How many calories is in a frosted coffee at Chick?

Quick Answer

The number of calories in a frosted coffee from Chick depends on the size. A small frosted coffee has around 130 calories. A medium has around 190 calories. And a large has around 260 calories. The calories come mostly from added sugar in the flavored syrup and whipped cream topping.

Calories By Size

Size Calories
Small 130
Medium 190
Large 260

As shown in the table above, a small frosted coffee from Chick has around 130 calories. A medium has about 190 calories. And a large comes in at around 260 calories.

The number of calories varies by size because the larger sizes contain more coffee and also more added sugar from the flavored syrup and whipped cream topping.

Breakdown of Calories

A frosted coffee is made up of three main ingredients that contribute calories:

Brewed Coffee

The foundation of a frosted coffee is hot brewed coffee. An 8 ounce cup of black coffee has just 2 calories. Even in the large 20 ounce frosted coffee, the coffee itself contributes minimal calories.

Flavored Syrup

Frosted coffees get their name from the flavored syrup that is added. Popular flavors include caramel, vanilla, mocha, and hazelnut. About 2-3 ounces of flavored syrup is added to a frosted coffee.

The syrup is high in added sugar, with about 120 calories per 3 ounces. This is where the majority of calories in a frosted coffee come from.

Whipped Cream

A frosted coffee would not live up to its name without a heaping mound of whipped cream on top. About 2-3 ounces of whipped cream is used for a typical frosted coffee.

Whipped cream adds a creamy texture and sweetness. The calories in whipped cream come from fat and a small amount of natural sugar. A 3 ounce dollop of whipped cream contributes around 60 calories.

Extra Calories From Custom Add-Ons

The nutrition information provided by Chick is based on a standard recipe. But part of the appeal of frosted coffees is customizing your drink.

Some popular add-ons can significantly increase the calorie count:

– Extra flavored syrup: An extra 1-2 ounces of syrup adds around 60-120 more calories

– Whipped cream: Requesting extra whipped cream tacks on around 30-60 more calories

– Sugar: Adding a few packs of granulated sugar adds around 15 calories per teaspoon

– Milk: Substituting whole or 2% milk instead of nonfat milk adds about 20-30 calories per 8 ounces

– Flavored swirls: Opting for flavored drizzles like chocolate, caramel, or mocha adds roughly 30-50 calories

– Toppings: Mix-ins like chocolate chips, crushed cookies, or candy pieces can add anywhere from 50 to 150 extra calories

As you can see, those little custom add-ons and premium upgrades can quickly cause your drink’s calorie count to skyrocket by 100-300 calories above the standard amount.

Low Calorie Frosted Coffee Tips

If you want to indulge in a frosted coffee but limit the calories, here are some tips:

– Choose the smallest size available, usually the 12-16 ounce “small”

– Skip the flavored syrup and ask for just a dash of sugar for light sweetness

– Request less whipped cream or ask for it on the side to control how much you use

– Opt for nonfat milk to avoid the extra calories from whole or 2% milk

– Avoid extra toppings like chocolate drizzle or candy pieces

– Ask for just 1 pump of flavored syrup instead of the standard 2-3 pumps

– Request light whipped cream instead of the regular sweetened whipped topping

Following some of those modifications can shave off anywhere from 100-250 calories from your frosted coffee.

Nutrition Facts Summary

To summarize, here are the key nutrition facts for Chick’s frosted coffees:

– A small (12-16 oz) has around 130 calories

– A medium (18-20 oz) has around 190 calories

– A large (24-32 oz) has around 260 calories

– Calories mainly come from added sugar in syrup and whipped cream

– Customizing with extra syrup, milk, whipped cream, or toppings adds more calories

– Opting for smaller sizes, fewer add-ins, and light whipped cream can reduce calories

So while Chick’s frosted coffees are high in calories due to their generous use of sugary syrups and creamy toppings, you can still enjoy one without overloading on calories. Focus on customizing your drink to keep it reasonable for your daily calorie needs.

Nutrition Compared to Other Coffee Drinks

Chick’s frosted coffees have a similar calorie count to other popular coffee drinks from chains like Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts.

For example, a 16 ounce Starbucks Caramel Frappuccino has 270 calories. A medium Dunkin’ Donuts Caramel Swirl Iced Coffee has 230 calories.

Chick’s small frosted coffee with around 130 calories is lower than these other coffee drinks. But Chick’s medium and large sizes are in the same ballpark calorie-wise.

The reason Chick’s small size is lower is likely because it contains less syrup and whipped cream than a standard medium or large.

Overall, most coffee drinks from popular chains are high in calories, between 200-400 calories for a medium/regular size. The indulgent flavors come at a calorie cost.

Are Frosted Coffees Healthy?

Frosted coffees are certainly a delicious coffee drink. But are they healthy?

Unfortunately, frosted coffees would not be considered a healthy beverage choice. The main reasons why:

– High in calories, sugar, and fat when made with full-sugar syrups and full-fat whipped cream

– Large sizes can contain nearly a full day’s worth of recommended added sugar intake

– Mostly “empty calories” from refined sugar without much nutritional value

– Easy to over-consume beyond a moderate portion size

– Often becomes more of a dessert drink than regular coffee due to add-ins

On the plus side, frosted coffees provide some antioxidants from the coffee as well as a caffeine boost.

But overall, frosted coffees end up more in the treat category rather than health food due to their high sugar content. They are best enjoyed occasionally and in moderation if you are concerned about your overall diet.


A frosted coffee from Chick contains around 130 calories in a small, 190 calories in a medium, and 260 calories in a large. The high calorie count comes primarily from the added sugar in the flavored syrups and whipped cream used to prepare the drinks. Opting for smaller sizes and less calorie-dense custom add-ins can reduce the calorie impact. While delicious, frosted coffees are considered more of an indulgent treat rather than a healthy beverage choice due to their high sugar and calories. Enjoy frosted coffees on occasion as a special treat, and opt for lower calorie coffee drinks on a regular basis.

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