How to check mobile data balance in idea?

Idea is one of the leading telecom operators in India, providing mobile and broadband services to millions of customers across the country. With the increasing use of mobile internet and data plans, it’s important for Idea users to be able to check their remaining mobile data balance easily. This allows users to track their data usage, add more packs if required or reduce usage to avoid extra charges.

There are a few simple ways to check mobile data balance for both prepaid and postpaid Idea numbers, using USSD codes, the Idea app or website, and through SMS. This comprehensive guide will provide Idea subscribers with step-by-step instructions to check 2G/3G/4G data balance across different platforms.

Checking Data Balance via USSD Codes

USSD codes allow you to check your account balance and activate services directly from your phone dialer, without needing an internet connection. Idea has provided different USSD codes to check 2G, 3G and 4G data balances separately:

For 2G Data Balance

Dial *123*11# on your Idea mobile.

You will see your main account balance, along with available 2G data balance.

For 3G Data Balance

Dial *123*6# to check your 3G data balance.

This will display your main account balance and available 3G data quota.

For 4G/LTE Data Balance

To check 4G data balance, dial *123*10#

This will show your account balance and remaining 4G data.

The process to check data balance via USSD codes is very simple and quick. Just dial the code, press call/send and your data balance details will be displayed instantly on the screen. USSD method works even without an active data connection.

Checking Data Balance through Idea My Idea App

The My Idea app by Idea Cellular is available for free download on Android and iOS devices. It offers a fast, convenient way to check your data balance and other account details on your smartphone. Follow these steps:

On Android

– Open the Play Store on your Android phone.

– Search for ‘My Idea’ and install the official app by Idea Cellular Ltd.

– Open the app and tap on ‘Login’ or ‘Register’ if using for the first time.

– Enter your registered Idea mobile number and hit ‘Get OTP’.

– Input the OTP received on your number and log in.

– Your account dashboard will open. Under ‘Mobile Account’ section, your available data balance will be shown.

On iOS

– Open App Store on your iOS device.

– Search for ‘My Idea’ app and tap on ‘Get’ to install.

– Open the app and select ‘Login’ or ‘Register now’ if using for first time.

– Enter your Idea number registered with account and tap ‘Get OTP’.

– Input the OTP received and log in to your account.

– Your account overview will open. Check data balance under ‘Mobile Account’.

The My Idea app provides immediate access to data balance, validity, base plan details and settings. You can also recharge, pay bills, track usage and manage services through the app.

Checking Data Balance through Idea Website

Along with the mobile app, Idea subscribers can also check data balance by logging into Idea’s website for prepaid and postpaid customers:

For Prepaid Customers

– Go to Idea’s prepaid customer website:

– Click on ‘Log In/Register’ at top right corner.

– Enter your registered Idea prepaid number.

– You will receive an OTP on the number. Input OTP and click ‘Submit’.

– On the ‘Overview’ section, your available data balance will be displayed.

For Postpaid Customers

– Visit Idea’s postpaid site:

– Click on ‘Log In/Register’ option at top.

– Enter your registered Idea postpaid number.

– Input OTP received and click ‘Submit’.

– On the account dashboard, scroll down to ‘Mobile Account’ section to view data balance.

Logging into Idea’s website provides you access to account details in a secure manner. You can also view bills, usage details and make payments online.

Checking Data Balance via SMS

Idea also enables prepaid subscribers to check data balance through SMS. Follow this process:

– Open message/SMS app on your mobile.

– Type MBAL and send SMS to 55333 from your registered Idea number.

– You will immediately receive an SMS with your main account balance and available data balance.

This method quickly provides your 2G/3G/4G data balance without needing internet access. However, SMS charges apply as per your base plan.

How to Check 4G Data Balance and Validity

If you are on an Idea 4G data pack, here are two ways to check your 4G data balance and validity:

Through My Idea App

– Open My Idea app and login to your account

– Go to ‘My Plans’ section

– Your active 4G data pack will be shown here, with remaining data balance and validity


– Send SMS MBAL to 55333 from your number

– You will receive an SMS with available data balance

– Validity of your 4G pack will also be mentioned in the SMS

This allows you to easily keep track of your high-speed 4G data usage and expiry date.

How to Check 3G Data Balance

To check data balance for an active 3G data pack on Idea number:

Via My Idea App

– Open the My Idea app and login

– Go to ‘My Plans’ section

– Your active 3G data pack will be displayed here with data balance used and validity

Via USSD Code

– Dial *123*6#

– You will be able to view your 3G data balance onscreen

Following these simple steps, you can check remaining 3G data anytime.

