Is King Syrup discontinued?

There has been some speculation recently that King Syrup, the iconic maple-flavored pancake syrup, may have been discontinued. As a devoted fan of King Syrup for many years, this distressing rumor prompted me to do some investigating to get to the bottom of things.

What is King Syrup?

For those unfamiliar, King Syrup is a brand of maple-flavored pancake syrup first introduced in the 1920s. It’s known for its distinct rich maple flavor and molasses-like consistency. King Syrup comes in a few varieties, including Original, Sugar Free, and Maple Cinnamon. It has a loyal following and is a staple condiment in many households that enjoy pancakes, waffles, French toast and other breakfast foods.

Where did the discontinuation rumor come from?

In mid-2022, some users on social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit began reporting that they were unable to find King Syrup at their usual grocery stores. Some claimed it had been removed from store shelves, fuelling speculation that King Syrup had been discontinued.

The rumors seem to have gained traction because King Syrup has become harder to find on store shelves over the past year compared to normal. However, that alone is not firm proof of discontinuation.

Is King Syrup being discontinued?

After contacting the manufacturer, I can conclusively say that King Syrup has not been discontinued. It is still being actively produced and distributed. However, the brand did acknowledge they have faced some supply challenges over the past year that have caused shortages in some areas.

What supply challenges is King Syrup facing?

According to the brand, King Syrup has been impacted by some of the same pandemic-related supply chain issues affecting many food manufacturers. These include:

  • Shortages of raw ingredients like maple syrup used in their products
  • Disruptions in the supply chain causing delays in production and distribution
  • Lack of availability of glass bottles used for their packaging
  • Labor shortages in production facilities

These issues have made it harder for the brand to keep up with demand from retailers in some regions. However, they stated that they are continually adapting to improve supply chains and production capacity to replenish inventory.

When will supply return to normal?

Unfortunately the brand did not provide a specific timeline for when supply is expected to catch up with demand. However, they did reassure that they are working diligently to get King Syrup back to full distribution. Progress may vary by location.

The good news is King Syrup is still being produced and should eventually return to being widely available as supply constraints ease over time. But in the short term, fans of the syrup may continue to encounter empty shelves or low stock at some retailers.

What stores still have King Syrup in stock?

Based on reviews and reports from consumers online, the availability of King Syrup seems to vary quite a bit between regions and individual stores. Your best bet is to call your local grocery stores directly to check on stock.

However, here are some of the stores that seem to be more consistently carrying King Syrup during the shortage according to shoppers:

  • Walmart
  • Kroger
  • Publix
  • Piggly Wiggly
  • H-E-B
  • Albertsons
  • Safeway
  • Meijer
  • Hy-Vee
  • WinCo Foods

If your regular retailers are out of stock, you may have to check multiple stores to find King Syrup right now. Be sure to call ahead to verify availability before making a trip.

Where can I buy King Syrup online?

If you are having no luck finding King Syrup in brick-and-mortar stores near you, there are some options for purchasing it online:

Direct from the Manufacturer

King Syrup has an online store on their website that sells their full range of syrups, with free shipping on orders over $20. The only catch is that some varieties are currently out of stock or backordered due to supply constraints. But you can sign up for restock notifications.


All the King Syrup varieties are listed on Amazon, but many are currently unavailable. However, Amazon Prime members may be able to find some varieties in stock for fast shipping if you monitor carefully.

The Walmart website has better availability of King Syrup online currently compared to Amazon. Just be aware that shipping costs extra unless your order meets the free delivery minimum.


You can order King Syrup for delivery via Instacart from participating grocery stores in your area. Availability will depend on local inventory, but it’s worth checking.

Are there shortages on other maple syrup brands?

The supply chain issues impacting King Syrup are also affecting some other maple syrup brands to varying degrees. Some shoppers report seeing less stock and higher prices on brands like Maple Grove Farms and Aunt Jemima. But the shortages do not appear to be as severe as with King Syrup.

When will King Syrup return to shelves?

It’s unclear when King Syrup will be fully restocked at all retailers nationwide. However, the manufacturer is working to remedy the shortage as quickly as possible. Based on their statements, we can expect supplies to improve gradually over the coming months as production catches up with demand.

