Does Quiznos have a gluten free bun?

As a fast casual sandwich chain, Quiznos offers customers a variety of sub sandwiches with toasted subs and signature sauces. For people with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, a key question is whether Quiznos has a gluten-free bun option for their sandwiches.

The Short Answer

No, at this time Quiznos does not offer a certified gluten-free bun option for their sub sandwiches. While customers can request gluten-free sandwiches, these are made on wraps rather than a dedicated gluten-free bun.

Exploring Quiznos’ Gluten-Free Options

On their website, Quiznos states that they offer gluten-free options but warns that their restaurants are not gluten-free environments. They caution that there is a risk of cross-contamination for gluten-free orders. They recommend guests with celiac disease or sensitivity exercise judgment before choosing to eat at Quiznos.

For guests who wish to order gluten-free items, Quiznos instructs that you inform your server you need a gluten-free preparation. They will change gloves, use disposable paper on the countertop, and take other precautions to reduce cross-contamination.

However, states: “Please note that Quiznos DOES NOT have gluten free bread.” So while they take steps to accommodate gluten-free requests, they do not offer a certified gluten-free bun.

Gluten-Free Sandwich Options

Instead of putting sandwiches on a gluten-free bun, Quiznos offers two alternative approaches:

  • Gluten-free subs wrapped in lettuce instead of bread
  • Gluten-free sandwiches served in a wrap/flatbread

For the lettuce wrap, Quiznos will wrap the sandwich fillings in a large lettuce leaf. For the wrap option, they use a gluten-free certified flatbread.

Keep in mind that even these options involve some risk of cross-contamination as they are prepared in restaurants that also prepare wheat-based subs. Employees will change gloves and tools to reduce contamination, but some risk remains.

Is Quiznos’ Wrap Truly Gluten-Free?

Quiznos offers some conflicting information about the gluten-free status of their wraps. On their FAQ page, they state:

We offer gluten-free wraps that are certified gluten-free to less than 10 parts per million.

This indicates their wraps are tested and confirmed at less than 10 ppm of gluten, the requirement for a “gluten-free” labeling in the United States.

However, on their allergen information page, Quiznos lists their tomato basil and honey wheat wraps as containing wheat. So these wraps would not actually be gluten-free, despite the claim of “certified gluten-free wraps” on the FAQ page.

The conflicting information makes it difficult to ascertain if Quiznos actually offers a certified gluten-free wrap option or not. Your safest option is to consider their wraps as being high risk for gluten cross-contamination even if marketed as “gluten-free.”

Why Doesn’t Quiznos Offer a Gluten-Free Bun?

With many fast food chains now offering gluten-free buns, like Burger King, Arby’s and Dunkin Donuts, some Quiznos customers may wonder why this option isn’t available.

There are a few factors that may explain why Quiznos has not added a gluten-free bun to their menu:

  • Limited demand – Only around 1% of Americans have celiac disease. Quiznos may feel there aren’t enough gluten-free customers to justify the cost of adding a specialty bun.
  • Difficult to source – Reliable supply of good quality gluten-free buns can be challenging, especially for a large chain.
  • Cross-contamination risks – Even if they offered a GF bun, Quiznos may not be able to prevent cross-contamination with wheat-based buns in their facilities.
  • Added complexity – Additional ingredients and procedures add complexity to the kitchen, which could slow down service times.

Unless consumer demand changes significantly, Quiznos appears unlikely to begin offering gluten-free bun options in the near future.

How to Order Gluten-Free at Quiznos

If you need to follow a gluten-free diet, is it still possible to eat at Quiznos? Here are some tips:

  • Ask for your sandwich in a lettuce wrap or on a gluten-free wrap, if available.
  • Request fresh gloves and tools to prepare your order.
  • Avoid soups, as Quiznos soups contain gluten.
  • Check labels carefully for gluten-containing ingredients like soy sauce.
  • Be aware some cross-contamination is likely.
  • Consider bringing your own certified GF bun to use instead.

While not completely gluten-free environments, Quiznos can offer reasonable options for gluten-free guests. Just take precautions around cross-contamination.

Gluten-Free Options at Other Sandwich Chains

If you want a certified gluten-free bun from a sandwich shop, Quiznos is not your only option. Here are some other chains offering gluten-free buns:

Jersey Mike’s

Jersey Mike’s offers gluten-free wraps and lettuce wraps. They also have a gluten-free sub roll option made by Genius Gourmet.

Firehouse Subs

Firehouse Subs has a gluten-free bun. You can substitute it on most subs for an added $1.50 charge.

Jimmy John’s

Jimmy John’s offers a lettuce wrap option. Some locations also have gluten-free bread available upon request.

McAlister’s Deli

McAlister’s Deli offers gluten-free bread, buns, rolls, and wraps. These options contain less than 20 ppm gluten.


Panera Bread offers several gluten-free sandwich options using certified gluten-free bread options.

If having a dedicated gluten-free bun is important to you, these chains are more likely than Quiznos to offer that option. However, the risk of cross-contamination remains whenever gluten-free and regular wheat items are prepared together.

Should You Trust Quiznos with Gluten-Free?

