Is Stacey and florian Still Together 2022?

Stacey Solomon and Joe Swash have been one of the most beloved celebrity couples in recent years. The pair first met back in 2010 when Stacey was crowned ‘Queen of the Jungle’ on I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! and Joe was presenting the spin-off show. Sparks flew between the duo, and they eventually began dating in 2016.

Stacey and Joe’s Relationship Timeline

After meeting on I’m a Celeb, Stacey and Joe stayed friends for years before things turned romantic. Here’s a look back on their relationship timeline:

  • 2010: Stacey and Joe meet on I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! when Joe interviews Stacey after she wins the show.
  • 2016: Romance blossoms between the two when they begin dating.
  • 2018: Joe and Stacey move in together and blend their families, including Stacey’s two sons and Joe’s son.
  • 2019: The couple announces they are expecting their first child together.
  • 2019: Stacey and Joe welcome baby boy Rex Toby Francis Swash.
  • 2020: Joe pops the question to Stacey on Christmas Eve in a romantic, homemade proposal.
  • 2021: Stacey and Joe tie the knot in an intimate backyard wedding ceremony at their home, Pickle Cottage.
  • 2021: The couple announces they are expecting their second child together, a baby girl.
  • 2021: Stacey gives birth to daughter Rose Opal Esme Solomon-Swash.
  • 2022: Stacey reveals she is pregnant again with her fifth child, and third with Joe.

Stacey and Joe’s Blended Family

An important part of Stacey and Joe’s relationship has been blending their families. Stacey had her first son, Zachary, when she was just 17. In 2012, she had her second son Leighton with ex-fiancé Aaron Barnham. Joe also had a son, Harry, from a previous relationship before he met Stacey.

When Joe and Stacey moved in together in 2018, they became one big happy blended family under one roof. Stacey spoke about how wonderful it was to see her boys bond with their stepdad Joe and his son Harry. Joe has said becoming a stepdad to Stacey’s kids has been one of the best things to ever happen to him.

The couple now have three children together – Rex, Rose, and their upcoming new baby. Their home, lovingly named Pickle Cottage, is always filled with joy and laughter with their big blended brood.

Stacey and Joe’s Wedding

On Christmas Eve 2020, Joe Swash proposed to long-time love Stacey Solomon with a romantic, homemade proposal at home. Stacey described it as her fairytale proposal and said “To the moon and back, can’t wait to be your wife”.

After postponing their wedding due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Stacey and Joe finally tied the knot in July 2021. They had an intimate Jewish ceremony in the backyard of their home, Pickle Cottage.

Stacey looked stunning in a princess ballgown wedding dress with a long veil. The decor featured flowers, candles, and greenery for a romantic garden theme. The bride and groom exchanged emotional vows they had written themselves.

After the ceremony, guests enjoyed drinks and dining at long tables decorated with flowers and greenery. Later in the evening, a dancefloor was set up and a DJ got the party started. Stacey changed into a shorter party dress for the reception festivities.

The newlyweds beamed with joy on their special day, which Stacey called “the most special day that we didn’t ever want to forget.” It was an intimate wedding focused on their love and commitment surrounded by their nearest and dearest.

Pregnancies and Babies

Stacey and Joe have experienced the joys of pregnancy and parenthood together three times now. In 2019, the couple announced they were expecting their first child as a couple. Their son Rex Toby Francis Swash was born in May 2019.

Two years later, Stacey revealed she was pregnant again on Christmas Eve 2020. Baby Rose Opal Esme Solomon-Swash arrived on October 4th, which is also Stacey and Joe’s wedding anniversary date. Stacey called her daughter “a gift from God.”

In 2022, Stacey delightfully surprised fans by sharing she was pregnant again. This will be her fifth child overall and third baby with Joe Swash. Stacey has been praised for candidly documenting her pregnancy journeys and early motherhood experiences.

Joe and Stacey frequently express how much they adore doing life together as a family. Their kids are their greatest blessings and they love parenting as a team.

Stacey’s Previous Relationships

Prior to finding love with Joe Swash, Stacey Solomon had some high-profile relationships and engagements.

Stacey’s dating history includes:

  • Jackass actor Steve-O (2009-2011)
  • Singer Harry Enfield (2011-2012)
  • Ex-fiancé Aaron Barnham, father of her second son Leighton (2012-2014)

After splitting from Aaron shortly after their son Leighton was born, Stacey remained single for a couple years before sparks ignited with Joe Swash in 2016.

Joe’s Previous Relationships

Joe Swash was previously in a long-term relationship with Emma Sophocleous from 2005 to 2008. The two share a son, Harry Swash, who was born in 2007.

After his split from Emma, Joe had brief romances with celebrities like Kara Tointon and Caroline Flack.

Joe met Stacey Solomon in 2010 when she was a contestant on I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! and he was hosting the spin-off show. They were platonic friends for years before taking their friendship to the next level in 2016.

Stacey and Joe’s Fun-Loving Bond

From the beginning, Stacey and Joe’s relationship has been full of humor, silly antics, and adventure. They often playfully poke fun at each other on social media and during TV appearances together.

Joe loves making Stacey laugh with his cheeky sense of humor. He’ll pop out of boxes, dance in public, and pull pranks to get a chuckle out of his partner. Stacey described Joe as her “bestest friend in the whole wide world” and said he puts a smile on her face every day.

