Is Irish cream coffee creamer discontinued?

Irish cream coffee creamers like Bailey’s and other brands have not been discontinued overall, though some specific products may have been. The popularity of Irish cream coffee creamers endures, though shortages and supply chain issues in recent years may have temporarily disrupted availability of some products.

The Popularity of Irish Cream Coffee Creamers

Irish cream coffee creamers like Bailey’s have been popular coffee additives for decades. Their sweet, creamy flavor combined with Irish whiskey notes pairs perfectly with coffee drinks. Brands like Bailey’s, Carolans, and Ryan’s Cream first debuted Irish cream coffee creamers in the 1980s and 1990s, and they remain popular today.

In the United States, Irish cream coffee creamers experienced a surge of popularity in the 1990s and 2000s. As specialty coffee drinks like lattes, cappuccinos, and frozen blended coffee beverages rose in popularity, customers sought new coffee customization options. The unique flavor of Irish cream allowed customers to give their daily coffee an indulgent taste reminiscent of dessert. This helped fuel Irish cream coffee creamer growth during this time period.

Irish Cream Coffee Creamers Today

Many major brands of Irish cream coffee creamers like Bailey’s, International Delight, and Coffee Mate are still readily available for purchase today. Popular flavors include original Irish cream as well as seasonal flavors like pumpkin spice, salted caramel, and peppermint mocha. Customers can find Irish cream coffee creamers at most grocery stores, mass retailers, warehouse clubs, and online in single-serve liquid creamers, refrigerated liquid creamers, and powdered creamer formats.

New Irish cream coffee creamer products also continue to be introduced to the market. In 2021, Nutpods debuted an Irish cream flavored vegan and dairy-free coffee creamer option. Nestle launched a new Starbucks branded Irish Cream Cold Brew coffee creamer in 2020. And International Delight introduced an Irish Creme Nitro Cold Brew coffee creamer in 2022. These new product releases indicate that major brands believe consumer demand for Irish cream coffee creamers remains strong.

Shortages and Supply Chain Disruptions

While Irish cream coffee creamers as a category do not appear to be discontinued, some specific Irish cream products may have faced temporary shortages or availability issues in recent years due to COVID-19 related supply chain disruptions. Supply chain struggles stemming from labor shortages, materials scarcity, and increased shipping costs have impacted many consumer goods categories since 2020.

Some customers have reported not being able to find their favorite Irish cream coffee creamer products in stores at times during 2020-2022. But these shortages appear tied to temporary supply chain factors as opposed to products being permanently discontinued. As supply chains recover post-pandemic, most Irish cream coffee creamers are expected to return to normal stock levels at retailers.

Discontinued Irish Cream Products

A few specific Irish cream coffee creamer products do appear to have been permanently discontinued over the past several years:

  • Coffee Mate Irish Creme Light Coffee Creamer – Discontinued sometime around 2018
  • International Delight Irish Creme Coffee Creamer Singles – Discontinued in 2020
  • Baileys Coffee Creamers Original Irish Cream – Discontinued in 2018

These discontinued Irish cream items represent a very small share of the overall Irish cream coffee creamer market. Major brands like Coffee Mate, International Delight, and Baileys continue to offer multiple Irish cream creamer alternatives for customers even if select line extensions have been pruned over time.

The Future of Irish Cream Coffee Creamers

While demand for Irish cream coffee creamers has remained strong for decades, it is impacted by shifts in consumer preferences and coffee trends over time. For example, the rise of cold brew and nitro coffee led brands to introduce new Irish cream products designed specifically for those formats. Similarly, increased demand for plant-based and dairy-free options has fueled development of vegan Irish cream creamers.

Brands will need to continue innovating with Irish cream coffee creamers to align with where the coffee category is headed. But these adjustments are unlikely to threaten the core appeal of Irish cream’s indulgent, dessert-like flavor. As coffee customization and at-home barista-style coffee remains popular, count on Irish cream to continue playing a key role in many coffee lovers’ daily routines.


In summary, popular Irish cream coffee creamer brands like Bailey’s appear to still be readily available for purchase. While temporary shortages tied to supply chain disruptions may have impacted availability of some Irish cream products at times over the past few years, the category overall remains strong. A few select Irish cream SKUs have been discontinued, but mainline offerings endure. Irish cream coffee creamers retain devotees thanks to their sweet, whiskey-infused taste, and brands continue innovating to align with coffee trends. While consumer preferences evolve, Irish cream figures to remain a coffeehouse staple into the foreseeable future.

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