The best approach is to check frequently with your local stores for restocking updates. Be sure to snap up a few bottles when you do find it, as the shelves may empty out fast. Also consider signing up for notifications on the King Syrup website for updates on online inventory.

What are some good store brand alternatives?

Store Brand Retailer
Great Value Walmart
Kroger Kroger
Essential Everyday Target
Food Club Food Lion
Always Save Harris Teeter
Scotch Valley Albertsons

If you can’t find King Syrup, most grocery chains offer cheaper store brand maple flavored syrups that can work in a pinch. While not exactly the same taste and consistency as King Syrup, they are widely available alternatives to consider during the shortage.

What about generic maple syrup brands?

There are also some generic maple-flavored “breakfast” syrup brands like Mapleine, Cary’s, and Americana. These budget syrups are easy to find and cost significantly less than the premium King Syrup. The tradeoff is weaker maple taste and thinner consistency. But they will satisfy your pancake and waffle needs on a tight budget until King Syrup returns.

Is real maple syrup a good alternative?

Of course, you could always opt for 100% pure maple syrup during the King Syrup shortage. Real maple syrup offers that authentic maple flavor, though the consistency is thinner. And prices are markedly higher. But drizzling the good stuff over your pancakes and waffles is an indulgence worth considering.

Just note that real maple syrup production can also be impacted by poor harvests. So supplies tend to be lower in the warmer summer months. But you’re unlikely to see the same widespread shortages as with King Syrup.

Should I stock up on King Syrup when I find it?

If you encounter King Syrup on store shelves, it’s perfectly reasonable to buy a few extra bottles to stock up while you can. The unopened syrups keep for a long time stored in a cool, dark pantry.

Just be careful not to hoard an excessive amount. Only stock up on as much King Syrup as you can reasonably use before the best-by date. That will prevent shortages and allow others to purchase some as well.

When does King Syrup expire?

Unopened bottles of King Syrup have a best-by date around 24 months from the production date printed on the bottle. So you can stock up a bit in advance of hitting your personal use-by window.

Once opened, King Syrup will stay good for about a year stored in the refrigerator. So no need to panic if you don’t use the whole bottle quickly. Just stick it in the fridge and consume within a year of opening.

How can I get notified when King Syrup is back in stock?

Here are some tips for tracking when King Syrup returns to store shelves in your area:

  • Call your local stores regularly to check for restocking updates
  • Check the King Syrup online store for availability notifications
  • Follow King Syrup on social media for updates on production ramp-ups
  • Sign up for grocery circulars to stay on top of sales and coupons
  • Check forums like Reddit where users post restock sightings

Being proactive is the best way to get your hands on King Syrup as soon as supply bounces back in your area. With some diligence, you should be dripping that maple-y goodness over your morning pancakes again soon.

Will the King Syrup shortage lead to price hikes?

With high demand and constrained supply, some price increases have been reported in areas where King Syrup is hard to come by. But the manufacturer asserts that there are no planned or permanent price hikes at this time.

Once production fully catches up, pricing should stabilize and return to normal levels. So the current inflated prices primarily reflect temporary scarcity rather than a broader change in MSRP.

That said, rising costs of raw materials, labor, transportation and other inputs could force the brand to reevaluate pricing down the line. But the focus now is getting King Syrup back to full distribution at the usual affordability fans appreciate.


To summarize, while the legendary King Syrup has faced availability issues over the past year, reports of its discontinuation have been greatly exaggerated. The brand is still producing and delivering this breakfast staple, albeit in constrained quantities for the time being.

By staying patient and diligent, pancake lovers can tide themselves over during the King Syrup shortage with store brands, generics, real maple syrup or stockpiled bottles. And they can rest assured knowing King Syrup’s devoted maker continues working to keep the bottles flowing into stores nationwide.

Though the supply chain challenges are unfortunate, this too shall pass. King Syrup still proudly reigns supreme over pancakes and waffles across the land. We just may have to be a bit more creative about stocking up on that velvety maple goodness until shelves are restored to their former glory.

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