How many calories in a mint mojito from Philz?

Figuring out the calorie count of menu items at popular coffee chains like Philz can be tricky. While nutrition information is sometimes provided, details are often lacking, especially for customized drinks like the mint mojito. So how can you find out how many calories are actually in a Philz mint mojito? Here’s a deep dive into estimating the calorie content of this refreshing summertime drink.

What’s in a Philz Mint Mojito?

A mint mojito from Philz contains five main ingredients:

  • Brewed mint iced tea
  • Fresh lime juice
  • Natural cane sugar
  • Mint leaves
  • Club soda

The iced tea provides the bulk of the drink, while the lime juice adds tartness and flavor. The sugar sweetens the mojito, the mint provides its distinctive herbal aroma and taste, and the club soda lends carbonation.

The exact amount of each ingredient can vary depending on who makes your drink, but the general proportions will be similar each time you order a mint mojito from Philz.

Estimating Calories in the Iced Tea

Since the homemade iced tea makes up the largest portion of a Philz mint mojito, it provides the greatest number of calories. An 8-ounce serving of brewed black iced tea typically contains:

  • 2 calories from 0g fat
  • 0g carbohydrates
  • 0g protein

However, Philz sweetens their black tea with cane sugar before pouring it over ice. The amount of sugar may vary, but assuming around 1 tablespoon per 8 ounces of tea, that would add:

  • 44 calories from 0g fat
  • 11g carbohydrates
  • 0g protein

So the total per 8-ounce serving of Philz sweetened black iced tea is approximately:

  • 46 calories
  • 11g carbohydrates
  • 0g fat
  • 0g protein

A typical mint mojito might contain around 12-16 ounces of iced tea. At 16 ounces, the iced tea alone would provide about:

  • 92 calories
  • 22g carbohydrates

Estimating Calories in the Lime Juice

Freshly squeezed lime juice also adds calories and carbohydrates to a Philz mint mojito. There are around:

  • 20 calories in 1 fluid ounce of lime juice
  • 7g carbs per fluid ounce

A standard recipe calls for around 1-2 ounces of lime juice per drink. So for a 16-ounce Philz mint mojito made with 2 ounces of lime juice, the juice would add:

  • 40 calories
  • 14g carbohydrates

Estimating Calories in the Sugar

Simple syrup is often added to sweeten mojitos. Philz uses a natural cane sugar instead of simple syrup, but the calorie and carb counts will be very similar.

There are around:

  • 200 calories in 1/4 cup (2 ounces) of granulated white sugar
  • 51g carbohydrates

If a 16-ounce Philz mint mojito is made with 1 ounce of cane sugar, that would contribute approximately:

  • 100 calories
  • 26g carbohydrates

Estimating Calories in the Mint

Fresh mint contains very minimal calories and carbs, so it won’t have a significant impact on the nutrition totals. For a sprig or two of mint per drink, assume:

  • Less than 5 calories
  • 1g carbohydrates or less

The Impact of Club Soda

Plain carbonated water has 0 calories, so the club soda used in a Philz mint mojito does not contribute anything to the calorie or carb count.

Putting It All Together

Based on the nutrition estimates for a 16-ounce Philz mint mojito containing:

  • 16oz iced tea – 92 calories, 22g carbs
  • 2oz lime juice – 40 calories, 14g carbs
  • 1oz cane sugar – 100 calories, 26g carbs
  • Mint – ~0 calories, ~0g carbs
  • Club soda – 0 calories, 0g carbs

The total estimated calorie count falls between 230-240 calories, with around 60-65g of carbohydrates and no protein or fat.

This calorie estimate may be lower or higher depending on the exact amounts of ingredients used. Any customizations, like adding more sugar or extra lime juice, would increase the calorie and carb counts. Using low-calorie sweetener instead of cane sugar would lower the totals. But for a standard 16-ounce Philz mint mojito, you can expect around 230-240 calories as a reasonable estimate.

How Does a Philz Mint Mojito Fit Your Diet?

At around 230 calories and 60g carbs, a Philz mint mojito lands solidly in the occasional treat category for most healthy diets.

For a 2,000 calorie diet, this drink would account for about 10-15% of your daily allotment of calories and carbohydrates. Not an insignificant amount nutritionally, but fine for an infrequent indulgence.

However, enjoying mint mojitos multiple times a week could make it tougher to meet nutrition goals. The calories, sugar, and carbs would accumulate quickly.

If weight loss is a goal, limiting mint mojito intake to once a week or so is recommended. Or opting for a smaller size or skipping the sugar would trim some calories.

For diabetics or others monitoring blood sugar levels, the 60g of carbohydrates could be a concern due to the sugar content. Asking for fewer ounces of sweetened tea or requesting an artificial sweetener are better options.

Comparing Mint Mojito Nutrition at Other Coffee Chains

Very few major coffee chains provide full nutrition details for their mojitos. However, here’s a look at how Philz might compare:


Starbucks offers a Skinny Mojito made with sugar-free syrup, lime juice, mint, and soda water. With no sugar added, this would likely be under 100 calories – far less than a Philz mint mojito.

Caribou Coffee

Caribou also has a Skinny Mojito with no calorie information available. But it’s described as “lightly sweetened” and lower in calories, so probably around 100 calories or fewer as well.

Peet’s Coffee

Peet’s also doesn’t provide calorie counts for their mojitos. However, their version is sweetened with a honey simple syrup instead of plain sugar. Since honey has slightly more calories than sugar, Peet’s mojitos might be 10-15% higher in calories compared to Philz.


Dunkin’ offers a Mojito Lime Refresher that they confirm is under 200 calories. So probably comparable or somewhat lower than Philz, since it’s 12 ounces instead of 16.

Among larger chains, Philz mint mojitos are likely reasonably average in calories compared to other versions, possibly coming in a bit higher due to precisely measuring out ingredients.

Tips for Ordering a Lower Calorie Philz Mint Mojito

If you love mint mojitos from Philz but want to lighten them up, here are some easy tips for reducing the calorie count:

  • Ask for fewer ounces of sweetened tea, like 12oz instead of 16oz
  • Request light or half sweetness instead of full sugar
  • Skip the cane sugar and use a zero-calorie sweetener like Splenda or Equal
  • Ask for extra lime juice and mint to add flavor with minimal calories
  • Order it “skinny” to have less sweetened tea and sugar
  • Try it unsweetened and add your own lower calorie sweetener

With just a few simple adjustments, you can trim up to 100 calories or more from a Philz mint mojito while still enjoying its cool, sweet, and minty taste.

The Bottom Line

When seeking out nutrition information, customized coffee drinks can be tricky. But using estimates of the main ingredients in a 16-ounce Philz mint mojito, the total calories clock in around 230-240.

This provides a helpful benchmark for those watching their calorie, carb, or sugar intake. While not hugely high in calories, the Philz mint mojito still fits best as an occasional splurge drink rather than a daily habit for most healthy lifestyles.

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