Does hazelnut flavored coffee have calories?

Hazelnut flavored coffee, like most flavored coffees, does contain calories. The number of calories depends on how the coffee is prepared and what is added to it. Here are some quick answers about the calories in hazelnut flavored coffee:

Quick Answers

– Black hazelnut coffee has minimal calories from the natural oils in the coffee beans and hazelnut flavoring.

– Hazelnut creamer can add 50-100 calories per tablespoon to coffee.

– Hazelnut syrups and sugary flavor extracts can add 20-50 calories per teaspoon to coffee.

– Hazelnut lattes made with steamed milk and flavoring can contain 150-350 calories for a 12-16 oz drink.

– Hazelnut cappuccinos are high in calories due to the foamed milk topping, often 200 calories or more per 8 oz serving.

– Overall, calories in hazelnut coffee range from 0-350 calories depending on preparation style and what is added to the beverage.

Does Black Coffee Have Calories?

Straight black coffee without any cream, sugar, or other additives contains minimal calories – generally 2 calories or less per 8 ounce cup. The only calories come from the natural oils in the coffee beans and any natural flavor compounds inherent to the beans.

Hazelnut flavored black coffee falls into this same category. The hazelnut oils and flavor extracts contribute negligible calories and fat. An 8 ounce cup of black hazelnut coffee only contains around 2 calories.

This makes black hazelnut coffee an excellent low calorie beverage choice. Those watching their calorie intakes can enjoy the rich hazelnut flavor without worrying about excess calories when taking their coffee black.

Do Creamers and Sweeteners Add Calories?

While plain black hazelnut coffee is low calorie, many people add creamers, sweeteners, syrups or milk to their coffee. These additions can drastically increase the calorie count.

Here’s how many calories some popular hazelnut coffee additions contain per tablespoon (tbs):

  • Hazelnut creamer – 50-100 calories
  • Hazelnut syrup – 20-50 calories
  • White sugar – 45 calories
  • Brown sugar – 55 calories
  • Honey – 60 calories
  • Maple syrup – 60 calories
  • Agave nectar – 60 calories

As you can see, just adding a couple tablespoons of cream and sugar can nearly double the calories in a cup of coffee. Those little hazelnut flavored creamers may be convenient, but the calories add up fast.

Hazelnut Lattes and Cappuccinos

Heading to your local coffee shop for a hazelnut latte or cappuccino can really drive up the calorie content. Popular coffeehouse versions of these specialty hazelnut drinks can have 150-350 calories for a 12-16 ounce cup.

For example, here are the calories in a 16 ounce hazelnut latte from some favorite coffee chains:

  • Starbucks – 250 calories
  • Dunkin Donuts – 330 calories
  • Peet’s Coffee – 150 calories
  • Caribou Coffee – 170 calories

These totals are all for 16 ounce drinks made with 2% milk and hazelnut syrup flavoring. Using whole milk or additional flavor swirls will add even more calories.

Cappuccinos generally have more calories than lattes since they contain more steamed and foamed milk. A hazelnut cappuccino can have 200-300 calories in just an 8 ounce serving.

If trying to limit calorie intake, ask for nonfat milk, less syrup, and go for a smaller size. Splitting a large latte with a friend is another way to enjoy the flavor while controlling calories.

Should You Avoid Hazelnut if Watching Calories?

Hazelnut coffee doesn’t have to be off limits for those watching their calories. There are several options to keep the calorie content reasonable:

  • Drink it black – A small hazelnut coffee only has 2 calories without any additions.
  • Use sugar-free hazelnut creamer – Saves 50+ calories per tablespoon over regular creamers.
  • Choose skim or low-fat milk – Saves 40+ calories per ounce compared to 2% or whole milk.
  • Ask for less syrup – Most coffee shops will reduce the pumps of flavoring.
  • Order a smaller size – The 12 oz drinks have 70+ fewer calories than the 16 oz versions.
  • Share a large drink – Split with a friend and you each get the great taste for half the calories.

There are many ways to reduce the calories in hazelnut coffee drinks without sacrificing that delicious flavor. Just be mindful of your additions and portion sizes.

Nutrition Facts for Hazelnut Coffee Drinks

Here is a table summarizing the typical calorie and nutrient information in various hazelnut coffee preparations. This gives an idea of the calories and macronutrients you’ll get from different popular hazelnut coffee orders:

Beverage Calories Fat (g) Carbs (g) Protein (g)
Black hazelnut coffee (8 oz) 2 0 0 0
Hazelnut latte – nonfat milk (12 oz) 100 0.5 15 8
Hazelnut latte – 2% milk (16 oz) 250 9 33 12
Hazelnut cappuccino (8 oz) 150 5 15 8
Hazelnut iced coffee (16 oz) – with cream and sugar 125 2 23 1

Tips for Ordering Low Calorie Hazelnut Coffee

Keep these tips in mind when ordering hazelnut coffee drinks to help control calories:

  • Opt for small or medium sizes instead of large
  • Choose nonfat or low-fat milk
  • Ask for less syrup or use sugar-free syrups
  • Avoid heavy cream and whipped cream toppings
  • Request less sweetener or use zero calorie sweeteners
  • Order it black and add your own sweetener to control the amount
  • Split a larger drink with a friend

Most coffee shops are happy to customize your drink to be lower calorie. Don’t be afraid to ask them to go easy on the sugary syrups or reduce the portion size.

Making Low Calorie Hazelnut Coffee at Home

It’s easy to whip up lower calorie hazelnut coffee drinks at home too. Here are some recipes to try:

Skinny Hazelnut Latte

  • 1 shot espresso
  • 8 ounces nonfat milk
  • 1/2 tablespoon sugar-free hazelnut syrup

Heat milk in microwave or small pan. Mix espresso and syrup together then pour in milk and stir. Top with a dash of cinnamon.

Light Hazelnut Cappuccino

  • 1 shot espresso
  • 1/4 cup low-fat milk, foamed
  • 1/2 tablespoon hazelnut creamer
  • Dash of cinnamon

Brew espresso. Mix in creamer, then milk. Top with cinnamon.

Iced Hazelnut Coffee

  • Coffee
  • 1 tablespoon hazelnut creamer
  • Ice

Brew coffee and let chill. Add creamer and ice to serve over.


Hazelnut coffee can range hugely in calories based on preparation method. Going for black coffee or asking for milk and flavoring modifications when out are simple ways to enjoy the taste without excess calories. Hazelnut coffee drinks can be part of a healthy diet when calories are controlled.

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