How many calories are in each syrup at Starbucks?

Starbucks offers a wide variety of syrup flavors that can be added to drinks for an extra burst of sweetness. But how many extra calories do these sugary syrups contain? This comprehensive guide will provide the calorie count for every syrup flavor on the Starbucks menu.

Some key questions answered in this article include:

  • How many calories are in each size of the classic syrups like vanilla, caramel, and mocha?
  • How do the calories in the sugar-free syrups compare?
  • Which seasonal syrups like pumpkin spice and peppermint have the most calories?
  • What are the lowest calorie syrup options at Starbucks?

Knowing the calorie content of Starbucks syrups allows customers to make informed decisions and customize their drinks. This guide lays it all out in helpful tables and sections by syrup type. Continue reading to learn the calorie count for every Starbucks syrup available!

Calories In Starbucks Classic Syrups

Starbucks offers their classic flavor syrups like vanilla, caramel, and mocha in three different sizes. The calorie content ranges depending on size:

Small/Short Size Syrups

Syrup Calories
Vanilla 50
Caramel 65
Cinnamon Dolce 50
Hazelnut 55
Raspberry 10
Toffee Nut 45
Mocha 60
White Chocolate Mocha 65
Peppermint 75

The short size syrups provided in small and tall drinks at Starbucks range from 10 calories for the raspberry up to 75 calories for peppermint. Vanilla, caramel, and mocha are in the middle with 50-65 calories per short size syrup pump.

Medium/Grande Size Syrups

Syrup Calories
Vanilla 90
Caramel 120
Cinnamon Dolce 90
Hazelnut 100
Raspberry 15
Toffee Nut 80
Mocha 110
White Chocolate Mocha 120
Peppermint 140

For the medium or grande size syrups used in the Starbucks grande drink size, calories range from 15 calories per pump of raspberry up to 140 calories for peppermint syrup. The popular mocha and white chocolate mocha syrups contain 110-120 calories per grande pump.

Large/Venti Size Syrups

Syrup Calories
Vanilla 150
Caramel 180
Cinnamon Dolce 150
Hazelnut 150
Raspberry 25
Toffee Nut 125
Mocha 170
White Chocolate Mocha 180
Peppermint 200

The venti or large sized syrups that go in the Starbucks venti drinks have the most calories, ranging from just 25 calories per pump of raspberry up to 200 calories for peppermint syrup. Mocha and white chocolate mocha contain 170-180 calories per venti sized pump.

As shown, the calorie content increases with each larger size of the classic Starbucks syrups. Raspberry is consistently the lowest calorie option, with peppermint being the highest.

Calories In Starbucks Sugar-Free Syrups

For customers looking to cut down on sugar or calories, Starbucks offers sugar-free syrups in the following flavors:

Syrup Calories
Sugar-Free Vanilla 5
Sugar-Free Cinnamon Dolce 0
Sugar-Free Caramel 5
Sugar-Free Hazelnut 5
Sugar-Free Mocha 5

The sugar-free varieties contain either 0 or just 5 calories per pump, a significant decrease compared to their sugar-based counterparts. Sugar-free cinnamon dolce syrup uniquely contains 0 calories. Overall, the sugar-free syrups are an extremely low calorie option.

Calories In Starbucks Seasonal Syrups

In addition to its permanent syrup flavors, Starbucks rolls out special seasonal syrups throughout the year. How do these limited time offerings compare calorie-wise?

Spring/Summer Seasonal Syrups

Syrup Calories
Coconut 45
Raspberry Mocha 110
Mint 80
Chocolate Cookie Crumble 110

Spring and summer seasonal syrups like coconut, mint, and chocolate cookie crumble tend to be moderate in calories, ranging from 45-110 per pump. Raspberry mocha matches the calories of the classic mocha syrup.

Fall/Winter Seasonal Syrups

Syrup Calories
Pumpkin Spice 90
Caramel Brulee 105
Peppermint 200
Irish Cream 115
Chestnut Praline 220

The fall and winter seasonal syrups like pumpkin spice, caramel brulee, and Irish cream contain around 100 calories per pump. However, peppermint and chestnut praline are significantly higher at 200+ calories.