Those with celiac disease know that eating gluten can cause severe negative reactions. So is it safe to trust Quiznos to accommodate your gluten-free diet?

Here are some pros and cons to keep in mind:


  • Quiznos is upfront that they do not offer gluten-free bread and buns.
  • They offer reasonable alternatives like lettuce wraps.
  • Employees take some extra precautions for gluten-free orders.
  • Quiznos raises awareness that their restaurants have gluten cross-contamination risk.


  • No way to fully prevent cross-contamination.
  • Conflicting info about whether wraps are actually gluten-free.
  • Risk of human error with gluten-free procedures.
  • Soups, salads, and sides often have gluten.

In the end, it depends on your sensitivity level and risk tolerance. If you have celiac disease, it may be wise to avoid Quiznos and seek chains with dedicated gluten-free facilities or buns. If you have milder non-celiac gluten sensitivity, Quiznos’ precautions could be adequate in a pinch.

Should You Eat at Quiznos with Celiac Disease?

For those with celiac disease, eating gluten can have severe consequences. Damage to the small intestine may occur even from small traces of gluten. So is eating at Quiznos ever safe with celiac disease?

According to, a 1 in 167 chance of ingesting trace gluten is high risk for most people with celiac. Given Quiznos’ mixed facilities and lack of gluten-free buns, their meals likely fall in this high risk category.

Many celiac experts recommend avoiding any restaurant, including Quiznos, where an actual certified gluten-free meal cannot be guaranteed. The risks often outweigh the convenience of eating out.

That said, some people with celiac do choose to eat at Quiznos. If you decide to eat there, be sure to:

  • Carefully vet ingredients and preparation with staff
  • Ask about details like shared toasters, separate prep areas etc.
  • Consider bringing a personal gluten-free bun
  • Thoroughly question any cross-contamination precautions

Keep in mind that “gluten-free” meals at Quiznos are unlikely to meet the < 20 ppm standard due to shared facilities. Proceed with extreme caution and awareness of risks if you have celiac disease.

Gluten-Free Options at Other Sandwich Places

If you want more peace of mind on gluten-free safety, choosing restaurants with dedicated gluten-free facilities is wise. Here are some sandwich spots offering safer gluten-free options:

Glutino’s Pizza

Glutino’s offers pizza, sandwiches, bakery items and more, all certified gluten-free to less than 10 ppm. They have locations in Illinois and Wisconsin.

Wildflower Bread Company

This bakery and cafe has a 100% gluten-free kitchen. They have sandwich locations in Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona and Texas.

NYC Pizza Project

This pizza shop based in NYC offers dedicated gluten-free facilities and American-style pizzas with gluten-free crusts.

Spark Street Food

Spark Street Food in Utah offers gluten-free and allergy-friendly sandwiches, pizzas, chicken strips and more made in a dedicated gluten-free space.


Glutenberg is a gluten-free bakery and cafe in Denver, CO. Their menu includes subs, paninis, sandwiches and breads.

For maximum safety, businesses focused solely on gluten-free fare are your best bet. But these options are still few and far between in many areas.

Is Quiznos Gluten-Free Friendly Overall?

When rating restaurants for gluten-free friendliness, factors like training, knowledge and commitment to safety matter. So how accommodating is Quiznos overall?

Here are some observations:

  • Quiznos is transparent about gluten risks on their website.
  • Allergen info is readily available.
  • Staff are trained on some gluten-free processes.
  • Gluten-free prep tables may be available upon request.
  • Ingredients and supplier info can be accessed online.

On the less positive side:

  • No gluten-free certification or third party auditing.
  • No specific “gluten-free” menu.
  • No allergen filters online to ID GF options.
  • Wheat-based buns are used, increasing contamination likelihood.

Compared to sandwich competitors, Quiznos offers reasonable transparency and training. But the lack of gluten-free facilities or certification limits their safety and trustworthiness for celiac diners.

The Verdict on Quiznos and Gluten-Free

In summary, here’s a quick rundown on eating gluten-free at Quiznos:

  • No certified gluten-free buns are available.
  • Sandwiches can be ordered in lettuce wraps or wraps/flatbreads.
  • Quiznos states wheat-containing subs pose a contamination risk.
  • Employees take some extra precautions for gluten-free orders.
  • Those with celiac disease may want to exercise caution or avoid Quiznos.

While not the most gluten-free friendly restaurant, Quiznos offers reasonable options compared to some other sandwich chains. But safety for celiac disease remains a question mark.

If you need certainty on contamination when dining out, your safest bet is restaurants explicitly focused on gluten-free fare. When in doubt, consume Quiznos subs and wraps with gluten safety risks in mind.

The Bottom Line

Does Quiznos offer a gluten-free bun? Unfortunately, no. They rely on wraps and lettuce in lieu of a dedicated gluten-free baked bun option. While reasonable for some gluten-free diners, those with celiac disease may want to steer clear due to cross-contamination concerns in Quiznos’ mixed kitchens.

When in need of a quick gluten-free meal, Quiznos can suffice in a pinch but is far from an ideal option. To enjoy subs safely with celiac disease or non-celiac gluten sensitivity, choose providers with enhanced training, dedicated prep space, and certified gluten-free menu items.

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