How to Check 2G Data Balance

If you are on an Idea 2G data pack, you can check balance through:

My Idea App

– Login to My Idea app

– Go to ‘My Plans’ and click on your active 2G data pack

– It will show data balance and validity details


– Dial *123*11#

– Your 2G data balance will be displayed onscreen

This makes it easy for you to keep track of your 2G data usage.

How to Check Data Balance without Internet

To check your Idea data balance without requiring mobile internet or data access, you can use:

USSD Codes

Dial USSD code *123*11# for 2G data, *123*6# for 3G data and *123*10# for 4G data balance


Send SMS MBAL to 55333 and get balance details over SMS

Customer Care

Call 198 from your registered Idea number. Select relevant options to get data balance through the IVR system.

Through Retailers

Visit nearest Idea retailer store and ask the retailer to check your data balance by submitting your number.

These methods do not need active mobile internet to access your data account balance.

How to Check Data Balance on Roaming

If you are traveling outside your home network area and using roaming, you can still check your Idea data balance by:

– Using USSD codes – Dial *123*11# for 2G, *123*6# for 3G and *123*10# for 4G balance

– Through SMS – Send MBAL to 55333

– Downloading roaming partner’s operator app – Check balance through app

– Calling Idea Customer Care – 198 toll-free number

– Contacting Idea while on roaming network

Before using data services on roaming, ensure you have an active roaming pack to avoid high charges. Keep checking your data balance regularly while roaming.

How to Check Data Balance on Second SIM

If your device has dual SIM support, you can use the same methods to check data balance on second SIM:

Through My Idea App

– Login using number of second SIM

– View data balance in My Plans section

Via USSD Codes

– Dial USSD code from second SIM

– Balance will be displayed onscreen

SMS Method

– Send SMS MBAL to 55333 from second SIM

– You will receive data balance over SMS

Switch between SIMs and use app, USSD codes, SMS, call center to check data balance for your second Idea SIM.

How to Check Data Balance without Number

Without your Idea number, you can check prepaid/postpaid data balance through:

My Idea App

– Install app and register without number

– Use your account number to login

– Check data balance in account

Idea Website

– Visit website and login with account number

– No need for number or OTP

– View data balance in account overview

Through Retailers

– Visit nearest Idea store with account details

– Retailer can check balance without number

Customer Care

– Call 198 and provide account details

– Agent will help check balance without number

Remember account number, SIM number or registered email to check data balance without accessing your Idea number.

How to Stop Data Service When Balance Exhausts

To avoid getting charged for additional data usage once your data balance exhausts, you can stop/disconnect mobile data service by:

Through Idea App

– Open My Idea app → Manage account → Mobile internet

– Toggle off Mobile data to disable data service

Via Device Settings

– Go to Settings → SIMs & Mobile networks → Mobile data

– Turn off Mobile data for the Idea SIM

This will stop all mobile internet and prevent further data deduction once pack validity expires. Enable data again once you recharge with a new data pack.

How to Get Data Balance Alerts

To receive timely alerts about your data usage and balance exhaustion, you can set up:

Balance Threshold Alerts

– SMS BAL THRESHOLD to 199 from your Idea number

– Choose balance amount for alert (20MB, 50MB etc)

Data Usage Alerts


– You will get SMS when data usage reaches custom intervals

Validity Alerts

– Get SMS 3 days before your data pack expires

– Automatically configured for all Idea data packs

Set up the above alerts to maximize your data benefits and avoid extra charges!

How to Share Data Balance with Others

If you need to share your data balance details with family or friends, here are a few ways:

– Take a screenshot of balance on app and share image

– Note down balance and convey through call, SMS or email

– Send balance details through WhatsApp or social media apps

– Share app login for them to directly check balance

– Redirect SMS received to their number

However, be careful about sharing account login credentials to maintain account security and avoid misuse.


Checking your mobile data balance ensures you stay in control of your internet usage. For Idea subscribers, USSD codes, My Idea app, website, SMS and customer care offer easy ways to check 2G/3G/4G data balance. Configure balance threshold and usage alerts for real-time updates. Share balance smartly but avoid passing on account logins. Monitoring data balance allows you to efficiently manage your internet packs, seamless connectivity and better control on bills. With this handy guide, Idea users across India can master their data account!

Method How to check data balance
USSD Codes *123*11# for 2G balance
*123*6# for 3G balance
*123*10# for 4G balance
My Idea App Login to app > Go to My Plans > View data balance
Idea Website Login to website > Check data balance in account overview
SMS Send MBAL to 55333 from registered number
Customer Care Call 198 and get balance through IVR or agent assist

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