Overall, the seasonal syrups fall somewhere in the middle of the pack when it comes to calorie content. Peppermint and chestnut praline are some of the highest calorie options.

Lowest Calorie Starbucks Syrup Options

To minimize calories when adding syrup to Starbucks drinks, go for options like:

  • Sugar-free syrups (0-5 calories per pump)
  • Raspberry syrup (10-25 calories per pump)
  • Coconut syrup (45 calories per pump)
  • Mint syrup (80 calories per pump)
  • Pumpkin spice syrup (90 calories per pump)

Sticking with light or no-sugar syrups is the best bet for a low calorie Starbucks drink. Otherwise, fruity syrups like raspberry that use natural sugars tend to be lower in calories.

For the classics, a single pump of vanilla, caramel or mocha syrup will add 50-65 calories in a short drink size. Up to 200 calories can come from a large peppermint or chestnut praline syrup.

Highest Calorie Starbucks Syrup Options

On the opposite end, the highest calorie Starbucks syrup pumps are:

  • Peppermint (200 calories per large pump)
  • Chestnut praline (220 calories per large pump)
  • White chocolate mocha (180 calories per large pump)
  • Caramel (180 calories per large pump)
  • Mocha (170 calories per large pump)

Seasonal flavors like peppermint and chestnut praline top the list for highest calorie content. For the classic syrups, white chocolate mocha, caramel and mocha are higher in calories, especially in larger drink sizes. Taking those will ratchet up the calorie count.

Factors That Impact Calories In Starbucks Syrups

Some key factors influence the calories found in Starbucks syrup flavors:

  • Sugar content – Syrups high in added sugars like white chocolate mocha will be higher in calories than lower sugar options.
  • Serving size – Larger syrup portions contain exponentially more calories than smaller sizes.
  • Ingredients – Syrups with more fat-containing ingredients like peppermint will be higher in calories than fruit or sugar-free flavors.
  • Preparation – How the syrups are produced and concentrated impacts calorie density.

Understanding these key drivers can help determine which options may be lowest or highest in calories when flavoring a Starbucks drink.

Comparing Calories In Starbucks Syrups To Other Drink Customizations

Beyond syrups, other ways to customize Starbucks drinks will also add calories:

  • Whipped cream: 50 calories per serving
  • Whole milk: 150 calories per 8 oz
  • Alternative milks: 60-120 calories per 8 oz
  • Sweetened flavor shot: 10 calories per serving

Compared to these other additions, most syrups provide 50 or more calories per serving. So combining multiple high calorie customizations can quickly add up. Choosing lower calorie options like sugar-free syrups, nonfat milk, and unsweetened shots are better alternatives for limiting calories.

Tips For Ordering Lower Calorie Drinks At Starbucks

Use these helpful tips to order customized drinks at Starbucks while keeping calories in check:

  • Opt for small or tall sizes over medium or large
  • Select sugar-free syrup flavors like cinnamon dolce or vanilla
  • Ask for half pumps of syrup if available
  • Choose brewed coffee or tea instead of high calorie espresso drinks
  • Request nonfat milk or unsweetened dairy alternatives like almond milk
  • Skip the whipped cream and sugary toppings
  • Ask for less pumps of higher calorie syrups like mocha

Taking advantage of lower calorie selections and size customizations allows you to enjoy delicious Starbucks beverages without going overboard on calories.


Starbucks syrups can add anything from 0 to 200+ calories to your favorite coffee drinks. While flavors like sugar-free cinnamon dolce provide almost no extra calories, options like peppermint and chestnut praline pack a heavy caloric punch.

Knowing the calorie counts for Starbucks syrups by size, classics versus seasonal, and lower versus higher calorie options gives you the knowledge to make smart selections. Limit high calorie additions, choose small sizes, and opt for lower sugar and fat syrup varieties when you want to cut calories in your Starbucks order.

Enjoy all the delicious flavors that Starbucks syrups have to offer, while keeping an eye on nutrition counts. Follow the guidance in this guide to flavor and customize your drinks while maintaining your healthy calorie goals. With the facts on syrup calories by pump and size, you can sip your Starbucks favorites feeling satisfied and in control.

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