How many confetti cannons do I need for a wedding?

Confetti cannons are a fun and exciting way to celebrate the newly married couple at a wedding reception. The blast of colorful confetti creates a magical moment that guests will remember. But how many confetti cannons are actually needed to make an impact at a wedding? Here is a guide on determining the right number of confetti cannons for your wedding celebration.

Consider the Wedding Venue Size and Layout

The number of confetti cannons needed depends largely on the size and layout of your wedding venue. A small indoor venue with 50 guests will need far fewer cannons than a large outdoor venue with 300 guests. Here are some general guidelines:

  • Small indoor venue (less than 75 guests): 1-2 cannons
  • Medium indoor venue (75-150 guests): 2-4 cannons
  • Large indoor venue (150-300 guests): 4-8 cannons
  • Outdoor venue (any size): At least 4-6 cannons

For outdoor venues, you’ll want to have cannons positioned to cover the entire area where guests will be seated. The confetti often needs to travel farther and wider in outdoor settings.

Consider placing some cannons near the dance floor or cake table since these will be important focal points. Having cannons go off from multiple directions results in better confetti coverage.

Account for a Long Guest List

The number of wedding guests directly impacts how many confetti cannons you should get. More guests mean you need more cannons strategically placed around the venue. Aim to have a cannon for every 50-75 guests at a minimum. Here are some estimates based on common wedding sizes:

  • 50 guests: 2 cannons
  • 75 guests: 2-3 cannons
  • 100 guests: 3-4 cannons
  • 150 guests: 4-6 cannons
  • 200 guests: 6-8 cannons
  • 300 guests: 8-12 cannons

If you have a particularly large wedding over 300 guests, consider having 12-16 cannons or more to make a big visual impact. The more guests you have, the more cannons you’ll need to see those colors flying!

Factor in Your Venue’s Noise Restrictions


Consider How Many Blasts You Want

Most confetti cannons can be reloaded with additional confetti cartridges for multiple blasts. Determine how many total blasts you want at your wedding. Do you just want a single dramatic blast during your introduction or first dance? Or do you want to keep reloading the cannons for multiple celebrations like cake cutting, dances, farewells, etc? Plan for 1-2 confetti cartridges per cannon if you only want a single blast. If you want multiple blasts throughout the night, budget 3-5 cartridges per cannon.

Choose Locations That Enhance the Drama

Where you actually place the confetti cannons can impact the wow factor. Consider elevating some cannons on platforms around the room so they can shoot confetti from above. Cannons on the ground shooting upward also look beautiful as the confetti falls down. Positioning cannons near lights, chandeliers, or open beams can make the colors pop. Think about the key moments you want enhanced with confetti and use dramatic locations.

Consider Both Tabletop and Larger Cannons

There are small tabletop confetti cannons that take up minimal space and then larger cannons on stands that really pack a visual punch. Often using a mix of tabletop cannons interspersed around the venue supplemented by several larger cannons in key locations provides the most drama. The larger cannons on stands tend to cost a bit more but are worthwhile for amplifying those big moments.

Rent Extra Cannons for Backup

It’s always smart to have 1 or 2 extra confetti cannons on hand in case any primary cannons malfunction day-of. Confetti cannons use mechanical firing pistons that can occasionally jam or misfire. Having backups prevents any issues in coverage. If budget allows, renting 1-2 extra cannons can save the day if problems arise.

Consider Battery-Powered Wireless Cannons

Newer battery-powered wireless confetti cannons are easy to place anywhere without worrying about power outlets. They offer more flexibility in locations versus wired cannons. However they are often more expensive. Balance the pros and cons of wireless vs. wired cannons for your setup.

Choose a Confetti Type That Suits Your Style

The confetti itself comes in endless options – colors, shapes, sizes, metallic, glitter, custom images, etc. Spend some time choosing a confetti look that aligns with your wedding style and color theme. Heart shapes or rose petals offer a romantic vibe. Large pieces create more drama. Glitter, metallic, or custom confetti add personalized flair. You want the blasts to feel cohesive with the event.

Follow Safety Best Practices

Confetti cannons use explosive charges – so it’s crucial to follow proper safety protocols. Only buy commercial grade cannons from reputable companies. Ensure cannons are on secure flat surfaces and won’t tip. Keep igniters locked until use. Follow all loading, firing, and storage instructions precisely. Assign someone experienced to oversee setup, operation, and teardown.

Involve Your Wedding Planner

Your wedding planner can provide vendor recommendations for renting confetti cannons based on their past experience. They can also manage all the logistics like coordinating delivery, setup, firing cues, and returns. Take advantage of your planner’s expertise so you can just relax and enjoy the show!

