Do Nespresso pods have calories?

Nespresso pods do contain calories, though the amount can vary depending on the specific coffee blend and serving size. Nespresso capsules contain pre-measured amounts of ground coffee, similar to other single-serve coffee pods like Keurig K-Cups. When coffee beans are roasted, they lose some water content and gain calories from the roasting process. Therefore, a serving of brewed coffee made from roasted coffee beans contains calories.

How many calories are in Nespresso pods?

The number of calories in a Nespresso pod can range from about 5 calories up to 20 calories per serving, depending on the blend. Here are some guidelines for calories in popular Nespresso pod varieties:

  • Espresso pods: 5-15 calories per 1.35oz serving
  • Lungo pods: 10-20 calories per 3.7oz serving
  • Alto pods: 15-20 calories per 5oz serving

Nespresso does not provide nutrition information for their pods. However, some independent testing and estimates based on coffee calorie averages provide the following approximate calorie counts for their OriginalLine pods:

Nespresso Blend Serving Size Approx. Calories
Ristretto 1.35 oz espresso 5 calories
Arpeggio 1.35 oz espresso 9 calories
Roma 3.7 oz lungo 10 calories
Volluto 3.7 oz lungo 10 calories
Altissio 5 oz alto 15 calories

Based on these estimates, Nespresso capsules generally provide between 5-20 calories per serving depending on coffee blend and pod size. The caffeine content is a more significant factor for most drinkers than the small amount of calories in a Nespresso pod.

How do Nespresso pods get calories?

All coffee naturally contains calories, so the calories in Nespresso pods come directly from the coffee itself. When coffee beans are roasted, their starches break down into simple sugars, increasing the calorie content slightly. The calories come from these compounds:

  • Caffeine: Provides around 1 calorie per 5mg of caffeine. The caffeine content ranges from 40-180mg per Nespresso capsule.
  • Lipids: The coffee bean???s natural oils account for around 2 calories per gram. Roasted coffee contains around 10-15% lipids.
  • Carbohydrates: The sugar content provides around 4 calories per gram. Roasted coffee is up to 8% various carbohydrates.

Additionally, any added flavors or creamers can slightly increase the per-pod calorie count. Overall, the calorie content directly correlates with the content of coffee solids in the blend.

Do the different roasts or blends change the calories?

Yes, the specific coffee blend and roast type in a Nespresso pod impacts the calorie content. Darker roasts result in more calories than lighter roasts. Here???s an overview:

  • Light roast: More caffeine than dark roasts but slightly less calories from oils and carbs. Around 5-10 calories per espresso serving.
  • Medium roast: Balanced caffeine and calorie content. Around 10 calories per espresso serving.
  • Dark roast: Less caffeine but more sugars and oils develop. Around 10-15 calories per espresso serving.

Additionally, the different Origine coffee blends use different recipes of beans resulting in slight variances in calories. More intense blends like Kazaar tend to have more calories than lighter blends like Voluto or Volluto. Overall the difference is small, usually only varying 5-10 calories between blends.

Do the Nespresso pod sizes affect calories?

Yes, the amount of coffee in the capsule has a direct impact on calories. Nespresso???s OriginalLine offers 3 main pod sizes:

  • Espresso: 1.35oz serving size, the smallest pods
  • Lungo: 3.7oz serving size
  • Alto: 5oz serving size, the largest pods

Since espresso pods contain the least amount of coffee, they have the lowest calories with around 5-15 calories per pod. Lungo and alto pods contain more coffee, so they can provide 15-20 calories per pod. The more coffee solids in the blend, the more calories it will contain.

How many extra calories in Nespresso pods with flavor?

Nespresso offers a range of flavored coffee pod options beyond their core coffee blends. These flavored varieties tend to contain slightly more calories than regular pods. Here are some estimates:

  • Vanilio: 10 calories per espresso pod
  • Caramelito: 15 calories per espresso pod
  • Ciocattino: 10-15 calories per espresso pod
  • Vanizio: 10-15 calories per lungo pod

The added flavorings, often in the form of syrups or powders, generally add around 5-10 extra calories to the pod. For example, Ciocattino is a chocolate flavored espresso pod. The added cocoa or chocolate syrup contributes additional sugars and calories on top of the coffee.

Do Nespresso milk pods have calories?

Yes, Nespresso’s milk pods designed for coffee and espresso beverages also contain calories derived from milk content:

  • Skim milk pod: 15-20 calories per pod
  • 2% reduced fat milk pod: 25-30 calories per pod
  • Whole milk pod: 40-45 calories per pod

Since these milk pods contain concentrated milk, their calorie content is higher than typical liquid milk servings. The calories come from the natural sugars (lactose) and proteins found in dairy milk. Whole milk has the most calories due to its higher fat content.

Do Nespresso iced coffee pods have more calories?

