and discard, order replacement
  • Mold growth – Do not consume, syrup has been contaminated
  • Incorrect flavor – Verify label against taste, contact Torani

If a Torani syrup doesn’t meet expectations or goes bad before the printed expiration date, you can contact Torani directly through their website or call their customer service line at (800) 780-5676. Holding onto your receipt will help with any refund or replacement process.

Making Specialty Drinks with Torani

Don’t limit Torani just to coffee – their syrups can transform ordinary beverages into indulgent creations. Try making these specialty drinks with Torani at home:

Hazelnut Hot Chocolate:
Steam milk on the stove or use microwave. Stir in 2-3 tablespoons Torani Hazelnut and 1 tbsp Torani Chocolate Sauce per cup of milk. Top with whipped cream.

Cherry Vanilla Italian Cream Soda:
Mix seltzer water, 2 tbsp Torani Vanilla and 1 tbsp Torani Cherry syrup over ice. Top with a splash of cream or milk.

Caramel Apple Cider:
Warm apple cider on the stove with 1-2 tbsp Torani Caramel, 1 tsp Torani Cinnamon and 1/4 tsp apple pie spice per serving.

Mocha Frappe:
Blend strong chilled coffee, Torani Chocolate sauce, milk and ice. Top with whipped Torani White Chocolate sauce.

The flavor pairing options are endless with Torani. Create your own signature coffeehouse-quality beverages!


Torani syrups can be found at most Safeway locations, usually in a variety of 10-12 popular flavors. Safeway’s website store finder helps locate Torani stock near you. Calling ahead assures your local Safeway has your desired flavors in stock. While Safeway offers cheaper alternatives, Torani’s vibrant syrups deliver quality ingredients and consistency that keeps customers coming back for the brand’s signature Italian soda shop taste. Experiment with Torani syrups and sauces to bring new flavors and customization into your home coffee and dessert creations.

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