How many shots fit in a 750ml bottle?

This is an important question for anyone who enjoys drinking spirits or liquor. Knowing how many shots or drinks you can get out of a standard size liquor bottle allows you to better plan for parties, events, or nights out. In this article, we’ll break down exactly how many shots can be poured from a 750ml bottle of liquor.

Quick Answer

A standard 750ml bottle of liquor contains approximately 17 shots. This is based on a typical 1.5oz shot size. However, this number can vary slightly based on the exact pour size.

Calculating Shots in a 750ml Bottle

To calculate the number of shots in any size liquor bottle, you need to know two things:

  • The volume of the liquor bottle in ml or ounces
  • The standard pour size of a shot in ounces

A typical 750ml liquor bottle contains 25.4oz of liquid volume. The standard US shot size is around 1.5oz. To calculate the number of shots:

  1. Take the total volume of the bottle – 750ml or 25.4oz
  2. Divide by the standard shot size – 1.5oz

So for a 750ml bottle:

25.4oz / 1.5oz per shot = 16.9 shots

Rounding up, this means you can expect to pour approximately 17 standard shots from a 750ml liquor bottle.

Factors that Impact Number of Shots

While the standard calculation shows about 17 shots in a 750ml bottle, there are several factors that can alter this number slightly:

Shot Size

The most significant factor is the exact pour size of each shot. While 1.5oz is considered standard, shot sizes can range from 1-2oz depending on preference and location. Smaller 1oz shots will yield more from a bottle, while larger 2oz pours will result in fewer shots.

Spills and Overflow

When actually pouring shots, a bit of liquid is inevitably lost due to spillage or overpouring. While experienced bartenders are quite accurate with their pours, a small amount of liquid loss is expected when free pouring shots. This can reduce the number of full shots by 1 or 2 pours.

Bottle Design

The design of the liquor bottle itself can impact the exact volume of liquid it holds. Some bottles may be designed to hold slightly more or less than the labeled 750ml volume. This variance changes the number of shots that can be poured compared to the standard calculation.

Drinking Vessel Size

Shots are traditionally served in 1-2oz shot glasses. However, some establishments may use larger glasses which alter the poured shot volume. Larger 3-4oz “shot” glasses can significantly reduce the number of pours from a single liquor bottle.

Other Factors

A few other minor factors can result in variances from the 17 shot standard:

  • Foam from pouring reduces liquid volume
  • Splashes and spillage from quickly drinking shots
  • Inconsistent pouring accuracy

Standard 750ml Bottle Types

Here is a breakdown of the typical number of shots expected from common 750ml liquor bottle types:

Liquor Type Typical Shot Size Expected Shots in 750ml Bottle
Vodka 1.5oz 16-17
Gin 1.5oz 16-17
Rum 1.5oz 16-17
Tequila 1.5oz 16-17
Whiskey 1.5oz 16-17
Brandy 1.5oz 16-17

As you can see, the standard 1.5oz shot size means you can expect around 16-17 shots from most types of 750ml liquor bottles.

Adjusting Shot Size

While the typical 1.5oz shot is a good baseline, you can adjust the pour size to change the number of shots from a bottle. Here is how shot size impacts a 750ml bottle:

Shot Size Total Shots in 750ml Bottle
1oz 25
1.25oz 20
1.5oz (Standard) 16-17
2oz 12-13

As you increase the size of each shot, there are fewer total pours in a 750ml bottle. And with smaller shot sizes, you can stretch a bottle to more pours.

Typical Number of Shots in Other Bottle Sizes

While 750ml is the standard liquor bottle size, you may also encounter other sizes like 1 liter, 1.75 liter, and 50ml “airplane” bottles.

Here is a comparison of typical shots for other common liquor bottle sizes:

Bottle Size Total ml Approx. Total Shots (1.5oz)
50ml Mini Bottle 50ml 2
375ml Half Bottle 375ml 8
750ml Standard Bottle 750ml 16-17
1 Liter Bottle 1000ml 22
1.75 Liter “Handle” Bottle 1750ml 38

The same math applies to calculate shots for any liquor bottle size – just divide the total volume (in ounces or ml) by the standard shot size.

Cocktails and Mixed Drinks

While shots provide the most straightforward use of a liquor bottle, you can also use the bottle’s contents to make cocktails and mixed drinks. However, the number of cocktails that can be made varies much more widely based on recipe and glass size.

As a very rough estimate, you can expect a 750ml bottle to make approximately:

  • 12-14 cocktails using a 2oz pour
  • 8-10 cocktails using a 3oz pour
  • 5-6 cocktails using a 5oz pour

Standard mixing glass sizes are around 8-16oz, so shake up your favorite cocktails and see how many drinks you can make from a bottle!

Factors that Change Number of Cocktails

While cocktail recipes generally call for 1.5-2oz of liquor, there are many factors that alter how many cocktails can be made from a bottle:

  • Size of pour – More alcohol means fewer cocktails
  • Other ingredients – Mixers also take up volume
  • Glass size – Larger glasses use up more liquid
  • Dilution from shaking – Ice melts during shaking
  • Garnishes – Decorations like citrus reduce liquid volume

Considering these impacts, a good rule of thumb is you’ll get approximately 25-30% fewer cocktails compared to straight shots from a bottle.

Tips for Maximizing a Bottle

If you want to eke out those last few pours near the end of the bottle, here are some serving tips:

  • Use a shot pourer – Accurate 1.5oz pours every time
  • Crowd shots into smaller glasses – Pair a 750ml with smaller 1oz shot glasses
  • Skip cocktail shaking – Eliminates dilution from ice and splashing
  • Count discarded pours as “shots” – Those last dozen drops still count!

Factors that Reduce Number of Shots

On the other end, here are some common situations that may result in fewer pours from a 750ml bottle:

  • Generous pours – Free pouring often results in oversized shots
  • Big “shot” glasses – Using rocks glasses instead of shot glasses
  • Lots of cocktail shaking – Foam and splashing wastes precious liquor
  • Super dilution – Shaking with extra ice melts off liquid volume

Types of Liquor with Different Serving Sizes

While we’ve focused on standard 1.5oz shot sizes, some types of liquor may use slightly different serving sizes. Here are a few examples:

Liquor Type Typical Serving Size
Straight whiskey 2oz
Port 2-3oz
Sherry 2-3oz
Sake 1.5-2oz

Remember to adjust the number of servings accordingly if you use these atypical pour sizes.

Non-Alcoholic Drinks from a Liquor Bottle

Once you’ve finished all the liquor, a glass 750ml bottle can be creatively reused and recycled for non-alcoholic drinks. Consider repurposing your empties for:

  • Juice
  • Iced tea or lemonade
  • Infused water with fruit
  • Salad dressing and oil
  • Pancake syrup

A liquor bottle’s tight seal makes it ideal for storing all kinds of fun drinks – just thoroughly wash out any residue first!


After going through the various calculations and scenarios, we can confirm that you can expect around 16-17 standard 1.5oz shots from a typical 750ml liquor bottle.

However, many factors can slightly increase or decrease this number: shot size, pour accuracy, cocktail recipes, glass size, and more. We recommend experimenting with your favorite bottle to empirically determine the exact number of drinks you can actually achieve.

Armed with this shot estimate, you can optimally plan your next event with the perfect amount of liquor. Just don’t forget the garnishes and mixers to enhance those tasty shots and cocktails.

And when you’ve finished off that last drop, get creative repurposing the bottle for homemade concoctions. With some flexibility on pour sizes and serving methods, you can stretch every last bit of enjoyment out of a trusty 750ml liquor bottle.

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