How many wins India have in T20?

Team India is one of the most successful teams in Twenty20 International (T20I) cricket. As of November 2022, India has won 95 out of 165 T20I matches played since their first match in 2006. India’s T20I win percentage of 57.58% is among the highest in international cricket.

India’s T20I Match History

India played their first ever T20I match on December 1, 2006 against South Africa at Johannesburg. They won the match by 6 wickets. Since then, India has played a total of 165 T20I matches as of November 7, 2022. Out of these, they have won 95 matches, lost 64 matches, tied 3 matches and 3 matches ended with no result.

Here is a summary of India’s T20I match history:

Matches Played Matches Won Matches Lost Matches Tied Matches with No Result
165 95 64 3 3

India’s T20I win percentage of 57.58% is among the top teams in international cricket. This shows their dominance in the shortest format of the game.

Year-wise T20I Match Results for India

Looking at India’s performance year-wise provides more insights into their journey in T20I cricket over the years. Let’s analyze India’s T20I match results for each calendar year.


India played only 1 T20I match in 2006, which they won against South Africa.


This was the year when India played their first ever T20 World Cup. India played a total of 9 T20I matches in 2007, winning 4 and losing 5.


In 2008, India played 8 T20I matches, winning 5 and losing 3. A major highlight was winning a T20I series in Australia.


India had a stellar year in T20Is in 2009, winning 12 out of 13 matches played. Some significant wins came against Sri Lanka away from home.


India’s success in T20Is continued in 2010 with 9 wins from 11 matches. The only series defeat came against New Zealand away from home.


India won 6 out of 8 T20I matches in 2011. However, one of the losses was the final of the T20 World Cup against Sri Lanka.


The year 2012 was a mixed bag for India in T20Is. They played 10 matches, winning 4 and losing 5. But a major highlight was winning the first ever T20I series against Pakistan.


India had a forgettable year in 2013, winning just 2 out of 15 T20I matches. This included a series loss at home against Pakistan.


India’s T20I form improved marginally in 2014 with 5 wins from 13 matches. But they continued to struggle in T20Is overseas.


The year 2015 marked a turnaround for India in T20Is. They won 10 out of 13 matches, including the historic T20I series win in Australia.


India had a sensational 2016 in T20Is, going unbeaten throughout the year. They won all 12 matches played, including wins against Australia, Sri Lanka and West Indies at home.


India’s unbeaten streak in T20Is finally ended in early 2017, but they still had a good year overall. India won 9 out of 13 matches played.


India had a moderate 2018 in T20Is with 6 wins from 13 matches. The highlight was reaching the final of the Nidahas Trophy T20I tri-series.


India bounced back strongly in 2019 with series wins at home against West Indies, Bangladesh and South Africa. Overall, they won 12 out of 15 T20Is.


The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted cricket in 2020, so India played only 9 T20I matches. They registered 6 wins from those matches.


India played 29 T20Is in 2021 and won 20 out of them. 2021 was a phenomenal year that included series wins against England, Sri Lanka and New Zealand.


As of November 2022, India has played 21 T20Is, winning 13 and losing 7. Significant series wins came against West Indies, England and Australia.

This year-wise breakup highlights how India’s T20I performances have ebbed and flowed over the years. But their overall win record remains extremely impressive.

India’s Wins Against Each Opponent in T20Is

India has played T20I matches against 15 different opponents since 2006. Let’s analyze how many T20I matches India has won against each opponent.

vs Australia

India and Australia have played 23 T20Is, with India winning 12 and Australia winning 10. India enjoys a slim edge historically in the T20I rivalry.

vs Bangladesh

India has played 9 T20Is against Bangladesh, winning 7 and losing just 1. India clearly dominates the head-to-head here.

vs England

India and England have contested each other in 17 gripping T20I matches. India has won 10 while England has won 6.

vs New Zealand

India has won 5 out of the 8 T20Is played against New Zealand. Though New Zealand won the most recent series 2-1 in 2021.

vs Pakistan

The two arch-rivals have played each other 9 times in T20Is, with both teams winning 4 each and one match tied.

vs South Africa

Out of the 16 T20Is between the two strong teams, India has won 10 while South Africa has won 5.

vs Sri Lanka

India dominates the T20I rivalry against Sri Lanka, having won 15 out of the 19 matches between them.

vs West Indies

India and West Indies have played each other 17 times in T20Is, with India winning 13 of those encounters.

vs Afghanistan

India has cleanly swept Afghanistan 3-0 in their only T20I bilateral series so far.

vs Zimbabwe

India has won all 5 of their T20I matches against Zimbabwe comfortably.

vs Ireland

India has won the solitary T20I played against Ireland back in 2018.

vs Scotland

India won their first ever T20I against Scotland in the 2007 T20 World Cup.

vs Netherlands

India won their only match against Netherlands in the 2021 T20 World Cup by a massive 56 runs.

vs Hong Kong

India defeated Hong Kong in their first T20I clash during the 2018 Asia Cup.

This breakdown shows that India has dominated most opponents in T20Is historically. Their win percentage is highest against minnows like Afghanistan, Zimbabwe and Scotland. But they have also beaten top teams like South Africa, England and Australia.

India’s Wins at Home and Away

Let’s also analyze India’s T20I win record in home and away matches.

Out of the 95 T20I wins, India has won 57 matches at home and 38 in away matches. India’s T20I record in neutral venues like ICC events is more even, with 15 wins and 14 losses.

This shows India’s ability to not just dominate in home conditions but also win T20Is regularly in overseas conditions.

India’s Wins by Year and Total T20Is Played

The following table summarizes India’s total T20Is played and wins by year since 2006:

Year Total T20Is T20I Wins
2006 1 1
2007 9 4
2008 8 5
2009 13 12
2010 11 9
2011 8 6
2012 10 4
2013 15 2
2014 13 5
2015 13 10
2016 12 12
2017 13 9
2018 13 6
2019 15 12
2020 9 6
2021 29 20
2022 21 13
Total 165 95

This table gives a clear picture of how India’s T20I performances have varied over the years. Their undefeated run in 2016 and the dominant show in 2021 stand out.

Notable Indian Player Records

Some of India’s all-time cricket legends have contributed significantly to the team’s success in T20I cricket. Let’s look at some notable player records:

Virat Kohli

– Most runs scored for India in T20Is – 3796

– Most half-centuries – 33

– Highest individual score by an Indian – 122*

Rohit Sharma

– Most T20I hundreds for India – 4

– Most sixes hit for India – 176

– Highest T20I score for India – 118

Yuzvendra Chahal

– Most wickets taken for India in T20Is – 85

– Best bowling figures – 6/25

Jasprit Bumrah

– 2nd highest wicket taker for India in T20Is – 70

– Best bowling figures – 3/11

Besides these current players, the likes of MS Dhoni, Suresh Raina, Harbhajan Singh, and Zaheer Khan were also integral to establishing India’s dominance in T20Is over the years.


To conclude, India has established itself as one of the most successful teams in T20I cricket history. Since playing their maiden T20I in 2006, India has won 95 out of the 165 matches played. Their overall win percentage of 57.58% puts them at the top along with other leading T20I teams.

India has won T20I matches against all major cricketing nations like Australia, England, South Africa, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, and the West Indies over the years. Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, Yuzvendra Chahal and Jasprit Bumrah are some of the leading stars who have contributed to India’s success.

The only major trophy missing from India’s cabinet is the ICC T20 World Cup. They have reached the final thrice and the semi-final four times. Having built a world-class T20I outfit, India will be looking to finally get their hands on that elusive T20 World Cup trophy.

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