Voodoo Doughnut – Davis in Portland (Photos, Menu, Reviews & Ratings)

Voodoo Doughnut – Davis

Address: 1501 NE Davis St, Portland, OR 97232

Phone: (503) 235-2666

Price: $

Menu: View Online

Rating: 4.5

Website: https://www.voodoodoughnut.com/

What Time Does Voodoo Doughnut – Davis Open?

Saturday,: Open 24 hours

Sunday,: Open 24 hours

Monday,: 6AM to 1AM

Tuesday,: 6AM to 1AM

Wednesday,: 6AM to 12AM

Thursday,: Open 24 hours

Friday,: Open 24 hours

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Voodoo Doughnut – Davis Reviews

Fiorella Calderoni

Still less than $2 per donut which was a nice surprise! Based on the set up, lines get quite long but in the early afternoon on a weekday, there was no line. Donut toppings are elaborate. Donuts weren’t mind blowing but quite fluffy and fresh. Bathrooms available outside. Expect a lot of pink!

Jessica Hughes

It was a great time to go about 9:50pm only one customer before us Absolutely worth stopping in anytime for sure, just happened to be in the neighborhood. Every donut have been great so far. The service is wonderful, the staff is very positive, polite, and friendly. Will definitely be back.

Nicole Eng-Pierson

Only giving 4 stars because. The girl who helped didn’t know how to place the donuts. So when we got home. They were completely smooched. But so yummy. Fresh, soft. Excellent selection. Really like this location.


The wife and were talking about stopping for donuts at Voodoo driving North for vacation. We broke down in Portland and took the Jeep to the dealership. We were so lucky that Voodoo was just around the corner. While we waited 3 hours for our ride, I enjoyed 3 donuts, the grape being my favorite that day. I spoke with one of the employees who was very nice and I bought a new hoodie. When the Jeep gets fixed, I will be back for more. Thanks Voodoo donuts!


I’ve been wanting to go here for years. The staff was very nice. The selection of donuts was extensive as you would expect. The flavor profiles were nice. I got there around 11PM. There was no line. I will definitely be back in the future.

Ashley Blackmer

Walked about a mile and a half from our hotel to get here. There actually wasn’t many people in line, only like 5 in front of us on a Saturday night but unfortunately there was only one girl working the front. She said someone had called out and the line grew very quickly behind us including a prom bus that pulled up with everyone getting off to get donuts. I kind of wanted to choose my own dozen but I felt bad with how many people were there so I tried to make it simple with a voodoo dozen and a classic dozen. In her rush, all the donuts got stuck and flipped around so none of them looked great, kind of dashing my hopes to take photos of them. I’m not upset at all with her, really felt for her and she was in the best mood regardless of her situation, handling it very well! She was incredibly friendly and understanding and explained how ordering the dozens worked since I hadn’t ever been before. And donuts still taste good even when they’re not photo worthy ‍♀️

Kelley Vincent

This is truly a destination! Everything is amazing, the donuts are a religious experience, uber fresh, delightful combinations and friendly staff. The location in NE Portland has a large parking lot and a small covered picnic table.

Kalani Pinter

No line! It was amazing. We went around 2pm and we walked right in! If you’re looking for an experience in Portland, this would be fun to visit, but the doughnuts are average just themed! Still really fun 🙂 just out here living my truth


We tried Voodoo in Orlando for the first time, there wasn’t a lot of variety due to the crowds. But we finally visited Portland and had to stop at the Davis location to get the donuts we love, they had all the flavours available which was surprisingly nice and no lineups at all, we went on a Friday night. They were fluffy, sugary and everything you’d expect from a great donut. We tried a few hyped donut shops in the area, but Voodoo is still our fave.

James Jones

17 Days on the road from Florida and we were astonished that of all things, a doughnut place was 24 hours. We visited sometime after 1am and were overwhelmed by these exquisite, over-the-top doughnuts.

The cashier Ari, was very sweet and patient with us as well as assisted us with choosing our life-changing half dozen of doughnuts.

Very lucky and fortunate there was only 1 other party of people because I could see this being a long-line during daylight hours and a slow turnover process as I think we spent 15 mins or so debating on 6 doughnuts haha!

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