Set a Realistic Confetti Cannon Budget

When budgeting for confetti cannons, expect to spend:

  • Small tabletop cannons: $50 – $100 each to rent
  • Larger cannons on stands: $100 – $250 each
  • Confetti cartridges: $10 – $20 per cartridge
  • Battery-powered wireless cannons: $200+ each

For a 100-guest wedding, you might spend $500-1000 to rent 6-8 cannons plus cartridges, delivery, taxes, and setup fees. Build in some buffer for extra cannons and last minute needs. Discuss budget with your rental company for guidance specific to your wedding.

Look for Confetti Cannon Rental Packages

Many rental companies offer confetti cannon packages with a set number of cannons, stands, cartridges, delivery, etc bundled together at a discounted price. Packages help take the guesswork out of ordering. Opt for a package that aligns closest to your guest count and needs.

Order Early for the Best Selection and Pricing

Book your confetti cannons and confetti 6-12 months in advance if possible. Vendors have limited quantities, especially for peak wedding season dates. You’ll want access to the widest selection of cannon styles, confetti options, and dates. Early booking also allows more time to finalize plans with your planner.

Consider Insurance

Accidents can happen with explosive devices like confetti cannons. While rare, it’s possible for a damaged cannon to cause property damage or injuries due to malfunctions. Discuss insurance options with your rental company and/or wedding insurance provider. Having coverage gives peace of mind if the unthinkable occurs.

Troubleshoot Issues Before Guests Arrive

Schedule time for a walkthrough and rehearsal to test the confetti cannons before guests enter. Have key people like the DJ or coordinator on hand. Test fire each cannon, reload if needed, and fix any misfires. Resolve problems early when you have time versus trying to troubleshoot issues when guests are seated.

Time Blasts for Maximum Impact

When scheduling the cannon blasts, look for the most sentimental, visual, or dramatic moments in your event flow. Some popular times include:

  • Grand entrance
  • First dance
  • Parent dances
  • Cake cutting
  • Bouquet/garter toss
  • Last dance/farewell

Confirm the timing with your DJ or MC and wedding planner. Well-timed blasts add fun and excitement!

Let Guests Know Confetti Is Coming

Make announcements letting guests know to expect confetti explosions so they aren’t startled. Some couples like to build suspense and surprise guests, which works for more casual events. Know your crowd and decide if a heads up is warranted or not.

Have a Backup Plan for Outdoor Events

Weather can throw a wrench in the best laid confetti cannon plans, especially for outdoor weddings. Have backup options if rain or wind makes cannons unsafe. Possibilities include moving cannons under tents or covered areas, switching to handheld confetti blows, or postponing the blasts to the reception if the ceremony is impacted.

Hire a Videographer to Capture the Moments

The visual impact of confetti cannons is fleeting. The confetti falls so quickly! Having a wedding videographer guarantees you can relive those big cannon moments over and over. Share the video online or at anniversaries to remember the magic.

Use Multiple Camera Angles

For video, use multiple cameras positioned around the venue to capture the confetti blasts from different angles. Close-up shots of cannons firingpaired with wide crowd shots convey the energy best. A camera on the cannon platform or behind cannons looking onto the dance floor provides a fun perspective. Your videographer can advise the best angles.

Take Safety Precautions for Children Near Cannons

Loud cannons with flying confetti can understandably frighten some younger children. Take steps to keep kids safe like covering ears, keeping strollers away from active cannons, forewarning parents, and firing cannons when children are distracted elsewhere if possible.

Check Local Laws on Using Confetti Cannons

A very small number of cities worldwide ban or restrict the use of confetti cannons at events. Verify local municipal laws to ensure cannons are legal at your venue. Most public spaces in the US and Canada permit confetti cannons, but double check to be sure.

Don’t Let Guests Fire Cannons Unsupervised

Confetti cannons require oversight for safe operation. Do not allow intoxicated guests or kids to shoot off confetti cannons unsupervised. Liability for injuries and misuse could follow. Hire an attendant to closely monitor cannons or limit firing to only select sober, trained individuals.

Provide Goggles and Ear Protection

The blast of some cannons can irritate eyes temporarily due to dust or smoke. Offering protective goggles prevents irritation but maintains the surprise for guests. Ear plugs also help muffle the loud bang if guests prefer. Have disposable goggles and ear plugs on hand for those who want them.

Clean Up Confetti Promptly

Few venues allow confetti to remain on floors or grass overnight after an event due to cleaning and environmental concerns. Be prepared to promptly clean up confetti following the blasts and/or pay any vendor cleanup fees. Assign clean up helpers, provide bins and bags, and vacuum rented spaces as required.


Confetti cannons can make a spectacular statement at a wedding when done right! Follow these tips when deciding how many cannons you need, positioning them strategically, timing the blasts, and executing them safely and effectively. With the right number of cannons creatively placed around your venue, you’re guaranteed unforgettable confetti-filled memories that wow your guests.

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