Did they discontinue honey mustard pretzels?

Honey mustard pretzels have long been a popular snack food item. Their sweet honey flavor combined with the salty crunch of a pretzel makes for an irresistible treat. However, some shoppers have recently noticed that honey mustard pretzels seem to be missing from store shelves. This has led to questions around whether major pretzel brands like Snyder’s of Hanover have discontinued this beloved flavor.

In this article, we’ll dive into the details around honey mustard pretzels to get to the bottom of this mystery. Are they really gone for good? Or is this just a temporary supply chain issue? Read on to learn more.

The History and Popularity of Honey Mustard Pretzels

Honey mustard pretzels first appeared on the snacking scene in the early 1990s. Pretzel brand Snyder’s of Hanover is generally credited with introducing this flavor combination. The sweet honey and tangy mustard coating quickly became a hit with pretzel lovers.

Throughout the 1990s and 2000s, honey mustard pretzels cemented their status as a pantry staple. Their popularity continues today, as honey mustard remains one of the most beloved pretzel flavors.

Several factors contribute to the ongoing popularity of honey mustard pretzels:

– Sweet and salty flavor profile – The combination of sweet honey with savory pretzel and tangy mustard is hard for snackers to resist. It provides the perfect balance of flavors in one bite.

– Nostalgia factor – For those who grew up snacking on them, honey mustard pretzels evoke feelings of childhood and simpler times. This nostalgia helps drive ongoing demand.

– Interest in bold flavors – Food trends come and go, but bold flavor combinations like honey mustard remain popular year after year. The complex blend of flavors keeps snackers coming back for more.

– Better-for-you perception – Compared to chips, candy, or other snack foods, pretzels are often viewed as a better-for-you option. The sweet honey mustard coating makes these pretzels seem like less of an indulgent treat.

Current Availability of Honey Mustard Pretzels

Given their longstanding popularity, the idea of honey mustard pretzels being discontinued has caused concern for some loyal fans. However, a deeper look at current pretzel offerings shows that while some brands may have pulled back production, honey mustard pretzels still remain on the market.

Here is an overview of the honey mustard pretzel availability from major brands:

Snyder’s of Hanover

– Snyder’s, who first debuted honey mustard pretzels, still offers them under certain product lines. However, they have been discontinued in some varieties.

– Flavors like Honey Mustard & Onion and Honey Mustard & Cheddar remain available on shelves and online.

– But the original Snyder’s Honey Mustard Pretzels appear to be discontinued in some regions. Shoppers note empty shelves where these were once regularly stocked.


– Utz, another major pretzel brand, still produces their Honey Mustard Onion Pretzel Pieces.

– These pretzels are readily available at most grocery stores and online.

Rold Gold

– Rold Gold offers their Honey Mustard Flavored Tiny Twists on select store shelves and online.

– However, some shoppers say this variety is harder to find than it used to be. Its production seems scaled back but not totally discontinued.


– Herr’s does not appear to have any honey mustard pretzel varieties currently available.

– Their product lineup includes flavors like Honey Wheat and Cheddar Cheese, but no combining of honey and mustard flavors.

Private Label Brands

– In addition to major brands, private label pretzel products from grocery store chains may also offer honey mustard flavors.

– For example, [Acme](https://www.acmemarkets.com/groceries/snacks/pretzels/pretzel-pieces/private-label-honey-mustard-pretzel-pieces.html) and [Kroger](https://www.kroger.com/p/private-selection-honey-mustard-pretzel-bites/0001111070847) currently offer store brand honey mustard pretzel pieces and twists.

– Availability depends on region and store.

Why Have Some Brands Discontinued Honey Mustard?

Based on consumer reports and brand inventory, it does appear that some varieties of honey mustard pretzels have recently been put on hiatus or discontinued altogether. There are a few possible reasons for this pullback:

Changing Consumer Tastes

Although still a classic flavor, honey mustard may be declining slightly in popularity versus other pretzel flavors. Brands discontinuing certain honey mustard items may be responding to consumer purchase data showing lower sales.

For example, bolder flavors like sriracha lime are now gaining attention. Brands are highlighting these newly popular flavors and putting some resources behind them that once went to honey mustard.

Supply Chain Issues

Like most food producers, pretzel companies have been impacted by COVID-related supply chain disruptions. From ingredient shortages to higher costs to fewer production staff, making pretzels has become more challenging.

Discontinuing a few pretzel lines allows brands to focus production on their top sellers. This increases efficiency amid supply constraints. Honey mustard may have been cut due to production limitations.


Ingredients like mustard and honey have faced severe price inflation recently. Honey prices in particular reached record highs in 2021 due to poor weather conditions and reduced honeybee populations.

Pretzel brands may have pulled back on honey mustard production because the elevated ingredient prices cut too far into profits. Focusing on simpler flavors avoids inflated input costs.

Distribution Bottlenecks

Even if brands are still producing some honey mustard varieties, getting them to store shelves nationwide has been complicated by ongoing transportation and warehouse challenges.

Regional availability may depend on localized distribution hiccups. What’s available in one area may be absent in another based solely on logistical hurdles.

The Future of Honey Mustard Pretzels

Looking ahead, what’s the long-term outlook for honey mustard pretzels? Will this beloved flavor make a comeback? Here are a few predictions:

Inflation Eases

If supply chain pressures and ingredient costs normalize, brands may be able to resume wider production of honey mustard. Affordable access to inputs like honey and mustard will enable more profitable production.

Consumer Nostalgia

As honey mustard pretzels disappear from shelves, fan nostalgia will likely intensify. This could drive renewed interest from shoppers and better sales if brands start producing the flavor again.

Classic Flavors Reemerge

Food trends come and go, but classics like honey mustard have staying power. As the novelty of ultra-new flavors fades, traditional flavors regain appeal. Brands can tap back into this demand.

Special Edition Release

If bringing back honey mustard full-time seems risky, brands may test the waters with a special throwback edition for a limited time. If these sell well, permanent return could follow.

New Entrants Fill the Void

Upstart pretzel brands seeing an unmet desire for honey mustard could tap into that market gap. Large players stepping away gives small companies room to establish themselves as the place for honey mustard lovers to get their fix.

How To Still Get Your Honey Mustard Pretzel Fix

While certain varieties may be harder to find, hope is not lost for honey mustard fans. Here are a few ways to still get your hands on these pretzels:

– Check online sites – Many pretzel brands offer online ordering on their websites or platforms like Amazon. Hard-to-find flavors may be available online even if they’re absent from local stores.

– Search specialty retailers – Check stores like World Market or regional chains like Wegmans, which often stock specialty flavors beyond what regular grocers carry.

– Find alternatives – As mentioned above, some private label products still offer honey mustard pretzels even when big brands have discontinued them. Try grocers’ store brands.

– Make your own – Whip up a homemade honey mustard pretzel coating with mustard, honey, butter, and spices. Toss pretzel pieces or nuggets in the mixture and bake until crispy.

– Use as a dip – Plain salted pretzels dunked in honey mustard sauce makes a fine substitute. And the sauce can double as a dip for chicken tenders or other finger foods.

The Bottom Line

While honey mustard pretzels may have lost shelf space compared to their peak popularity in the 90s and early 2000s, devoted fans don’t need to despair. A number of factors have prompted brands to cut back on production of certain honey mustard varieties recently, but alternatives still exist. With enduring consumer demand, it’s possible honey mustard pretzels could regain their full former glory in the coming years. But even if major brands don’t bring them back in full force, smaller companies and creative shoppers will find ways to keep the sweet and tangy flavor alive.

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