Does Dunkin Donuts have a sugar-free syrup?

As a leading coffee and donut chain, Dunkin’ Donuts offers customers a variety of sweeteners and syrups to customize their drinks. With the rise in demand for lower sugar options, many customers wonder if Dunkin’ offers sugar-free syrups as an alternative to their regular syrups which contain high amounts of sugar.

The Short Answer

Yes, Dunkin’ Donuts does offer sugar-free syrups that customers can add to their drinks for a lower sugar option. The sugar-free syrups are sweetened with artificial sweeteners instead of sugar.

Exploring Dunkin’s Sugar-Free Syrup Options

For customers looking to reduce their sugar intake from Dunkin’ drinks, the chain provides several sugar-free flavored syrups as an alternative to their regular, sugar-sweetened syrups.

Here are some of the sugar-free syrups available at Dunkin’:

  • Sugar-Free French Vanilla
  • Sugar-Free Cinnamon
  • Sugar-Free Caramel
  • Sugar-Free Hazelnut
  • Sugar-Free Peppermint
  • Sugar-Free Blueberry
  • Sugar-Free Raspberry
  • Sugar-Free Coconut

These sugar-free versions offer the same flavors as their regular syrups, but without the added sugar. They are sweetened using the artificial sweeteners sucralose and acesulfame potassium.

The availability of sugar-free syrups varies by location. Some Dunkin’ Donuts offer their full range of sugar-free syrup flavors, while others may have a more limited selection. Customers can ask their local Dunkin’ which sugar-free syrups are offered in-store.

Nutrition Info for Sugar-Free vs Regular Syrups

Dunkin’s sugar-free syrups contain significantly fewer calories and sugar than the regular, sugar-sweetened versions. For example:

Syrup Serving Size Calories Sugar (g)
Sugar-Free French Vanilla Syrup 1 tbsp (19g) 10 0
Regular French Vanilla Syrup 1 tbsp (21g) 50 12

As shown, the sugar-free versions contain 0g of sugar compared to 12g in the regular syrups. They also have around 80% fewer calories per serving.

For people monitoring their sugar and calorie intake, opting for sugar-free syrup is an effective way to reduce the sugar and calories in your Dunkin’ drinks.

Taste and Texture of Sugar-Free Syrups

In terms of taste and texture, Dunkin’s sugar-free syrups are quite similar to the regular syrups. They offer the same thick, viscosity and mouthfeel as regular syrups.

Flavor-wise, the sugar-free versions taste nearly identical to their regular counterparts. They provide the same sweetness and flavored taste that customers expect. However, some people may notice a slightly different aftertaste from the artificial sweeteners.

Overall, Dunkin’ has done a good job mimicking both the texture and flavor profile of regular syrups with their sugar-free varieties. Many customers find little difference between them, allowing them to order their favorite flavored drinks at Dunkin’ without all the sugar.

Drinks That Can Be Ordered With Sugar-Free Syrup

Dunkin’s sugar-free syrups can be added to most of their hot and iced drinks for a lower sugar option. Some of the most popular drinks that customers order with sugar-free syrup include:

  • Iced coffee
  • Hot coffee
  • Frozen coffees
  • Lattes
  • Cappuccinos
  • Hot chocolate
  • Chai tea
  • Matcha tea

The sugar-free syrups mix well into both hot and cold beverages. Adding them allows customers to reduce the total sugar content while still getting the flavors they crave.

Is There An Extra Charge for Sugar-Free Syrup?

Dunkin’ Donuts does not charge extra for customers requesting sugar-free syrups in their drinks. The sugar-free syrups are offered at no additional cost compared to the regular, sugar-sweetened syrups.

The only exception is if you are ordering through a delivery app like DoorDash or UberEats that charges service and delivery fees. In-store at Dunkin’, there is no upcharge for substituting sugar-free syrup in your beverage.

