What is $1 up at Smoothie King?

Smoothie King offers guests the option to “size up” their smoothies for an additional cost. The $1 up allows customers to get a larger size smoothie for only $1 more. This provides more value and volume at a minimal extra cost.

The $1 up option at Smoothie King upgrades a 20 oz smoothie to a 32 oz size. So for $1 extra, you get an additional 12 oz of smoothie. This is a great way to get more drink for just a little bit more money.

How does Smoothie King’s $1 up option work?

When ordering a smoothie at Smoothie King, you first select your desired 20 oz size smoothie. This is the base size smoothie. Once you have picked your smoothie flavor and any customizations, the Smoothie King team member will ask if you want to “size it up” for $1 more.

If you opt for the $1 up, your 20 oz smoothie will be upgraded to a 32 oz size. So you get a full 12 oz more smoothie for just $1 extra. This works out to only about 8 cents per oz for the upsize, which is a great value.

What sizes can you upgrade with the $1 up?

The $1 up option only applies when upgrading a 20 oz smoothie to a 32 oz size. Other smoothie sizes like the 40 oz and 44 oz cannot be upgraded with the $1 up deal.

So if you order a 20 oz smoothie, you can upgrade to 32 oz for $1 more. But if you order a 40 oz smoothie, you cannot get a 52 oz for just $1 extra. The $1 up allows upgrading from 20 oz specifically to 32 oz only.

Does the $1 up apply to all smoothie flavors?

Yes, Smoothie King’s $1 up deal can be used on any of their 20 oz smoothie flavors and combinations. Regardless of the specific smoothie you order, as long as it starts as a 20 oz size, you can upgrade it to a 32 oz for $1 more.

So whether you get a strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, or any other flavor smoothie, the $1 up option applies. It does not matter what fruits, vegetables, boosts, or customizations you add either – the upgrade will still only cost an extra $1.

What is the regular Smoothie King smoothie size pricing?

Here are the regular Smoothie King smoothie sizes and prices, without any $1 up upgrade:

Size Price
20 oz $7.99
24 oz $8.99
32 oz $9.99
40 oz $10.99
44 oz $11.99

As you can see, a 32 oz smoothie regularly costs $9.99 on its own. But with the $1 up deal, you can upgrade from a 20 oz to a 32 oz for just $1 more, saving $1.99.

How much do Smoothie King smoothie boosts and additions cost?

In addition to the base smoothie costs, Smoothie King offers a variety of boosts and additions you can add to customize your drink. Here are the most popular additions and their prices:

  • Protein boosts: $2 extra
  • Supplement boosts: $3.25 extra
  • Organic boosts: $1.50 extra
  • Fresh banana: $1 extra
  • Peanut butter: $0.75 extra
  • Extra fruit: $0.75 extra per fruit

All of these smoothie customizations are compatible with the $1 up deal. So when you upgrade your 20 oz smoothie to a 32 oz with the $1 up, any boosts or extras you added will carry over to the larger size.

How does the $1 up option compare to regular Smoothie King cup charges?

To understand the value of the $1 up deal, let’s compare it to Smoothie King’s regular cup charges for more drink:

  • Extra smoothie in cup: $2.25 per 8 oz
  • Extra juice in cup: $1 per 2 oz

Without the $1 up, getting an extra 12 oz of smoothie would cost $3.38 at standard cup charge rates. But with the $1 up, you get those same 12 oz for only $1 extra. That’s a savings of $2.38!

Plus, the $1 up gets you the extra smoothie already blended into your larger 32 oz cup. With standard cup charges, you’d have to get the extra smoothie in a separate cup and pour it in yourself.

How much does a Smoothie King kids size smoothie cost?

Smoothie King offers kid size smoothies at a lower price point for children under 12. The kid size smoothies come in 12 oz cups and cost just $3.99 each.

The kid size is a great value at only $3.99. However, it is not eligible for the $1 up deal since it does not start as a 20 oz. Only the 20 oz adult size smoothies can be upgraded to 32 oz with the $1 up option.

Does the $1 up deal apply to Smoothie King’s plant-based smoothies?

Yes, Smoothie King’s selection of plant-based, vegan and vegetarian smoothies can also be sized up with the $1 up deal. These smoothies are made without any dairy, so they are a great option for vegans and those with dairy restrictions.

Flavors like the Plant Powered Pineapple Surf and Vegan Berry Blast start at 20 oz sizes. So if you order one of these non-dairy smoothies, you can upgrade to the 32 oz size for only $1 more with the $1 up.

What are some of Smoothie King’s plant-based smoothie options?

Here are some of the flavors available in Smoothie King’s plant-based smoothie lineup:

  • Vegan Berry Blast
  • Strawberry Surf
  • Protein Berry Workout
  • Tropical Tide
  • Chocolate Wave
  • Plant Powered Pineapple Surf

Again, the $1 up deal can be applied to any of these non-dairy smoothies to upgrade from 20 oz to 32 oz for just an extra $1.

How does the $1 up option compare to other Smoothie King deals and discounts?

The $1 up is one of the best and most consistent deals offered at Smoothie King. Here is how it compares to some other Savings opportunities:

Smoothie King app rewards

The Smoothie King app offers various rewards and discounts for registered users. These include:

  • Buy 5 smoothies, get 1 free reward
  • $2 off coupons
  • Free birthday reward
  • Point system to earn free smoothies

While these app rewards can add up to good savings, none offer an instant discount as large as the $1 up deal. The $1 up provides a $1.99 discount immediately in a single transaction.

