What is the capacity of a swell bottle?

Swell bottles have become a popular reusable water bottle option in recent years. They are known for their sleek, stylish designs and vacuum-insulated stainless steel construction that keeps drinks cold for hours. But one of the key factors when purchasing a Swell bottle is understanding the capacity – how much liquid volume the different sizes hold. This article will provide a comprehensive overview of the capacities of the various Swell bottle sizes and styles.

Standard Swell Bottle Sizes and Capacities

Swell offers their signature water bottles in three main size options:

9 oz Bottle

– Height: 7.1 in
– Diameter: 2.6 in
– Capacity: 9 oz or 260 ml

The 9 oz Swell bottle is the smallest size option. With a capacity just under 1 cup, it’s designed to be ultra-portable and great for short outings. The diminutive size makes it easy to slip into purses, pockets or bags. While it only holds 9 oz of liquid, the vacuum insulation means even a small amount will stay cold for hours.

17 oz Bottle

– Height: 9 in
– Diameter: 3 in
– Capacity: 17 oz or 500 ml

The 17 oz Swell bottle is the mid-sized option, meant for everyday use. Holding just over 1 pint or 2 cups of liquid, it provides ample hydration for most activities, from work to recreation. The 17 oz bottle maintains the temperature of its contents all day long. It’s a versatile size that fits well in most cup holders.

25 oz Bottle

– Height: 10.4 in
– Diameter: 3.4 in
– Capacity: 25 oz or 750 ml

Swell’s 25 oz bottle is the largest standard size. Holding 25 oz (roughly 3 cups), it offers substantial hydration capacity for long days. The 25 oz bottle will keep beverages cold even when out for extended periods in hot weather. The height allows it to fit in most bags and cup holders.

Swell Traveler and Food Container Capacities

In addition to their standard water bottles, Swell also produces Traveler bottles and Food containers in larger capacities:

12 oz Traveler

– Height: 8.7 in
– Diameter: 3.1 in
– Capacity: 12 oz or 350 ml

16 oz Traveler

– Height: 9.6 in
– Diameter: 3.1 in
– Capacity: 16 oz or 475 ml

20 oz Traveler

– Height: 10.4 in
– Diameter: 3.4 in
– Capacity: 20 oz or 590 ml

The Swell Traveler bottles come in 12, 16 and 20 oz capacities. They are designed to keep drinks hot or cold during transport. The 12 and 16 oz Travelers hold over 1 cup of liquid, while the 20 oz size holds about 2.5 cups. The Traveler lids seal tightly to prevent leaks.

27 oz Food Container

– Height: 7.5 in
– Diameter: 5.0 in
– Capacity: 27 oz or 800 ml

Swell’s 27 oz Food container provides ample room for salads, grains, leftovers and more. Its wide mouth design allows easy access for utensils. The food jar holds approximately 3.5 cups of volume. Its vacuum insulation will keep foods hot or cold for hours. The container fits well in bags and backpacks for meals on-the-go.

Swell Stainless Steel Bottle Special Editions

Along with their classic stainless steel water bottles, Swell also produces special limited edition bottles. These have the same capacities as the regular sizes, but with unique designs and colors. Some examples of special edition Swell bottle sizes include:

9 oz National Park Series

– Black bear print, Fox print, Elk print etc.
– Capacity: 9 oz

17 oz Stanley Collaboration

– Hammered designs
– Capacity: 17 oz

25 oz Saks Fifth Avenue Exclusive

– Marble prints and solids
– Capacity: 25 oz

So while the capacities stay the same as the classic Swell bottles, the special editions allow you to show off your unique style. The decorative patterns and colors help your Swell bottle stand out, while still providing excellent insulation.

Swell Bottle Capacities Compared

To summarize Swell bottle and container capacities:

Product Capacity
9 oz Bottle 9 oz / 260 ml
17 oz Bottle 17 oz / 500 ml
25 oz Bottle 25 oz / 750 ml
12 oz Traveler 12 oz / 350 ml
16 oz Traveler 16 oz / 475 ml
20 oz Traveler 20 oz / 590 ml
27 oz Food Jar 27 oz / 800 ml

As shown, Swell bottles range from 9 oz for their petite size up to 27 oz for the food jar. The most popular options for everyday use are the 17 oz and 25 oz standard water bottles, holding 1-3 cups of liquid. Swell’s innovative vacuum insulation technology keeps cold drinks chilled up to 24 hours in all models. So you can choose the size that meets your hydration needs and preferences.

How to Determine the Right Swell Bottle Size

When deciding what capacity Swell bottle is right for you, consider:

Daily liquid intake needs

Think about how much water or other beverages you drink throughout an average day. If you need to refill frequently, a larger capacity is better. For light hydration needs, a smaller bottle may suffice.


The 9 oz Swell is extremely compact and portable. The larger bottles weigh more and take up more space in bags. So if you prefer a lighter, more discreet bottle, go smaller.

Activity duration

For short errands or workouts, a 9 or 17 oz Swell is fine. But for all-day use out and about or on long trips, the extra capacity of a 25 oz is useful.

Environmental conditions

In hot climates or during vigorous physical activity, more hydration is needed. In cold weather when thirst is reduced, a smaller bottle may be adequate.

Intended contents

Water fits well in any size, but if you’ll use your Swell for smoothies, juice or cocktails, the larger 17 or 25 oz bottles allow room for mixing.

Personal preferences

Some people prefer smaller bottles for easier handling. Others like larger capacities to minimize refilling. Think about your everyday habits and needs.

Also consider whether you will carry your Swell alone or need room for other items in your bag. And pay attention to dimensions to ensure your Swell bottle will fit in cup holders, backpack water pouches, car consoles, etc.

Tips for Maximizing Swell Bottle Capacity

To get the most out of your Swell bottle’s liquid storage capability:

– Fill with ice last – Ice displaces volume, so fill the bottle with liquid first before adding ice cubes.

– Use smaller ice – Crushed ice takes up less room than large cubes.

– Try ice sticks – Freeze liquid in stick shapes to add chill without displacing a lot of capacity.

– Store lids separately – Carry bottles full and lids/stoppers separately to maximize interior space.

– Remove internal rubber bands – The latest Swell caps seal without rubber bands inside, opening up more room.

– Use a wide mouth model – The wider opening makes it easier to fill bottles to full capacity and clean interior.

With smart use, Swell’s innovative insulation allows even small 9 oz bottles to provide hours of cold hydration. But for all-day hydration needs, the 17 oz and 25 oz sizes deliver ample capacity without the bulk of full-liter water bottles. The range of sizes and stylish designs let you choose the right Swell bottle for your personal lifestyle and drinking requirements.


Swell offers a variety of bottle capacities ranging from 9-27 oz. The popular 17 oz and 25 oz sizes provide 1-3 cups of hydration – ideal for most people’s daily water needs. Special edition bottles allow you to customize your style while maintaining the same great temperature regulation. Consider your hydration requirements, intended use cases, and personal preferences when selecting the ideal Swell bottle capacity for your needs. With vacuum insulation that keeps contents cold for 24+ hours, even small Swell bottles pack an impressive chilling punch.

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