How much formula is in a scoop of Similac?

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The amount of formula in a scoop of Similac depends on the type of scoop and formula used. Generally, one level scoop of powdered infant formula contains around 2.25-2.7 grams of powder. This translates to around 7.8-9.5 calories when mixed with water according to package directions. The exact amount can vary between specific Similac products.

Measuring Scoops for Similac Formula

Similac provides a few different scoop sizes for measuring out powdered formula:

  • Standard scoop: Roughly holds 2.3 grams powder
  • Round scoop: Holds around 2.25 grams powder
  • Small scoop: Holds approximately 1.5 grams powder

The standard scoop or round scoop is intended for most Similac formula powders like Similac Advance, Similac Sensitive, and Similac Organic. The small scoop may be included with specialty formulas like Similac Neosure designed for premature or low birthweight infants.

Always check the specific formula container and instructions to verify the intended scoop size and amount per scoop.

Grams of Powder Per Scoop

Here is an overview of the amount of powder in grams for one scoop of various Similac products when using the appropriate provided scoop:

Similac Formula Scoop Size Grams per Scoop
Similac Advance Standard/Round 2.3 grams
Similac Sensitive Standard/Round 2.3 grams
Similac Organic Standard/Round 2.25 grams
Similac Neosure Small 1.5 grams
Similac for Spit-Up Standard/Round 2.27 grams
Similac Total Comfort Standard/Round 2.3 grams
Similac Alimentum Standard/Round 2.3 grams

As you can see, the standard or round scoops provided with Similac powder cans generally hold between 2.25-2.3 grams of formula. The small scoop holds less at 1.5 grams.

Calories Per Scoop

The number of calories in a scoop of Similac formula can also vary slightly between products:

  • Similac Advance: Around 8.1 calories per scoop when prepared as directed
  • Similac Sensitive: Approximately 8.1 calories per scoop when mixed
  • Similac Organic: Around 7.8 calories per scoop prepared with water
  • Similac Neosure: Roughly 9.5 calories per small scoop when mixed
  • Similac for Spit-Up: About 7.9 calories per standard scoop prepared as instructed
  • Similac Total Comfort: Around 8.1 calories per scoop prepared with water
  • Similac Alimentum: Approximately 8.1 calories per scoop when mixed

The number of calories per scoop is based on mixing one scoop with the appropriate amount of water as directed on the formula container.

Scoops are designed to provide the right concentration of nutrients when mixed properly with water. Adding more or less water than instructed will alter the calories and nutrition in the prepared formula.

Formula Scoop Sizes

Similac provides the appropriately sized scoop for measuring powder in each container of formula. Here’s an overview of the scoop sizes:

Standard Scoop

– Oval/oblong shape
– Flat bottom
– Holds around 2.3 grams powder
– Included with Similac Advance, Sensitive, Total Comfort, Alimentum

Round Scoop

– Round bowl shape
– Holds approximately 2.25 grams powder
– Included with Similac Organic

Small Scoop

– Mini scoop, smaller than standard size
– Holds about 1.5 grams powder
– May be included with specialty formulas like Similac Neosure

Being familiar with the scoop design can help identify the intended scoop and proper amount of powder to use per the formula instructions.

Some parents may prefer to use a baby formula scale to measure out exact gram amounts rather than relying on scoop sizes for accuracy. However, when using the provided scoops as directed, you can feel confident you’re mixing the concentration of formula intended.

How Many Ounces in One Scoop of Powder?

One scoop of Similac powder does not directly translate to a certain number of ounces of prepared formula. This is because one scoop of powder is intended to mix with varying amounts of water depending on the specific formula.

Here’s a rough guide to how many ounces of prepared formula one scoop makes for different Similac products:

  • Similac Advance: 1 scoop per 2 fluid ounces of water makes about 2.6 ounces formula
  • Similac Sensitive: 1 scoop with 2 fluid ounces water makes around 2.6 ounces prepared formula
  • Similac Organic: Mixing 1 scoop with 1.7 ounces water makes about 2.6 ounces of formula
  • Similac Neosure: 1 small scoop with 1 fluid ounce of water makes about 1.6 ounces prepared formula
  • Similac for Spit-Up: 1 standard scoop plus 2 fluid ounces of water makes about 2.6 fluid ounces of formula
  • Similac Total Comfort: 1 scoop with 2 fluid ounces of water makes around 2.6 ounces of prepared formula
  • Similac Alimentum: 1 scoop mixed with 2 fluid ounces of water makes about 2.6 ounces of ready-to-feed formula

So while the powder scoop sizes may be similar between many Similac products, the mixing directions vary, resulting in different amounts of prepared formula ounces per scoop.

