Is Rey a Sith or a Jedi?

Rey’s path to becoming a Jedi or Sith is one of the central mysteries in the Star Wars sequel trilogy. As the protagonist of the new films, her allegiance to the light or dark side shapes the overall narrative. Let’s examine the evidence to determine if Rey will end up a Jedi or Sith.

Quick Answers

In short, Rey starts off as a Jedi hopeful in The Force Awakens, begins Jedi training under Luke Skywalker in The Last Jedi, but still grapples with the dark side’s pull. In The Rise of Skywalker, Rey officially becomes a Jedi Knight, choosing the light over the dark. So ultimately, Rey rejects the Sith way and fully embraces the Jedi path by the trilogy’s end.

Rey’s Background

First, it’s important to understand Rey’s origins. She begins Episode VII as a loner, scavenging wrecked starships on Jakku for survival. Rey awaits her family’s return, hinting at a mysterious past. It’s eventually revealed that Rey is the long-lost granddaughter of Emperor Palpatine. As his heir, the Sith way runs through Rey’s blood.

However, Rey was hidden as a child to keep her safe from Palpatine. With no memory of her true lineage, she grows up removed from the Force. This explains her latent power and destiny’s call. But it also means Rey lacks Sith training or loyalty when discovered. So early on, Rey has a choice – embrace her Jedi capabilities or follow her sinister heritage.

The Force Awakens

In The Force Awakens, Rey first encounters the Force when she hears Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber call to her. Their meeting triggers memories and visions pointing to her strength with the Force. Though untrained, Rey uses the Force instinctively in battle and resists Kylo Ren’s mind probe. These hints show Rey’s affinity for the light side despite her bloodline.

When Maz Kanata urges Rey to take Luke’s lightsaber, Rey refuses and flees. The vision of the weapon’s history frightened her. Rey feels the pull between light and dark but isn’t ready to commit. Only by embracing her destiny later does Rey finally wield the Skywalker blade against Kylo Ren. Her choice to fight signals hope for the Jedi reborn.

Key Moments

  • Hears Luke’s lightsaber call to her
  • Has Force vision awakening dormant powers
  • Reads Kylo Ren’s mind, resisting his probe
  • Fights Kylo with Anakin’s lightsaber

The Last Jedi

In The Last Jedi, Rey seeks out Luke Skywalker hoping to become a Jedi. But a bitter Luke refuses to train her, fearing she’ll fall to the dark like his nephew Ben Solo. During lessons nonetheless, Rey exhibits incredibly fast mastery of the Force. And when she ventures to the mysterious Mirror Cave, Rey struggles to resist the dark side’s temptation.

Rey and Kylo begin sharing Force visions, allowing him to manipulate her. After sensing Kylo’s turmoil, Rey believes she can turn him to the light. But meeting Supreme Leader Snoke, Rey gives into rage and draws her saber. While flawed, Rey’s actions come from hope, unlike the selfish anger of previous Jedi.

Key Moments

  • Seeks Jedi training under Luke
  • Learns Jedi skills but struggles with dark side temptation
  • Momentarily draws lightsaber on Luke
  • Force bonds with Kylo Ren
  • Tries redeeming Kylo, manipulated in return

The Rise of Skywalker

In the final film, Rey’s Jedi training remains incomplete as she duels Kylo. Jedi texts stolen from Luke guide her growth. Rey uses Jedi abilities like Force heal but also Force lightning linked to the Sith. With Palpatine’s return, her bloodline weighs heavily. Yet Rey forgoes the Emporer’s offer of joint rule, declaring herself a Jedi.

Rey struggles against Palpatine before drawing strength from past Jedi. Their voices encourage Rey to rise as a true Jedi. Empowered by their support, Rey defeats Palpatine, bringing balance as the one, true Jedi. She has finally overcome her dark heritage through courage and faith in the light.

Key Moments

  • Studies sacred Jedi texts for training
  • Battles Kylo with growing Force powers
  • Uses Force lightning in duel with ship
  • Turns down Palpatine’s offer of joint Sith rule
  • Hears Jedi voices, destroying Palpatine

The Jedi Code

Analyzing Rey’s journey highlights her increasing adherence to the Jedi Code. Let’s examine how Rey’s choices reflect key Jedi teachings:


“There is no emotion, there is peace.” Rey wrestles with volatile emotions like fear and anger throughout her story. But she learns to calm her feelings and find balance, not act rashly upon them. By the end, Rey achieves inner peace facing down Palpatine confidently.


“There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.” Rey progresses from an unaware scavenger to studious Jedi, seeking knowledge from books, Luke’s teaching and past Jedi wisdom. Her growing knowledge informs Rey’s decisions rather than ignorance.


“There is no passion, there is serenity.” Rey avoids passion’s dark influences like vengeance and hatred. Initially drawn to redeeming Kylo for personal reasons, Rey lets go once learning her attachment only enables him. She acts for selfless reasons by the climax.


“There is no chaos, there is harmony.” Rey brings balance to the Force, seeking harmony over turmoil. Despite her chaotic path of trial and error, Rey chooses nonviolence in defeating the Sith, restoring harmony.


“There is no death, there is the Force.” Rey joins the Jedi afterlife as a voice, eternally part of the living Force. Her legacy continues, proving selfless sacrifice and service to the Force triumphs over final death.

Rey’s Jedi Journey

Film Rey’s Jedi Progress Rey’s Sith Temptation
The Force Awakens
  • Discovers latent Force ability
  • Wields Anakin’s lightsaber
  • Begins hero’s journey
  • Fears raw strength with the Force
  • Initially rejects Jedi destiny
The Last Jedi
  • Seeks Jedi training
  • Shows fast mastery of Force skills
  • Studies ancient Jedi texts
  • Tempted by dark in Mirror Cave
  • Briefly falls for Kylo’s manipulation
  • Draws lightsaber on Luke
The Rise of Skywalker
  • Continues training via Jedi texts
  • Hears Jedi voices, destroys Sith
  • Bring balance as one true Jedi
  • Uses Force lightning
  • Struggles to overcome Palpatine lineage

This table summarizes Rey’s growth from untrained novice to fully realized Jedi Knight over the sequel trilogy. While Rey flirts with the dark side occasionally, she ultimately rejects that quick and easy path. By following the tenets of the Jedi Code, Rey proves herself a Jedi despite her bloodline’s pull towards the Sith.


In summary, Rey’s destiny is tied to both the light and dark sides of the Force throughout the Star Wars sequel trilogy. As Palpatine’s heir, the temptation of the quick and easy path of the Sith constantly beckons Rey. But through trials and tribulations, Rey stays true to the Jedi way, rejecting her sinister heritage. She faces tests ranging from Luke’s rejection to Kylo’s manipulation over their Force bond. But Rey overcomes these challenges through courage, knowledge and faith in the light side. By the events of The Rise of Skywalker, Rey fully embodies the Jedi Code and brings balance as the one true Jedi. Her final act of selfless sacrifice cements Rey’s journey to the light side, proving she is a Jedi despite her conflicted origins. So while Rey’s path contained struggles and setbacks, she emerged victorious as a Jedi heroine over the dark side’s temptation.

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