Nespresso’s iced coffee capsules technically contain about the same calories as regular hot coffee pods when prepared properly. An iced coffee pod has 10-15 calories. However, many people add sugary flavorings or extra milk/cream to iced coffee, which adds more calories:

  • Adding 2oz of milk adds about 20 calories
  • A teaspoon of sugar is about 15 calories
  • Flavored syrups add around 20-30 calories per tablespoon
  • Whipped cream can add 50+ calories

So while an iced coffee made with just a pod and ice has minimal calories, customizing with sweeteners, milk, flavors and toppings can significantly increase the calories.

How do Nespresso pod calories compare to instant coffee?

Nespresso pods generally contain a similar number of calories compared to regular instant coffee crystals or powder:

  • Nespresso pod: 5-20 calories per serving
  • Instant coffee: 5-15 calories per serving

However, instant coffee is often prepared as 2-3 servings at a time. A typical 8oz cup of instant coffee would have around 30-60 calories. So while the per-serving calorie counts are similar, a full cup of instant coffee likely has a bit more calories than a single Nespresso pod.

Do the calories in Nespresso pods matter?

For most people, the small amount of calories in a Nespresso pod is trivial and not a significant concern. A cup of Nespresso coffee only provides around 5-20 calories, which is very low compared to most foods and beverages. For comparison:

  • A can of Coke has 140 calories
  • A granola bar has over 100 calories
  • An apple contains around 100 calories

Additionally, plain black coffee is very low in sugar and fat and provides antioxidants. The calories in Nespresso come directly from the natural compounds in coffee beans. Therefore, the small calorie content does little to diminish the overall nutritional attributes of coffee.

For most drinkers, calories are likely not a major concern when enjoying Nespresso or coffee in moderation. Those tracking calories from cream, milk or sweeteners added to the coffee likely outweigh the raw pod’s calories.

Do the calories change if you recycle Nespresso pods?

No, recycling Nespresso pods has no effect on the calories or nutrition facts. Recycling simply refers to properly disposing of the used aluminum pod containers. The recycling process does not alter the coffee contents inside the pods themselves. Therefore, recycling Nespresso capsules offers environmental benefits but does not affect the calories or other nutritional values of the coffee.

Can you reduce calories by adjusting Nespresso pod brewing?

Not significantly. Altering the volume of water or length of pulling a shot from a Nespresso pod will lead to minor variations in calories due to differences in coffee extraction. However, the impact is small. For example:

  • Using less water may concentrate calories slightly.
  • A longer pull time may extract a bit more oil and sugars.
  • Very minor changes, likely a difference of only 1-2 calories.

These small tweaks in the brewing process have a negligible impact on calories compared to simply choosing different pod sizes or blends. The pre-measured pods mean calorie content differences are minimal when brewing.

Do Nespresso Vertuo pods have the same calories?

Nespresso’s Vertuo line that makes full coffee cups generally contains similar calorie values as the OriginalLine espresso pods:

  • Vertuo espresso pod: 5-15 calories
  • Vertuo Alto pod: 10-20 calories

However, since Vertuo pods make larger 8oz+ coffee servings, the total calories per full cup are higher. For example, a 12 oz Vertuo coffee may contain 60-80 calories total. But the per-serving calorie count remains low and similar to OriginalLine.

Can you make a zero calorie Nespresso coffee?

Not exactly, since the calories come directly from the coffee itself. However, you can minimize calories by:

  • Using espresso pods which offer only 5-15 calories.
  • Avoiding flavored pods which have added sugars.
  • Drinking coffee black with no cream or milk added.
  • Steaming milk instead of using high-calorie milk pods.
  • Skipping syrups, whipped cream, or sweeteners.

An espresso or lungo pod prepared as a black coffee or cortado provides under 15 calories. While not completely zero, this provides an ultra low-calorie coffee option.

Should you count Nespresso pod calories if trying to lose weight?

In most cases, no. Considering the very low calorie count, tracking or counting the calories from plain Nespresso pods is unnecessary for weight loss:

  • Each pod only provides around 5-20 calories.
  • Black coffee’s low calorie count does not impact weight loss efforts.
  • Coffee may even boost metabolism and encourage fat burning.

Additionally, coffee is very satiating and may curb appetite which aids weight control. As long as you avoid high-calorie additions like heavy cream or sugary syrups, the calories in Nespresso pods are negligible for dieting.

Is the small amount of calories in Nespresso pods worth tracking?

For most people, no. The minimal calories from a plain Nespresso coffee made without additions are a non-factor nutritionally:

  • Very insignificant compared to TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure).
  • Not worth tracking or counting towards your daily intake.
  • Too low to make any real impact on weight or health goals.

Exception is people following an extremely strict diet of 800-1200 calories per day. They may want to account for the pod calories. For everyone else, enjoy your Nespresso without worrying about the calorie count!


Nespresso capsules contain a very small amount of calories, ranging from 5-20 calories per pod depending on size and blend. The calories come directly from the coffee beans themselves after the roasting process. Darker roasts, larger pod sizes, and flavored varieties may have slightly more calories. But overall, the calorie content of plain Nespresso pods is trivial for most drinkers and does not require tracking or counting for general health and weight loss goals.

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