What is Charlotte Smoothies Devil Fruit?

Charlotte Smoothie is one of the Three Sweet Commanders of the Big Mom Pirates and the Minister of Juice in Totto Land. She has eaten a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows her to wring large amounts of liquid out of non-living matter and living things.

What Exactly Can Smoothie’s Devil Fruit Do?

Smoothie’s unnamed Devil Fruit gives her the ability to “wring” out fluids from objects and living beings. She is able to squeeze liquid and moisture out simply by touching her targets with her hands. The extracted liquid can then be consumed by herself or others.

Some key points about Smoothie’s liquid-draining power:

  • She can drain liquid and moisture from both living and non-living things.
  • The size of the target does not matter – she can drain small and large objects.
  • She has fine control over how much liquid she extracts.
  • The liquid she wrings out can be consumed as juice.
  • Draining liquid does not seem to physically harm her targets.
  • The extracted liquid possesses the properties and nutrition of the original source.

Overall, her ability allows her to produce juices and beverages from various sources, including plants, food, and even people’s bodies. She can squeeze liquids out of almost anything thanks to the power of her Devil Fruit.

What Are The Strengths of Smoothie’s Powers?

There are several key strengths and advantages provided by Smoothie’s juice-draining Devil Fruit abilities:

  • Versatility – She can extract liquid from many different sources, giving her a versatile juice production ability.
  • Renewable – Smoothie can continually drain more liquid from a target, so her juice supply is potentially renewable.
  • Nutrition – The liquid contains the nutrients and properties of the original source, providing nourishing juices.
  • Support – Smoothie can provide hydration and sustenance to allies by producing juices for them.
  • Non-Lethal – Her draining ability does not seem to physically harm targets, allowing non-lethal juice extraction.
  • Ease of Use – She simply needs to touch targets to activate her powers, allowing easy and frequent use in combat or day-to-day.

In summary, Smoothie possesses a paramecia Devil Fruit that provides great utility and versatility in producing a variety of beverages from many different sources. It offers support capabilities for herself and allies while also retaining non-lethal options.

What Are The Weaknesses of Smoothie’s Devil Fruit?

However, there are some weaknesses to Smoothie’s juice-draining powers:

  • Limited to Liquids – She can only drain liquids, not absorb other substances or energy.
  • Touch Required – She needs direct contact with a target to drain its liquids.
  • Drained Targets – Targets that have their liquids drained may become exhausted, immobilized or less effective.
  • Useless Against Liquidless Targets – Things that lack moisture cannot be drained.
  • No Inherent Combat Ability – Her powers do not provide direct offensive or defensive capabilities.
  • Juice Spoilage – The drained liquids may be perishable and spoil over time.

While versatile and renewable, Smoothie’s Devil Fruit has clear limitations. She relies heavily on her raw physical strength in direct combat situations where her liquid-draining abilities provide no inherent advantage. Proper planning and strategy is required to utilize her powers most effectively.

Known Uses of Smoothie’s Powers

So far in the One Piece story, Smoothie has displayed several ways she utilizes her juice-draining paramecia Devil Fruit:

  • Draining liquid from large trees and structures to produce massive amounts of juice.
  • Extracting bodily fluids from captured enemies to create beverages.
  • Providing fresh juice drinks to allies and citizens of Totto Land.
  • Wringing out her own juice reserves during intense battles to stay hydrated.
  • Draining liquid from Vinsmoke Reiju’s arm to disable her physical abilities.
  • Threatening to juice Sanji’s organs when holding him captive.

Her abilities allow great flexibility in producing drinks from her environment and enemies. She can also weaponize it for disabling foes or making macabre threats. Further creative applications likely remain to be seen.

Notable Juices Produced

Here are some named juices that Smoothie has produced using her Devil Fruit powers:

  • Exploding Juice – Juice drained from Charlotte Opera’s body that made consumers explode.
  • Healing Juice – Juice with recovery properties drained from Charlotte Brûlée’s body.
  • Apple Juice – Common, nourishing juice made from apples.
  • Pineapple Juice – Sweet, tropical juice drained from pineapples.
  • Heavenly Juices – Rare juices Smoothie produced for VIP guests.

The juices often reflect the source material they are drained from, allowing for great variety. Smoothie can cater drinks to specific situations like healing or explosions. Her powers provide extensive juice creation options.

How Does Smoothie’s Devil Fruit Fit Her Character?

Smoothie’s Paramecia Devil Fruit abilities nicely complement and represent core aspects of her character:

  • Her laziness – She can produce juices with minimal effort.
  • Her size – She can drain liquids from huge sources.
  • Her ruthlessness – She will forcibly juice anything or anyone.
  • Her gluttony – Constantly consuming her drained juices.
  • Her loyalty – Providing beneficial juices to her family and crew.
  • Her arrogance – Believing her powers make her superior.

Overall, Smoothie’s juice-draining ability fits her giant, bold and ruthless personality as a Sweet Commander. It enables her intimidating stature and complements her role providing vital liquids to her allies and crewmates in Totto Land.


Charlotte Smoothie’s unnamed Paramecia Devil Fruit provides the power to drain liquids from objects and living beings simply by touching them. This gives her great utility in producing a variety of beverages with unique properties and effects. Her powers have proven versatile and renewable, but rely heavily on her already formidable physical abilities in direct combat. Smoothie’s juice-draining ability nicely represents core aspects of her character and complements her role as a Sweet Commander.

Frequently Asked Questions About Smoothie’s Devil Fruit

What color is Smoothie’s Devil Fruit?

The color of Smoothie’s Devil Fruit has not been officially revealed. However, as a Paramecia type, it is most likely a standard Devil Fruit color like purple, green or pink.