The pair also loves going on little weekend getaways and road trips with the kids when their busy schedules allow. Stacey and Joe appreciate the value of family time and making memories together.

Overcoming Hardships as a Couple

Like any relationship, Stacey and Joe have faced challenges along the way too. But they’ve proven they can tackle hard times together and come out stronger.

In 2019, Joe suddenly lost his father Ricky. Stacey was a huge support system and shoulder to cry on during Joe’s intense grief. On the first Father’s Day after Ricky’s passing, Stacey penned a touching message to Joe saying his father would be proud of the father and partner he’s become.

Stacey has also been open about her struggles with anxiety, PTSD, and postpartum depression. Joe has steadfastly stood by her side during rough patches and offered words of affirmation that she’s doing amazing. Stacey said she appreciates how Joe prioritizes her mental health.

Like all couples, Stacey and Joe have the occasional tiff. But they talk it out, listen to each other’s perspectives, and compromise. The key is that they always present a united front and work through issues together.

Supporting Each Other’s Careers

As both successful TV presenters and media personalities, Stacey and Joe maintain thriving careers along with their relationship. They’ve proven to be each other’s biggest cheerleaders when it comes to their various showbiz endeavors.

Stacey has been a panelist on Loose Women since 2016, starred in multiple UK television series, launched her own clothing line with Primark, and wrote best-selling books. Joe continues working as a TV and radio presenter, and starred on Dancing on Ice. He also runs his own home renovation business.

They’ve appeared on numerous shows together as well, like Celebrity Gogglebox. Stacey and Joe are constantly proud and supportive of each other’s work. Joe will enthusiastically do social media shout-outs for Stacey’s latest projects. And Stacey is always quick to congratulate Joe on his career achievements.

This regular praise and validation has kept their relationship strong in the public eye.

Adorable Family Moments

As mentioned, Stacey and Joe love nothing more than spending quality time as a family. They share many heartwarming family moments together.

A few examples include:

  • Cozy movie nights with the whole brood snuggled on the sofa
  • Fun family activities like camping, baking cookies, and playing in their playhouse
  • Sweet daddy-daughter dances between Joe and Stacey’s little girl Rose
  • Pool days in the backyard of Pickle Cottage during warm weather
  • Magical family vacations and staycations they’ve enjoyed together

Stacey embraces everyday family time and calls her loving clan her “whole world.” She and Joe feel blessed to parent as a team and create lifelong memories with their kids.

Stacey and Joe’s Must-Know Relationship Facts

Here are some of the key facts to know about Stacey Solomon and Joe Swash’s romance:

  • They met in 2010 on reality shows I’m a Celebrity and its spin-off.
  • They started dating in January 2016.
  • Joe popped the question to Stacey in December 2020.
  • The pair tied the knot in July 2021 at their home Pickle Cottage.
  • They have three children together – Rex, Rose, and their upcoming new baby.
  • Stacey has two sons, Zachary and Leighton, from previous relationships.
  • Joe has a son, Harry, from a previous relationship.
  • Stacey and Joe have overcome hardships like grief and mental health struggles.
  • They constantly praise each other’s parenting and careers.
  • Their relationship is full of laughter, fun antics, and family time.

Secret to Stacey and Joe’s Successful Relationship

So what’s the secret sauce keeping Stacey and Joe’s romance going strong after over 6 years together?

Based on what they’ve shared in interviews, social media, and on their shows, these seem to be the keys to their relationship success:

  • Trust – They fully trust each other.
  • Compassion – They’re caring and empathetic partners.
  • Communication – They talk out any issues calmly.
  • Humor – Laughter and silliness keep their bond fun.
  • Intimacy – They make their relationship a priority.
  • Support – They’re each other’s cheerleaders.
  • Teamwork – They work together as equal partners.
  • Compromise – They find common ground when needed.

At the end of the day, Stacey and Joe simply gel together incredibly well. They have core shared values like the importance of family. Plus undeniable chemistry between them keeps the spark alive.

The Future Looks Bright for Stacey and Joe

Given how solid Stacey and Joe’s relationship has remained year after year, their future as a couple looks brighter than ever.

In 2022, Stacey revealed she is pregnant with their third child together. And Joe said his wedding vows to Stacey are “until the wheels come off,” meaning he’s in it for the long haul.

It’s clear Stacey and Joe still feel that newlywed magic. They continue displaying affection, laughing hysterically together, and supporting each other’s personal growth.

Both have referred to their partner as their “soulmate” and the yin to their yang. The connection they share is evident whenever they’re together.

As long as they keep nurturing their bond by carving out one-on-one time and remembering that family comes first, Stacey and Joe’s fairytale love story will surely stand the test of time.


Stacey Solomon and Joe Swash remain one of the UK’s most beloved celeb couples. Since taking their friendship to the next level in 2016, they’ve achieved relationship milestones like moving in together, getting engaged and married, having children, and blending their families.

Of course they’ve faced hardships too. But Stacey and Joe have emerged united every time thanks to their humor, intimacy, mutual trust and support, and strong family values.

As they expecting their third child together, parent their blended family, and continue evolving both personally and professionally, Stacey and Joe seem as solid in 2022 as ever. Their lighthearted antics on social media show they still relish laughing together daily. They also tackle the highs and lows of life hand-in-hand.

So the clear answer is yes – five years on, Stacey Solomon and Joe Swash are still very much together in 2022. And the future of their fairytale romance looks bright.

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