What aisle is grenadine in?

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Grenadine is typically found in the syrup or cocktail mixer aisle of most grocery stores. It may be shelved near other bar syrups and mixers used to make cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks. The exact location can vary by store, but check the syrup, mixer, bar, or cocktail sections for grenadine.

Where is Grenadine Located in Grocery Stores?

When searching for grenadine in grocery stores, there are a few key sections to check:

Syrup/Mixer Aisle

This is the most common place to find grenadine. It will likely be stocked near other syrups like maple, chocolate, caramel, and coffee syrups. It may also be placed near cocktail mixers like sweet and sour mix, margarita mix, daiquiri mix, and simple syrup. Sometimes it is in a subsection labeled “bar syrups and mixers.”

Liquor/Wine Aisle

Some stores stock grenadine in the liquor section near other cocktail mixers, syrups, and garnishes. Check near the vermouth, bitters, cherries, olives, cocktail shrimp, etc. It will likely be in the same area as Bloody Mary mix since grenadine is used in virgin mocktails.

Juice/Drink Aisle

Occasionally, grenadine can be found shelved with juices and non-alcoholic drinks. Check near the cranberry juice, pineapple juice, sodas, and ginger ale.

Baking Aisle

Once in a while, grenadine may be stocked in the baking section near food colorings, extracts, and decorating supplies since it is used to add flavor and color to drinks and desserts. However, this is less common.

Tips for Locating Grenadine

Here are some tips to make finding grenadine easier:

  • Ask for assistance at the customer service desk if you are still unable to locate it.
  • Look high and low on the shelves as it may be above or below eye level.
  • Check specialty drink aisles like those for bloody mary or margarita ingredients.
  • Search for words like “cocktail,” “mixer,” “bar,” or “drink” on aisle signs.
  • Scan nearby aisles if not seeing it in the expected sections.

Why Do Stores Vary Where They Stock Grenadine?

There are a few reasons why grenadine may be shelved in different sections at different stores:

Multiple Uses

Grenadine has several applications – it can be used in both cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks and also in food. So some stores categorize it based on its use in beverages while others place it as a baking item.

Merchandising Strategies

How stores arrange their shelves comes down to their specific merchandising strategy and what they think will drive sales. Some position it as a cocktail mixer while others group it with baking supplies.

Store Format

The overall store layout and format affects placement. A small grocery store may consolidate it with other syrups while a mega supermarket may create specialty drink aisles. Warehouse clubs may also have a different approach.

Regional Consumer Behavior

Placement decisions consider the purchasing patterns in that area. For example, grenadine may go in the alcohol section in a metro area with more cocktail drinkers.

How Can You Find Grenadine If It’s Not in the Syrup Aisle?

Here are some tips if you can’t locate grenadine in the syrup or mixer aisles:

Ask a Store Employee

The easiest approach is to ask an employee for assistance. Explain you are looking for grenadine and they can direct you to the proper section.

Look in Liquor Sections

Carefully check any liquor aisles, wine sections, or areas with bar mixers like Bloody Mary ingredients. Scan for words like “cocktail” or “mixer.”

Search Near Juices

Grenadine may be considered a non-alcoholic beverage ingredient for mocktails. Thoroughly check areas with sodas, juices, ginger ale, and drink mixes.

Check Signage

Look for signs above aisles or product categories that may signal where to find drink ingredients, syrups, or bar supplies.

Ask Customer Service

The customer service desk can look up exactly which aisle carries grenadine in their store if all else fails. They have access to the store’s product inventory.

What Does Grenadine Typically Come Packaged In?

Grenadine is most often packaged in:

  • Glass bottles – This is the traditional packaging. Grenadine is commonly sold in 12 oz or 16 oz clear glass bottles. The bottle often has a flared shape.
  • Plastic bottles – Grenadine can also be found in clear plastic containers, similarly sized to the glass bottles. Plastic makes the syrup lighter.
  • Squeeze bottles – Some brands package grenadine in plastic squeeze bottles for easier pouring. These tend to be smaller 6-8 oz sizes.
  • Cans – A few brands sell ready-to-use grenadine in 12 oz aluminum cans. Cans keep out light to maintain flavor.

The packaging usually has a narrow nozzle or opening to control syrup flow. The bright red syrup is always visible through the clear glass or plastic containers. Labeling is typically done right on the bottles showcasing the vibrant color.

How to Select the Best Grenadine

Not all grenadine syrups are equal when it comes to flavor and color quality. Here are tips for picking the best bottled grenadine:

Check the Ingredients

Read the label closely and look for simple recipes with real pomegranate juice or extract as the first ingredient. Avoid artificial flavors and colors.

Seek Out Intense Color

Hold bottles up to compare deep red hues. The most natural color comes from real pomegranates. Darker shades signal higher juice content.

Give It a Taste

Sample a small amount if possible. Quality grenadine has intense sweet-tart pomegranate flavor, not just sugariness. It should taste like real fruit.

Ask the Bartender

Inquire with bartenders what brand they use in cocktails. Experts often have preferred types or know which ones mix the best.

Check Reviews

Read reviews online for recommendations from other consumers based on flavor, color, and mixability. This provides guidance from experience.

How Long Does Grenadine Last When Unopened?

Properly stored, unopened grenadine can typically last:

  • Glass bottles – Around 2 years
  • Plastic bottles – Around 18 months
  • Squeeze bottles – Around 1 year
  • Cans – Around 2 years

The expiration date printed on the packaging indicates the manufacturer’s recommended timeframe for peak quality.

