What is Super Apeti plus used for?

Super Apeti plus is a nutritional supplement that is used to support appetite and weight gain in pets. It contains a blend of vitamins, minerals, omega fatty acids, and other ingredients that help stimulate appetite and support healthy weight gain. Super Apeti plus can be used for dogs, cats, and other small animals that need to gain weight or have a poor appetite.

Quick Answers

– Super Apeti plus helps stimulate appetite and supports weight gain in pets
– It contains a blend of vitamins, minerals, omega fatty acids, and other ingredients
– Can be used for dogs, cats, and small animals that need to gain weight
– Helps pets with poor appetite, picky eating, and weight loss issues
– Stimulates appetite and supports healthy weight gain
– Provides complete and balanced nutrition
– Comes in palatable gel form that pets enjoy

What health conditions is Super Apeti plus used for?

Super Apeti plus can be used to help pets with a variety of health conditions that cause poor appetite, weight loss, or difficulty gaining weight. Some specific conditions that Super Apeti plus may be useful for include:

– Anorexia or poor appetite – Super Apeti plus helps stimulate the appetite in pets who have reduced interest in food or are not eating enough. This could be due to illness, medication side effects, stress, or simply being a picky eater. The palatable gel formulation helps entice picky eaters.

– Malnutrition and underweight – Super Apeti plus provides complete, balanced nutrition in a highly palatable form to help underweight pets gain much-needed calories and body weight. It helps malnourished animals get the nutrients they need.

– Recovery from illness or surgery – The nutrients in Super Apeti plus help animals recover their appetite and start regaining weight after a period of illness, injury, or surgery. Supporting nutrition is important for the healing process.

– Cancer or chronic disease – Pets with chronic or terminal diseases often experience appetite loss and cachexia (extreme weight loss). Super Apeti plus provides nutritional support to help counteract this wasting.

– Parasites – Intestinal parasites can interfere with nutrient absorption and cause weight loss. Super Apeti plus supplements nutrition so pets can overcome parasite damage.

– Old age – Appetite often declines in aging pets due to altered metabolism. Super Apeti plus stimulates food interest to help senior pets maintain body weight.

– Teeth or mouth problems – Painful mouths can make eating difficult. Super Apeti plus comes in a soft gel form that avoids the need for chewing.

– Picky eating – Fussy eaters or those bored with their food may have poor growth. Super Apeti plus offers a palatable, novel choice to stimulate appetite.

So in summary, Super Apeti plus supports pets with reduced appetite and difficulty gaining weight from a wide variety of medical causes. It provides the nutrients they need to get healthy and strong again.

What ingredients are in Super Apeti plus?

Super Apeti plus contains a proprietary blend of natural ingredients selected to stimulate appetite and support weight gain in pets. Key ingredients include:

– Protein – Provides essential amino acids for building and maintaining muscle mass. Promotes growth and body weight.

– Fatty acids – Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids help regulate metabolism and provide concentrated calories for weight gain. Also support skin/coat health.

– Vitamins – Contains a balance of vitamins including vitamin A, B vitamins, vitamin D, and vitamin E. Supports immune function and metabolic processes.

– Minerals – Major minerals like calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, and sodium help maintain fluid balance, nerve transmission, bone health, and cell function. Supports growth.

– Prebiotics – Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) stimulate beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract to improve nutrient absorption from food.

– Carnitine – Helps the body convert fat into energy. Supports endurance, muscle growth, and weight gain.

– Taurine – An amino acid important for vision, heart health, digestion, and immune function in pets.

– Flaxseed – Provides fiber for digestion and lignans for antioxidant benefits. Also a source of omega-3s.

– DHA – An omega-3 fatty acid that is especially important for brain development and cognition in young pets.

The full ingredients list also includes chicken liver flavor, mixed tocopherols, rosemary extract, and citric acid. It has a highly palatable aroma and taste to stimulate appetite in the pickiest eaters.

What dosage of Super Apeti plus should be given?

Super Apeti plus dosage recommendations vary based on the size and intended use for the pet. Here are general dosage guidelines:

– Very small pets (mice, hamsters): Give 0.25 mL per day
– Small pets (guinea pigs, rats): Give 0.5 mL per day
– Medium pets (rabbits, ferrets): Give 1 mL per day
– Dogs less than 10 lbs: Give 1 mL per day
– Dogs 10 – 25 lbs: Give 1.5 mL per day
– Dogs 26 – 50 lbs: Give 2 mL per day
– Dogs 50 – 100 lbs: Give 4 mL per day
– Cats: Give 0.5 mL per day

Owners should divide the daily dosage into two servings given with meals. For small pets, the gel can be applied directly onto food items. For larger pets, squeeze into the mouth or mix with wet food.

During illness recovery, dosages may be temporarily increased to 2x the normal amount for added nutritional support. Always provide plenty of fresh water. Follow dosage directions carefully and monitor your pet’s appetite and weight. Contact your veterinarian if concerns arise.

