How many carbs are in a double Big Mac without the bun?

Quick Answer

A double Big Mac without the bun has around 10-15 grams of net carbs, depending on the toppings and sauces. The two beef patties contain minimal carbs while the cheese slices and special sauce add a few grams. Skipping the bun eliminates around 45 grams of carbs per sandwich.

Calculating Carbs in a Big Mac

To determine the net carbs in a double Big Mac without the bun, we need to look at the nutritional information for each ingredient:

Beef Patties

The two 100% beef patties contain almost no carbs. Each 1.6 oz patty has less than 1g net carb.


A regular Big Mac bun contains 23g net carbs. By omitting the bun, you remove a significant source of carbs.


Two slices of pasteurized process American cheese add around 2g net carbs total.

Special Sauce

The special sauce is made with mayonnaise, ketchup, relish, vinegar, garlic powder, onion powder and paprika. It contains around 3g net carbs per sandwich.


Dehydrated onions add minimal carbs, less than 1g per sandwich.


The tangy dill pickles provide less than 1g net carb per Big Mac sandwich.


The shredded iceberg lettuce is very low carb at under 1g per sandwich.

Net Carbs in a Bun-less Double Big Mac

Given the low carb counts for each ingredient, we can estimate the net carbs in a double Big Mac without the bun:

Ingredient Net Carbs
2 Beef Patties Less than 1g
2 Slices Cheese 2g
2x Special Sauce 6g
Onions Less than 1g
Pickles Less than 1g
Lettuce Less than 1g
Total: Around 10-15g

Without the bun, the double Big Mac contains only 10-15 grams of net carbs. This is a significant reduction compared to a regular double Big Mac sandwich which has over 90 grams of net carbs with the bun.

Tips for Ordering a Low Carb Big Mac

Here are some tips for customizing your Big Mac order to make it even lower in carbs:

Skip the Special Sauce

The special sauce is one of the main sources of carbs. Ask for no sauce to remove 3g of carbs per sandwich.

Extra Cheese

Add extra cheese slices instead of the special sauce. The additional fat will help keep you full.

Extra Lettuce

Get extra shredded lettuce for more fiber and crunch. Iceberg lettuce has under 1g net carb per cup.

No Onions

Onions add minimal carbs but you can omit them to cut carbs further.

No Pickles

The pickle slices provide negligible carbs. Skipping them simplifies the order.

Mustard Instead of Ketchup

Mustard has less carbs than ketchup-based special sauce. Request mustard packets on the side.

Health Benefits of Low Carb Big Mac

Ordering a double Big Mac without the bun provides several health benefits:

Reduces Carb and Calorie Intake

Skipping the bun eliminates around 45g net carbs and 170 calories per Big Mac sandwich. This promotes weight loss.

Increases Fat Intake

Without the bun, the beef patties and cheese make up a greater portion of the meal. This boosts your fat intake which can help you feel fuller for longer on a low carb diet.

Lowers Blood Sugar

Limiting carb-heavy bun intake reduces the impact on your blood sugar levels. Stable blood sugar levels help control hunger cravings.

Provides Protein

The two all-beef patties supply a satisfying 20g of protein to help retain muscle mass when limiting carbs.

Makes it Easier to Stay Low Carb

Ordering open-faced Big Macs removes temptation and makes it simpler to stay low carb when dining out. You don’t have to resist the bun.

Potential Drawbacks

While ordering double Big Macs without the bun can be beneficial for low carb diets, there are some potential drawbacks to consider:

Higher in Fat

Without the bun, the meat and cheese make up a greater percentage of calories from fat.Monitor your total fat intake if following a ketogenic diet.

May Be Challenging to Eat

Eating open-faced burgers can be messy, especially if loaded with toppings. Use a fork and knife to prevent ingredients sliding out.

Higher in Sodium

A Big Mac provides 950mg sodium with the bun, from ingredients like special sauce and cheese. This is 41% of the daily value.

Lacks Fiber

Skipping the bun removes 3g of dietary fiber per sandwich. Compensate by adding low carb vegetables like lettuce and pickles.

Not as Filling

Despite the extra fat and protein, some people may find it less satiating without the bread. Pair it with a side salad for more bulk.

Comparison to Regular Big Mac

Here’s a comparison of the nutritional content of a double Big Mac with and without the bun:

Nutrition Facts With Bun Without Bun
Calories 880 710
Fat 43g 43g
Carbs 90g 10-15g
Fiber 6g 2g
Net Carbs 84g 8-13g
Protein 44g 44g

As shown, skipping the bun significantly reduces carb and calorie intake, while protein and fat content remains high. This makes it more suitable for low carb, high fat diets like the keto diet.

Cost Comparison

Ordering a Big Mac without the bun doesn’t change the price. A double Big Mac sandwich costs around $5.99 – $6.49, whether you get the bun or not.

However, getting it open-faced does reduce the amount of food slightly. You may want to order an additional side like a salad to make it a more complete meal. Some McDonald’s charge $1-2 for extra sides.

Overall, considering the reduction in carbs and calories, ordering a bun-less double Big Mac provides good value for money if eating low carb.

Taste Impacts

Does skipping the bun change the taste? Here are some impacts:

More Focus on the Meat

Without the bread, the flavor of the beef patties becomes more prominent. If you enjoy the meat, you may find it improves the taste.

Reduced Sandwich Texture

The crunch and chew of the bun is missing. The soft beef and melted cheese have a different mouthfeel.

Enhanced Veggie Flavor

Onions and pickles seem to have a stronger taste without the bun covering it up.

Messier to Eat

With no bun to hold ingredients together, some fillings may fall out, altering intended flavor combos.

Sauce Soaks Into Meat

Skipping the bun allows more sauce to permeate the patties, infusing them with tangy flavor.

Overall the taste impact is somewhat subjective. Low carb dieters often report enjoying the stronger meaty flavor. Those who love the bun may find it less satisfying.

Should You Try It?

Ordering a double Big Mac without the bun can be a smart low carb option. Here are some final tips on whether to try it:

– If you are limiting carbs, it eliminates a major source of carbs
– Without the bun, you may taste the beef and toppings more
– Be mindful of higher fat and sodium if watching those
– Pair it with extra salad or veggies for a filling meal
– Always check carb counts of sauces and customizations
– Enjoy the greater protein and lower carb count

The Bottom Line

A double Big Mac without the bun contains only 10-15 grams of net carbs and 710 calories compared to a regular double Big Mac which provides 84 grams net carbs and 880 calories with the bun. Ordering open-faced reduces the carbs significantly making it a good option for low carb diets. While no bun changes the taste slightly and makes it messier to eat, the increased fat and protein is satisfying for keto and low carb lifestyles. Overall, the bun-less double Big Mac provides a way to enjoy this classic sandwich while sticking to a very low carb eating plan.

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