Once opened, grenadine lasts 4-6 months refrigerated. Signs of spoilage include mold, fermentation bubbles, changes in texture, and dulling of the bright red color. Discard if expired or quality changes.

How to Store Grenadine

Follow these tips to extend the shelf life of grenadine after opening:

  • Refrigerate – Keep opened grenadine refrigerated at all times for preservation.
  • Seal tightly – Secure lids tightly between uses to prevent evaporation and oxidization.
  • Use clean utensils – Use a clean, dry spoon each time to avoid introducing bacteria.
  • Watch for changes – Discard if you see mold, clumping, separation, or dulling of color.
  • Don’t mix old and new – Avoid adding new grenadine to old syrup in the bottle to prevent contamination.

Proper refrigerated storage helps retain the signature color, aroma, and flavor. Discard grenadine if it ever looks or smells off.

How is Grenadine Used?

Grenadine is used to add flavor, sweetness, and a signature red color to an array of drinks and foods, including:


Grenadine is a key ingredient in many classic cocktails like the Tequila Sunrise, Sea Breeze, and Hurricane. Just a splash adds sweet-tart pomegranate flavor.


The vivid red syrup is commonly used in non-alcoholic punches, lemonades, Italian sodas, and virgin daiquiris. It makes a colorful addition to kid-friendly drinks.


Grenadine can be drizzled over cakes, ice cream sundaes, waffles, and other desserts. It is also used to make red velvet cake. The syrup infuses fruity flavor.


A small amount of grenadine may be added to neat spirits like brandy or bourbon to lightly sweeten and enhance the flavor.

Fruit Drinks

The pomegranate syrup pairs well with juices like orange, pineapple, cranberry, and grapefruit. Add a splash to create grenadine spritzers.

Coffee Drinks

Some cafes use a dollop of grenadine in coffee and espresso drinks for a fruit-flavored sweetener.

What Does Grenadine Taste Like?

Authentic grenadine made with pomegranate juice has a distinct sweet-tart flavor profile:


Grenadine tastes sweet due to the high sugar content used to balance the tart juice. The level of sweetness may vary slightly by brand.


Pomegranate juice adds a fruity tartness similar to cranberries. Quality grenadine has a pronounced tart edge and is not just sugary.


Grenadine is known for its fresh pomegranate flavor. Bottled types also often contain cherry and raspberry notes.


The tangy sweet-tartness creates a bright, vibrant flavor that livens up drinks. It has more punch than plain sugar syrup.

Mildly Spiced

Some grenadine recipes feature warming spices like cinnamon, cloves, and allspice for extra complexity.

Overall, the taste is characterized by a well-balanced sweet and tart pomegranate profile with nice fruit depth. Grenadine should never just taste like plain sugar water.

Common Brands of Grenadine

Some top-selling grenadine brands include:

Rose’s Grenadine

The most popular brand, recognizable by its light red color. Made with high fructose corn syrup, water, citric acid, and artificial flavors and colors.

Liber & Co.

A gourmet grenadine made with real pomegranate, lemon, and cane sugar. Known for its bright red hue and pure flavor.

Jack Rudy

Small batch grenadine containing pomegranate juice, cane sugar, and aromatic spices. Has a deeper red color.

Small Hand Foods

Organic brand made from pomegranate juice, raw cane sugar, lemon, and spices. Thicker texture with intense fruit taste.

POM Wonderful

100% pomegranate juice concentrate gives this brand bold red color and strong tart flavor. No added sugars.


Sicilian brand made for over 50 years from Mediterranean pomegranates, sugar, and natural flavors.


A premium grenadine lauded for its authentic pomegranate taste. Made with juice, pure cane sugar, citrus, and berry extracts.

Can You Make Your Own Grenadine?

It is possible to easily make homemade grenadine using this recipe:


  • 1 cup 100% pomegranate juice
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 2 tbsp fresh lemon juice
  • 1⁄4 tsp orange flower water (optional)


  1. Combine pomegranate juice, sugar, and lemon juice in a small saucepan.
  2. Heat over medium, stirring frequently, until sugar fully dissolves, about 5 minutes.
  3. Remove from heat and allow to cool completely.
  4. Stir in orange flower water, if using.
  5. Transfer to an airtight bottle and refrigerate up to 3 months.

Making your own allows you to control the ingredients. Adjust sugar to taste preference. For an alcohol-free version, replace 1⁄2 cup juice with water. Enjoy your homemade grenadine in cocktails!

What Can I Substitute for Grenadine?

If you don’t have grenadine, these syrups make suitable substitutes:

Pomegranate Juice

Mix 1 cup pomegranate juice with 1 cup sugar to yield a close approximation. Add a squeeze of lemon juice as well.

Cranberry Juice Cocktail

The tart cranberry flavor mimics grenadine well. Use in equal portions.

Cherry Syrup

Contains a similar fruitiness, though it lacks pomegranate notes. Use half the amount to account for higher sweetness.

Raspberry Syrup

Another fruity option, though grenadine has more complexity. Use a moderate pour.

Simple Syrup

Plain sugar syrup won’t replicate the flavor, but matches the sweetness and consistency.

Always adjust the amount of substitutes to taste as needed. While not exact replacements, they work when grenadine isn’t available.


Grenadine is a versatile vibrant red syrup used to add sweet-tart pomegranate flavor, color, and aroma to drinks and foods. When shopping, look for quality brands made with real fruit juice for the best flavor. Check the syrup or mixer aisle, though location varies. Once opened, store refrigerated to retain freshness. Use grenadine to easily punch up both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. With its bright tangy sweetness, this bar staple is sure to become a favorite!

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