Benefits of Choosing Sugar-Free Syrups

Here are some of the benefits that Dunkin’ customers can enjoy by choosing sugar-free syrups in their drinks:

  • Fewer calories – Sugar-free syrups cut out lots of calories from added sugar.
  • Less sugar – People limiting sugar get a huge reduction by using sugar-free syrups.
  • Better blood sugar control – The lack of sugar may help prevent blood sugar spikes.
  • Tooth-friendly – Sugar feeds the bacteria that harm tooth enamel, so sugar-free syrups help your dental health.
  • Weight management – The calorie reduction can help people manage or lose weight.
  • Diabetic friendly – The sugar-free options give people with diabetes more choices.

With all of these benefits, customers looking to cut down on sugar should consider making the swap to sugar-free syrups for their Dunkin’ drinks.

Potential Downsides of Sugar-Free Syrups

While Dunkin’s sugar-free syrups offer a lower sugar option, there are a few things customers should be aware of:

  • Artificial sweeteners – Sugar-free syrups are sweetened with artificial sweeteners like sucralose which some people try to avoid.
  • GI issues – Artificial sweeteners commonly cause digestive issues like gas, bloating or diarrhea in sensitive people.
  • Different taste – There can be a slightly different aftertaste compared to regular sugar-sweetened syrups.
  • Unavailable flavors – Not all syrup flavors are offered in a sugar-free version.

Customers who experience negative effects from artificial sweeteners may want to stick with regular syrups in small amounts. But for most people, the pros of sugar-free syrups outweigh the cons.

Tips for Ordering Drinks With Sugar-Free Syrup at Dunkin’

Here are some useful tips for ordering drinks made with sugar-free syrups at Dunkin’ Donuts:

  • Know the sugar-free syrups offered – Check online or ask at your local store so you know which options are available.
  • Specify sugar-free – Clearly state you want the “sugar-free caramel syrup” for example, so there’s no confusion.
  • Order ahead on the app – Ordering ahead on Dunkin’s app allows you to customize your drink and ensure you get the sugar-free syrup.
  • Ask about sweetener options if uncertain – The staff can advise you about the best sweeteners and sugar-free syrup choices.
  • Try mixing syrups – Get creative and mix sugar-free syrup flavors like hazelnut and raspberry.
  • Request light or no classic syrup – Dunkin’s classic syrup is sugary, so ask for light or none if using sugar-free syrup.

With some planning and customization, you can easily get delicious Dunkin’ drinks made just the way you like them with sugar-free syrups.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there sugar and fat in Dunkin’s sugar-free syrup?

No, Dunkin’s sugar-free syrups do not contain any sugar or fat. They are sweetened using artificial sweeteners and contain 0g of sugar and 0g of fat per serving.

Do the sugar-free syrups taste the same as the regular syrups?

The sugar-free syrups taste very similar to the regular syrups. Most customers find little difference in the flavor profiles. Some people notice a slightly different aftertaste from the artificial sweeteners.

Can you order the sugar-free syrups with cold foam drinks?

Yes, you can add sugar-free syrups to cold foam drinks and cold brews. The syrups mix well into cold beverages, so feel free to order sugar-free flavors with any iced drinks.

Where are Dunkin’s sugar-free syrups made?

Dunkin’s syrups, including the sugar-free varieties, are made by the company Fontana Flavors. Fontana Formulations produces Dunkin’s syrup flavors at their manufacturing facilities.

Do the sugar-free syrups have Stevia or Splenda in them?

No, Dunkin’s sugar-free syrups are not sweetened with Stevia or Splenda. They contain sucralose and acesulfame potassium artificial sweeteners.

The Bottom Line

Dunkin’ Donuts provides a selection of sugar-free syrup flavors for customers looking to reduce their sugar intake. Options like sugar-free French vanilla, caramel and hazelnut allow you to customize drinks with flavor while avoiding the large amounts of sugar in regular syrups. The sugar-free varieties offer the same great taste and texture as the original syrups. By opting for sugar-free syrups, Dunkin’ customers can enjoy their favorite customized beverages in a better-for-you option.

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