What are the benefits and effects of Super Apeti plus?

Super Apeti plus provides a range of benefits and positive effects for pets:

– Stimulates appetite – The #1 effect of Super Apeti plus is to stimulate food interest and appetite so pets eat more.

– Supports healthy weight gain – The calories, protein, essential fatty acids, and nutrients help pets gradually regain lost weight and reach a healthy body condition.

– Provides balanced nutrition – Gives pets all the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients they need for good health when they may not be eating enough on their own.

– Aids recovery – Provides supportive nutrition to help pets healing from illness, surgery, cancer treatment, or chronic disease.

– Boosts energy – The B vitamins, iron, fatty acids, and other ingredients in Super Apeti plus give pets more energy and endurance.

– Supports digestion – Prebiotics encourage good gut flora. Vitamins and minerals aid digestion and nutrient absorption.

– Improves skin and coat – The omega fatty acids support skin and coat health for soft, shiny fur.

– Palatable taste – Designed to be irresistible even for picky eaters. Most pets eat the gel readily.

– Convenient – Comes in an easy to use gel formula. No mixing required.

With its comprehensive formulation and great taste, Super Apeti plus provides a range of benefits to improve appetite, nutrition, weight gain, and vitality in pets.

How long does it take for Super Apeti plus to work?

Owners often see an improvement in their pet’s appetite within 24-48 hours of starting Super Apeti plus. However, the full benefits take longer to realize as the ingredients build up in the body and as the pet gains weight.

Here is a general timeline for what to expect when giving a pet Super Apeti plus:

– 1-3 days – Increased interest in food, willing to eat more at meals

– 1-2 weeks – Body weight begins to improve, energy levels increase

– 4+ weeks – Full benefits on body weight, skin and coat health, activity level

– 8+ weeks – Can reach ideal body condition score and weight

Pets needing to gain significant weight may need 2-3 months of daily supplementation with Super Apeti plus to fully achieve their weight goals. For continued benefits, Super Apeti plus can be given as a daily supplement long-term.

Factors like the pet’s initial health, degree of weight loss, and causative condition will affect the speed of response. Very malnourished pets may require more time to rehabilitate. Monitor your pet closely and be patient when using Super Apeti plus. Contact your vet if not seeing effects.

Is Super Apeti plus safe?

Super Apeti plus has an excellent safety profile when used as directed. The ingredients have all been selected for their high degree of safety and low risk of adverse effects.

Safety considerations for Super Apeti plus include:

– Well-tolerated by most pets – It is non-toxic and most pets show no side effects. Only very rare allergic reactions may occur.

– Natural ingredients – Formulated with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients from natural sources appropriate for pets. No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

– Quality manufacturing – Produced in an FDA-registered facility under Good Manufacturing Practices to ensure product purity and safety.

– No known drug interactions – The ingredients do not interact negatively with medications or other supplements. Can be safely co-administered with prescription pet foods or drugs as recommended by your vet.

– Safe long-term use – Designed for daily use as needed to maintain good health, appetite, and weight. Not known to cause toxicity with prolonged use.

As with any supplement, it’s a good idea to consult your veterinarian before giving it to your pet, especially if they have health conditions or take medications. Follow all package directions carefully. But overall, Super Apeti plus has a very good safety profile.

Are there any side effects or precautions?

Most pets tolerate Super Apeti plus very well without any side effects when given as directed. However, there are some precautions to be aware of:

– Pets with significant health issues or very poor vitality should have dosages started low and increased gradually under veterinary supervision.

– Very malnourished pets may need supplemental potassium and phosphorus levels monitored by a vet when refeeding occurs.

– Excessive rapid weight gain can worsen orthopedic problems in some large breed puppies. Growth rate should be monitored.

– Use caution in pets prone to pancreatitis, as high fat intake can trigger inflammation. These pets may need lower dosage.

– Pets with kidney or heart disease should have electrolyte levels checked periodically if on prolonged supplementation.

– Discontinue use and contact your vet if any signs of intolerance appear like digestive upset or skin irritation.

With appropriate doses and monitoring, most pets tolerate Super Apeti plus supplementation very well. It has a low risk of adverse effects when given properly. Like all supplements, safety is optimized when owners adhere to directions and consult a vet as needed.

Can Super Apeti plus be given long-term?

Yes, Super Apeti plus is designed to be safe for long-term daily use as needed to maintain appetite, weight, and good health in pets.

There are several situations where longer term use of Super Apeti plus is appropriate:

– Underweight pets who take longer periods to fully rehabilitate and reach an optimal body weight

– Pets with chronic medical conditions causing malnutrition like cancer, kidney disease, or digestive disorders

– Geriatric pets with reduced appetite and declining ability to maintain weight as they age

– Working or active pets with higher calorie needs to sustain body weight like sporting dogs or show animals

– Picky eaters or pets with innate poor appetite that persists long term

– Malabsorptive disorders like exocrine pancreatic insufficiency that require ongoing nutritional support

– Cats or other small pets prone to hepatic lipidosis that need careful weight management

The natural ingredients and comprehensive nutrition provided by Super Apeti plus make it suitable for these types of long-term applications. Of course, close monitoring of health status and body condition is always important when giving any supplement consistently. Discuss your pet’s individual needs with your veterinarian. But Super Apeti plus can be used safely as part of a total care plan for the long run.

