How much is a gallon of snow cone syrup?

The cost of a gallon of snow cone syrup can vary quite a bit depending on the brand, flavor, and where you purchase it. Generally speaking, a gallon of snow cone syrup ranges from about $10 to $50 or more. The most economical options are generic brands and syrups purchased in bulk at warehouse stores. Premium brands and unique flavors tend to be more expensive.

Factors Affecting Snow Cone Syrup Prices

Here are some of the key factors that influence the cost of snow cone syrup:

  • Brand – National brands like Hawiian Ice, Torani, and Finlandia command higher prices than generic, store brands.
  • Flavors – Simple flavors like cherry, grape, and lemon are typically cheaper than more complex flavors like piña colada or cotton candy.
  • Quantity/packaging – Buying in bulk quantities generally brings down the per gallon price. Bag-in-box packaging is cheaper than plastic gallon jugs.
  • Ingredients – Syrups made with natural flavors and cane sugar tend to cost more than those with artificial ingredients and corn syrup.
  • Source – Purchasing from a warehouse store is usually cheaper than buying from a specialty retailer.

Bulk Pricing

One of the best ways to get a lower price per gallon on snow cone syrup is to buy it in bulk quantities. Warehouse stores like Sam’s Club and Costco often sell large bag-in-box packages containing 4 or more gallons of syrup for $25-$60. This brings the per gallon cost down to $6-$15. Even just purchasing multiple gallon jugs at once from Amazon or a restaurant supply store can qualify you for bulk case pricing.

Here are some examples of bulk snow cone syrup pricing:

4 gallons Torani syrup $60 $15 per gallon
5 gallon bag Hawaiian Ice fruit punch $35 $7 per gallon
4 gallons Roarin’ Waters variety pack $48 $12 per gallon

As you can see, buying in bulk brings the per gallon cost down significantly.

Gallon Prices by Brand

Here is an overview of the typical per gallon pricing for some top snow cone syrup brands:

  • Hawaiian Ice – $10-$20 per gallon
  • Roarin’ Waters – $12-$18 per gallon
  • Torani – $15-$25 per gallon
  • Finlandia – $15-$30 per gallon
  • Otter Pops – $10-$15 per gallon
  • Natalie’s – $30-$50 per gallon

As you can see, premium brands like Natalie’s that use natural ingredients and innovative flavors have some of the highest prices per gallon. Value brands like Hawaiian Ice and Otter Pops are at the more affordable end of the spectrum.

Gallon Prices by Flavor

Simple syrup flavors are generally the most economical options. Here are some typical per gallon prices organized by flavor profile:

Cherry, grape, lemon-lime $10-$15
Fruit punch, orange, apple $12-$18
Pina colada, strawberry daiquiri $18-$25
Cotton candy, bubble gum, caramel $20-$30

As you can see, the more complex the flavor, the higher the price per gallon in most cases.

Gallon Prices at Retailers

Here is an overview of gallon prices at popular snow cone syrup retailers:

  • Amazon – $15-$35 per gallon
  • Webstaurant Store – $13-$25 per gallon
  • Sam’s Club – $10-$20 per gallon buying in bulk
  • Costco – $12-$18 per gallon buying in bulk
  • Walmart – $10-$20 per gallon
  • Target – $15-$25 per gallon

As expected, Sam’s Club and Costco offer some of the best gallon pricing when you buy multiple gallons at once. Amazon and Webstaurant Store have a huge selection of syrups and flavors but tend to be a bit pricier than warehouse stores for the national brands. Walmart and Target offer competitive pricing on their in-house generic syrups.


So in summary, the cost per gallon of snow cone syrup ranges from about $10 for generic brands bought in bulk up to $50 or more for premium quality syrups from specialty brands. Simple fruit flavors tend to be the least expensive options, while complex flavors cost more. Buying in high volume batches saves the most money when purchasing multiple gallons of syrup. National brands like Torani and Hawaiian Ice offer a good balance of quality and value. But overall, shopping warehouse stores and buying in quantity is the best way to get snow cone syrup for $10-$15 per gallon.

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