Can Smoothie drain liquids from Sea Prism Stone?

It is unclear if Smoothie’s power works on Sea Prism Stone since it disables Devil Fruit abilities. However, since her power relies on physical contact, she may still be able to drain liquids from Sea Prism objects despite being weakened herself.

Can Smoothie’s juice be turned into weapons like Caesar’s gas weapons?

Smoothie’s juice doesn’t inherently have weapon-like properties. However, she could potentially drain poisonous liquids to craft poison weapons. Orfilling juice with shrapnel/explosives could make explosive juice weapons.

Can Smoothie drain all the liquid from a person’s body?

Smoothie likely cannot completely drain a person’s body of all fluids, as that would be fatal. However, she seems capable of draining substantial amounts that could lead to severe dehydration and organ failure if taken too far.

Does Smoothie’s juice provide nutritional value?

Yes, since Smoothie’s drained juice maintains the inherent properties of its source, it provides the same nutritional value as normal consumed liquids. Juice from fruits/veggies would provide nutrition like vitamins.

Can Smoothie drain Devil Fruit powers?

No, Smoothie cannot directly drain a Devil Fruit user’s powers. Their abilities are mystic, not liquid-based. However, she could still drain bodily fluids to weaken them.

Other Notable Examples of Liquid-Related Devil Fruit Powers in One Piece

There are other Devil Fruits in One Piece that also have liquid-related abilities:

  • Kalifa’s Bubble Fruit – Produces slippery liquid bubbles.
  • Caesar Clown’s Gas Fruit – Generates and manipulates gaseous fluids.
  • Kanjuro’s Draw Fruit – Brings drawn objects/fluids to life.
  • Mr. 3’s Wax Fruit – Creates and controls pliable, sticky wax.
  • Magellan’s Poison Fruit – Generates and manipulates deadly liquid poisons.
  • Pekom’s Turtle Fruit – Transforms into a liquid-filled turtle shell for defense.
  • Jozu’s Diamond Fruit – Can cover skin in extremely hard, shiny diamond material.
  • Ain’s Smooth Fruit – Turns body and anything she touches frictionless and slippery.

Smoothie’s fluid-draining ability stands out among liquid powers for its versatile applications in combat and utility. When combined with her immense physical strength, it makes her one of the most powerful members of the Big Mom Pirates.

The Importance of Liquids in One Piece

Liquids play a vital role in the world of One Piece:

  • Most Devil Fruits have key weaknesses related to liquid – users are drained by water and seastone emits a liquid that disables their powers.
  • The Grand Line sea and ocean currents are key to navigation and travel.
  • Undersea currents flow between islands to enable undersea transport in Fishmen territory.
  • Many Devil Fruits provide users liquid-related abilities, like Smoothie’s juice draining.
  • Water is constantly present in the seafaring world of One Piece.
  • Blood and bodily fluids represent life force and vitality.
  • Juices and beverages provide nourishment and refreshment.
  • Oceans, seas, rain and storms consist of constantly moving fluids.
  • Oil and flammable liquids play key roles in weapons and machinery.

In these ways and more, liquids are an ever-present force that shapes the environment, powers, and events in One Piece. Smoothie’s juice-draining ability grants her mastery over this key element.

Smoothie’s Devil Fruit in Relation to Other Big Mom Pirates

Smoothie’s liquid-draining powers contrast and compare to other Big Mom Pirates in interesting ways:

  • Big Mom’s Soru Soru fruit – Also paramecia, but requires taking souls not liquids.
  • Perospero’s Pero Pero fruit – Creates sweet candy liquids vs. draining/manipulating liquids.
  • Oven’s Netsu Netsu fruit – Heats things up, evaporating liquids.
  • Daifuku’s Hoya Hoya fruit – Summons a liquid genie.
  • Pekoms’ Kame Kame fruit – Transforms into liquid-filled shell.
  • Baron Tamago’s Egg Egg fruit – Transforms body into viscous, liquid egg mixture.

Smoothie’s ability to produce juices provides unique liquid-based utility distinct from, but complementing the other fruits’ powers. Combined, the Big Mom Pirates have comprehensive mastery over liquids and fluids in combat.

Key Facts About Smoothie’s Devil Fruit

Here are some key facts about Smoothie’s unnamed paramecia Devil Fruit power:

  • Allows draining of moisture and liquid from living and non-living things.
  • Activated by touching target with hands.
  • Drained liquids maintain the properties of their source.
  • Provides no direct offensive or defensive abilities.
  • Grants great versatility in juice production.
  • Complements Smoothie’s immense size and strength.
  • Represents her lazy, ruthless and gluttonous personality.
  • Provides utility for creating drinks, weakening foes, and hydration.
  • Unique among liquid-based Devil Fruits in One Piece.

The Impact of Smoothie’s Powers

Smoothie’s Paramecia juice-draining Devil Fruit provides her great impact and influence in several ways:

  • Makes her a top combatant with versatile juice-based abilities.
  • Enables support abilities like providing drinks and weakening enemies.
  • Grants resource generation by creating juices from the environment.
  • Complements her strength to make her extremely dangerous.
  • Earns her reputation as ruthless for willingness to juice anyone.
  • Supports her laziness by producing juices effortlessly.
  • Makes her a top commander in a Yonkou crew via utility and power.
  • Represents the Big Mom Pirates’ mastery over liquids.
  • Showcases creativity of Oda in inventing unique Devil Fruit abilities.

Overall, Smoothie’s liquid-draining powers provide great impact by making her a versatile threat and granting utility that bolsters her fearsome reputation.

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