Smoothie King weekly promotions

Smoothie King also sometimes offers weekly limited time promotions, such as:

  • $2 large smoothies on Wednesdays
  • 50% off boosts on Mondays
  • $5 Fridays – select smoothies for $5

These weekly specials provide excellent value. However, the $1 up deal is available every day and provides one of the largest potential savings of any ongoing Smoothie King promotion.

Smoothie King email club

By joining Smoothie King’s email club, you can get exclusive subscriber-only offers emailed to you. These may include discounts like:

  • BOGO free smoothies
  • $0 delivery fee coupons
  • Free boost or accessory coupons

The email club coupons can be terrific when available. But the $1 up deal does not require any club membership or coupons. You get the $1.99 discount on any 20 oz smoothie every day just by requesting it!

Does Smoothie King offer any additional smoothie customizations or modifications?

In addition to boosts and ingredient add-ons, Smoothie King provides a few other ways to customize your smoothie order:

Smoothie extras

You can add extras like fresh banana, peanut butter, chia seeds, roasted almonds and more to customize your smoothie recipe. Most extras range from $0.50 – $1.50 each.

Smoothie supplements

Special vitamin and herbal supplements can be added to your smoothie as well. Options include flaxseed oil, vitamin C, protein, caffeine and more. Supplement add-ons typically cost around $2 – $3.50 each.

Nutritions choices

You can modify your smoothie nutrition by removing or reducing ingredients. For example, you can make your smoothie low-calorie, low-sugar, high-protein or even keto-friendly.

Smoothie flavors

Don’t see a flavor you want on the menu? You can mix and match flavors to invent your own custom smoothie recipe.

All of these modifications and customizations can be combined with the $1 up deal for the perfect smoothie.

What are the benefits of Smoothie King’s $1 up option?

Upgrading your 20 oz smoothie to a 32 oz with the $1 up deal provides several key benefits:

More volume and value

The $1 up gives you 12 additional oz of smoothie for just $1 more. This is one of the best values at Smoothie King.

Bigger smoothie size

Going from 20 oz to 32 oz is perfect if you want a larger, more filling smoothie without paying full price for the bigger size.

Daily discount

Unlike limited-time promotions, the $1 up discount is available every single day at Smoothie King on 20 oz smoothies.

Customer satisfaction

Being able to get more smoothie for a small charge leaves customers happier and more likely to return.

Is the $1 up option available when ordering online or through the app?

Yes, you can still take advantage of the $1 up deal on remote orders placed online or through the Smoothie King app. When customizing your 20 oz smoothie, there will be a checkbox to upgrade to 32 oz for $1 more.

One benefit of applying the $1 up remotely is that you lock in the discount ahead of time. In-store, a team member has to remember to offer and apply it.

So be sure to look for the $1 up upgrade when ordering your 20 oz smoothie online for delivery, in-app pickup, or drive-thru.

How to get the $1 up on the Smoothie King app

Getting the $1 up deal on the Smoothie King app is easy:

  1. Select a 20 oz smoothie flavor
  2. Customize with any boosts or extras
  3. Go to cart and click the $1 up option to upgrade to 32 oz
  4. Checkout and enjoy your upsized smoothie!

How to get the $1 up for Smoothie King delivery

To make sure you get the $1 up for a delivery order, simply:

  1. Pick a 20 oz smoothie for delivery
  2. On the cart page, toggle the $1 up option on
  3. Complete checkout and wait for your 32 oz smoothie to arrive!

Does the $1 up work on Smoothie King catering orders?

Unfortunately Smoothie King’s $1 up deal does not apply to large catering orders. It is valid only on individual 20 oz smoothies upgraded to 32 oz.

However, Smoothie King does offer other ways to save on catering:

  • Order enough smoothies to unlock free delivery
  • Ask about volume discounts for large orders
  • Inquire about product donations for charity events

So while the $1 up isn’t an option for catering, be sure to ask how you can get the best value on large smoothie orders.

Does Smoothie King offer any seasonal or limited-time smoothie flavors?

Yes, Smoothie King introduces new specialty flavors and seasonal smoothies throughout the year. Some examples include:


  • Watermelon Lime Twist
  • Cucumber Honeydew Mint
  • Mango Magic


  • Beach Breeze
  • Pineapple Banana Escape
  • Strawberry Daquiri


  • Pumpkin Spice
  • Caramel Apple
  • Cinnamon Pecan


  • Candy Cane
  • Frosty Peppermint
  • White Chocolate Wonderland

These seasonal flavors usually start as 20 oz sizes, so you can upgrade them to 32 oz with the $1 up when available! Keep an eye out for new limited batch smoothies.


In summary, Smoothie King’s $1 up deal provides an incredibly valuable way to get more smoothie for your money. Just by upgrading any 20 oz smoothie to a 32 oz size for only $1 more, you can enjoy 12 extra ounces of delicious, nutritious smoothie.

This daily discount applies to all smoothie flavors and can be combined with boosts and customizations for the perfect upgraded smoothie. The $1 up is available for online orders and in-store purchases, making it easy to take advantage of the extra volume and value.

So next time you are craving a smoothie, be sure to opt for the $1 up at Smoothie King. It’s one of the best deals around!

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