What size is 473 mL?

473 mL is a volume measurement equal to 0.473 liters. Understanding what size container can hold 473 mL can be useful in cooking, mixing drinks, measuring medicine doses, and other everyday applications. This article will provide a detailed overview of the size of 473 mL and what types of containers can hold this volume.

Quick Answer

473 mL is equal to:

  • 0.473 liters
  • Slightly less than 1 imperial pint (0.473 L vs 0.568 L)
  • Slightly more than 1 US pint (0.473 L vs 0.473 L)
  • About 16 US fluid ounces
  • About 2 cups

So 473 mL is approximately the size of 1 pint/2 cups. Some common containers that can hold 473 mL include:

  • 1 pint glass or pint-sized container
  • 1 16 oz bottle or can
  • 2 regular-sized drinking cups
  • Some medicine or consumer bottles (500 mL)

473 mL to Liters

In the metric system, the standard unit of volume is the liter. 473 mL converts to:

0.473 liters

To convert between milliliters and liters, we divide the milliliter amount by 1000, since:

  • 1 liter = 1000 milliliters
  • 1 mL = 0.001 liters

So 473 mL is 0.473 liters, because 473/1000 = 0.473.

473 mL to US Pints

In the US customary system, a common unit of volume for liquids is the US liquid pint. One US pint equals 473 mL.

So 473 mL is equal to:

1 US pint

Since they are exactly equal volumes in different units, 473 mL and 1 US pint describe the same size.

473 mL to Imperial Pints

In the imperial or British system, the imperial pint is used, which is slightly larger than a US pint at 568 mL instead of 473 mL.

473 mL converts to:

0.833 imperial pints

To convert milliliters to imperial pints:

  • 1 imperial pint = 568 mL
  • 473 mL / 568 mL per imperial pint = 0.833 imperial pints

So 473 mL is slightly less than 1 imperial pint.

473 mL to Cups

For cooking and recipes, it can be useful to know the conversion to cups. One US cup is officially defined as 240 mL, so:

  • 473 mL / 240 mL per cup = 1.96 cups

Rounding to the nearest whole number:

473 mL is about 2 cups

So 473 mL is very close to 2 standard US cup sizes. This can be useful for roughly measuring amounts for recipes.

473 mL to Ounces

1 US fluid ounce is defined as 29.57 mL. To convert 473 mL to fluid ounces:

  • 473 mL / 29.57 mL per fluid ounce = 16 fluid ounces

473 mL equals about 16 US fluid ounces.

16 fluid ounces is a common size for beverage bottles and cans. So 473 mL represents about a 16 oz drink serving.

Common Container Sizes for 473 mL

Based on the conversions above, here are some common containers that can hold about 473 mL of liquid:

  • 1 pint glass or container – Since 1 US pint = 473 mL exactly, a pint-sized glass or storage container can hold this volume.
  • 1 16 oz bottle – With 16 oz equaling approximately 473 mL, a typical 16 oz drink bottle size works.
  • 2 cups – As we calculated earlier, 473 mL is very close to 2 cup sizes, so 2 regular drinking cups or measuring cups can hold this amount.
  • Some 500 mL bottles – Many medicine, toiletry, and consumer bottles are sized at 500 mL, which is just slightly over 473 mL.

For a visual representation, here is a comparison of 473 mL to some common containers:

Container Volume
1 pint glass 473 mL
16 oz bottle ~473 mL
2 cups ~473 mL
500 mL bottle 500 mL

This table shows a pint glass or 16 oz bottle can hold 473 mL exactly, while 2 cups or a 500 mL bottle represent approximately the same volume.

Real-World Examples Using 473 mL

Here are some real-world examples that use or reference a volume of 473 mL:

  • Measuring medicine doses – Some antibiotic suspensions and other medicines may be dispensed in 473 mL or 500 mL bottles, with dosing instructions measured in mL.
  • Mixing drinks – Cocktail recipes may reference mixing 473 mL or 1 pint of a given alcoholic ingredient. A pint glass could be used to measure this amount.
  • Food recipes – When converting a recipe component to metric units, a quantity of 1 pint may be converted to 473 mL. Or a recipe may specify 473 mL of liquid such as milk or water.
  • Physics and chemistry – In lab experiments, 473 mL could represent the defined volume used for a chemical reaction or other scientific process.

So 473 mL comes up in medicine, cooking, recipes, labs, and other areas. Knowing the size and what containers match this volume can be very useful.

Fun Facts

Here are some interesting facts related to the volume 473 mL:

  • 473 mL is nearly the same as 2 cups (946 mL vs 950 mL). So it’s the perfect amount to evenly fill two standard drinking cups.
  • A 16 oz bottle divided evenly into 3 portions is 473 mL each. So it’s enough liquid for 3 people to have equal 16 oz shares.
  • At the density of water, 473 mL weighs exactly 473 grams. This makes converting between volume and weight very easy.
  • 473 mL is equivalent to 0.473 kilograms of water. The density of water is 1 kg/L, so the mass is the same numerically as the volume in liters.
  • A pint of beer is 473 mL. So that pint glass at the bar will hold exactly 473 mL of brew.


In summary, 473 mL represents just under half a liter in volume. It equals 1 US pint or about 2 US cups. This volume can fill a pint-sized container or 16 oz bottle. 473 mL comes up in recipes, medicine, chemistry, and other applications. And it has some interesting mathematical properties when converting between units. So next time you encounter something measured in 473 mL, you’ll know exactly what size it represents.

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