What other supplements can be given with Super Apeti plus?

Some other supplements that provide complementary benefits and can be safely co-administered with Super Apeti plus include:

– Probiotics – Can enhance digestive tract function and the absorption of nutrients from food.

– Omega-3 fatty acids – Help support skin/coat, joint health, anti-inflammatory effects.

– Antioxidants – Further support immune function and cellular health. Vitamin C, vitamin E, and selenium are examples.

– Glucosamine/chondroitin – For added joint, cartilage, and mobility support.

– Digestive enzymes – May improve breakdown and assimilation of nutrients.

– SAMe – Supports liver health and function which aids appetite and weight gain.

– Anti-nausea products – Help pets keep food down.

– Potassium gel – Provides electrolytes for illness recovery.

– Vitamin B12 – Boosts energy and metabolic function.

As always, speak to your veterinarian before starting any new supplement in your pet, and never exceed recommended dosages. But used properly, other supplements can complement the effects of Super Apeti plus. Monitor your pet closely for positive effects and any potential side effects.

Can Super Apeti plus be given to puppies or kittens?

Super Apeti plus can be administered to puppies and kittens but requires some special precautions:

– Dosage must be sized appropriately for the pet’s weight, starting low and increasing slowly.

– Growth rate should be monitored to avoid excess weight gain that could worsen joint problems in large breed puppies.

– The pet’s basic health should be checked by a vet before giving any supplement.

– electrolyte levels may need monitoring if used for a malnourished or at-risk kitten or pup.

– For weak or compromised neonates, other nutritional interventions may take precedence over appetite stimulants.

Provided proper dosing and veterinary guidance is followed, Super Apeti plus can help support healthy growth, weight gain, and development in young pets that are failing to thrive or need an energy boost. But extra caution is warranted.

For puppies and kittens in good general health who simply need help with appetite stimulation, weight gain, or supplementation during weaning, Super Apeti plus can be a useful tool when other approaches are not working. Discuss with your veterinarian before use.

Can Super Apeti plus be given to senior pets?

Super Apeti plus can provide helpful benefits for senior pets struggling with appetite loss, difficulty maintaining weight, or overall health decline associated with aging.

Benefits of Super Apeti plus for senior pets may include:

– Stimulating food enjoyment and willingness to eat

– Providing balanced nutrition when intake is reduced

– Helping underweight seniors regain lost pounds

– Supporting organ health and function

– Maintaining muscle mass and strength

– Boosting energy levels and vitality

– Supporting joints with omega fatty acids

– Improving skin/coat condition

The comprehensive profile of Super Apeti plus addresses many of the nutritional and physiological factors involved in age-related appetite and weight loss. Anecdotal evidence suggests it is very helpful for many geriatric pets.

As always, senior pets should have a veterinary workup to identify any underlying illness contributing to weight and appetite issues. Provided any health conditions are properly managed, Super Apeti plus can be a beneficial supplement for older pets. Observe for any side effects and follow directions carefully.

Are there any risks or dangers?

When used responsibly under veterinary guidance and according to package label directions, Super Apeti plus poses very minimal risks or dangers for pets. However, there are some theoretical adverse effects that could occur if misused.

Potential risks could include:

– Too rapid weight gain exacerbating joint problems in puppies or large breeds

– Pancreatitis if doses are excessively high in at-risk pets

– Electrolyte disturbances like high phosphorus if kidneys are not properly monitored

– Allergic reaction in a pet with a sensitivity to an ingredient (rare)

– Nutrient excesses if dosing is extremely excessive

– Loose stools or digestive upset from a suddenly high fat intake

With appropriate pet selection, dosing, and monitoring under veterinary oversight, these risks remain very low. Most pets tolerate Super Apeti plus excellently. Like any supplement, following label directions and consulting your vet helps ensure safe use.


In summary, Super Apeti plus is an appetite stimulant and weight gain supplement formulated specifically for underweight or malnourished dogs, cats, and exotic pets needing nutritional support. Containing natural ingredients selected for efficacy and safety, it provides a balanced source of calories, essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals pets need to regain lost weight and restore vitality.

With judicious veterinary use, Super Apeti plus can greatly benefit pets struggling with poor appetite, weight loss, and difficulty thriving due to medical conditions, stress, or natural causes. It helps pets eat heartily again and attain their ideal body condition. Super Apeti plus supports recovery and quality of life for pets with health challenges. For pets needing reliable nutritional support, Super Apeti plus can make a tremendous difference.

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