Always follow the exact formula mixing instructions for the correct scoop, water, and powder ratios when preparing a bottle. This ensures baby receives the proper nutrition and calories.

Why Scoop Sizes and Mixing Vary Between Formulas

With such small and precise measurements, you may wonder why Similac doesn’t standardize mixing directions across all their formula products.

There are a few reasons the mixing instructions and scoop sizes can vary:

Accommodating Different Calorie Needs

Some Similac formulas like Similac Neosure are designed for premature babies who require more calories concentrated in less liquid. So the mixing directions provide more powder per ounce of water.

Other Similac formulas may be tailored to healthy babies and mix to a less concentrated solution.

Different Ingredient Formulas

Specialty formulas like Similac Sensitive and Similac Alimentum leave out certain milk proteins. The nutrient profile needs adjusting to make up for any gaps.

Varying the proportions of powder and water help these formulas provide complete balanced nutrition in each serving.

Allowing for Some Flexibility

While Similac aims for consistency across batches, the reality is no two formula batches will be absolutely identical.

Slightly altering the scoop sizes and mix ratios provides some wiggle room so nutrition stays within the desired range given inevitable tiny variations between batches.

Reducing Preparation Errors

Unique scoop sizes and mixing instructions help differentiate between various Similac formulas. This minimizes any risk of inadvertently using the wrong directions and scoop between two products.

Distinct mix ratios and scoops lead to fewer mixing mistakes that could impact the formula nutrition baby receives.

Tips for Using Similac Formula Scoops

Here are some tips for successfully using the formula scoops that come with Similac powder cans:

  • Always double check the mixing instructions on the specific formula container you’re using rather than assuming directions.
  • Make sure to use the appropriately sized scoop included with thatSimilac powder can.
  • Level off the scoop without packing down or tamping the powder.
  • Add water first, then powder – don’t premix powder and water.
  • Mix with the amount of water specified per the instructions.
  • Stir gently to dissolve powder after adding and break up any clumps.
  • Throw away any unused mixed formula within 1 hour.

Following these tips helps ensure you mix up bottles with the intended ratio of powder to water so baby gets all the nutrients in each serving of Similac formula.

Does a Formula Scoop Expire?

The scoop included with the Similac formula powder does not have an expiration date. As long as the scoop remains clean, intact, and stored with the sealed formula container, it should remain effective at accurately measuring powder indefinitely.

However, there are a few signs it may be time to replace a formula scoop:

  • The scoop is damaged, malformed, or no longer the proper shape
  • Measurements seem off and do not match the expected gram weight
  • You’ve lost track of which container the scoop originally came from
  • There are cracks or pieces flaking off from deterioration

When opening a new container of Similac powder, it’s wise to simply use the new scoop included. This ensures you have an intact scoop that provides accurate measurements for that specific formula powder.

Replacing bent, corroded, or questionably sourced scoops helps eliminate any margin of error when mixing formula for your baby’s bottles.

Common Questions About Similac Formula Scoops

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about measuring scoops provided with Similac formula:

Can you use the same scoop between different Similac formulas?

It’s not recommended. The scoops are designed for specific products. Using the incorrect scoop can lead to improper mixing and nutrition for your baby.

What if I lose the Similac scoop? Can I use a different one?

You can purchase a replacement Similac scoop or measuring spoon that provides the same measurements. But avoid using a random scoop or spoon since it likely won’t measure accurately.

Should the formula scoop be level or rounded?

The scoop should be leveled off evenly. Packing down the powder into a rounded scoop can compress it and throw off the proper powder-to-water mixing ratio.

How often should you replace formula scoops?

Plan on replacing the formula scoop whenever you open a new container of powder. Or replace any scoop that becomes damaged or inaccurate in its measurements.

Can you use the formula scoop for mixing other baby foods or liquids?

The scoops are designed specifically for measuring Similac powder. It’s best to use other utensils for mixing, feeding, or measuring any other baby foods, liquids, or prepared formula.


While Similac’s various formula mixing instructions and scoop sizes may seem unnecessarily complicated, each product is formulated to provide the proper nutrition for your baby based on their needs.

The measurement of grams of powder per scoop and calories per serving can vary. However, following the specified mixing directions for each Similac formula ensures your baby gets the optimal nutrient ratio in every bottle.

Being familiar with the right scoop design and mixing ratios for the particular products you use eliminates guesswork and helps provide your baby with the best nutrition at every feeding.

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