How many calories in a TGI Fridays burger?

TGI Fridays is a popular chain restaurant known for its wide selection of burgers. With so many options on the menu, many customers wonder just how many calories are in a typical TGI Fridays burger. This article will provide a breakdown of the calorie counts for some of the most popular burger choices at TGI Fridays.

Overview of TGI Fridays burgers

TGI Fridays has a section of their menu dedicated to “Burgers & Sandwiches” with over 15 different burger options to choose from. Burgers range from classic choices like the Bacon Cheeseburger and Mushroom Swiss Burger to specialty options like the Whiskey Bacon Burger and Jalapeño Kick Burger. In general, TGI Fridays burgers feature a half-pound fresh beef patty that is either grilled or blackened. The patty is then topped with various ingredients like cheese, bacon, sautéed mushrooms, fried onion strings, guacamole, and more depending on the specific burger. Most burgers are served on a brioche bun with seasoned fries on the side.

Nutritional information

TGI Fridays provides detailed nutritional information for their full menu online. This makes it easy to find out the calorie counts for any of their burgers. In general, calories in a TGI Fridays burger can range from about 700 to over 1,500 calories depending on toppings and side items. Here is a breakdown of the approximate calorie counts for some popular TGI Fridays burger choices:

Calories in TGI Fridays Bacon Cheeseburger

One of the most classic burger choices at TGI Fridays is the Bacon Cheeseburger. This burger features a half-pound beef patty topped with two strips of applewood smoked bacon and American cheese. It is served on a toasted brioche bun with lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickles, and Fridays sauce.

For the bacon cheeseburger alone, with no sides, the total calorie count is approximately:

  • Half-pound patty: 700 calories
  • 2 slices bacon: 90 calories
  • 1 slice American cheese: 50 calories
  • Brioche bun: 250 calories

This brings the bacon cheeseburger patty and toppings to a total of about 1,090 calories.

If you add on an order of seasoned fries as a side, that adds an additional 440 calories.

So the full bacon cheeseburger meal with fries at TGI Fridays contains approximately 1,530 calories.

This gives you a general idea of the significant calorie counts a basic cheeseburger meal can carry. Choosing lower calorie sides like a salad or splitting the fries can help reduce the total calorie intake.

Calories in TGI Fridays Mushroom Swiss Burger

Another popular TGI Fridays burger is the Mushroom Swiss Burger. This burger features sautéed mushrooms and Swiss cheese as toppings.

Here is a calorie breakdown for the Mushroom Swiss Burger:

  • Half-pound patty: 700 calories
  • Swiss cheese: 110 calories
  • Sautéed mushrooms: 25 calories
  • Brioche bun: 250 calories

The patty and toppings add up to about 1,085 calories. Adding a side of fries contributes an additional 440 calories.

So the total calories for a TGI Fridays Mushroom Swiss Burger meal with fries is approximately 1,525 calories.

Calories in TGI Fridays Whiskey Bacon Burger

For burger lovers looking for something more indulgent, the Whiskey Bacon Burger delivers. This specialty burger includes two strips of whiskey glazed bacon, fried onion strings, and a Jack Daniel’s whiskey glaze.

Here is the calorie count breakdown:

  • Half-pound patty: 700 calories
  • 2 whiskey glazed bacon strips: 110 calories
  • Fried onion strings: 90 calories
  • Whiskey glaze: 60 calories
  • Brioche bun: 250 calories

The patty, bacon, onion strings, glaze and bun add up to about 1,210 calories. With a side of fries, the total is approximately 1,650 calories.

The indulgent toppings like the fried onion strings and whiskey glaze push up the calorie count for this burger.

Calories in TGI Fridays Cheeseburger

For a simpler burger option, the classic Cheeseburger may appeal. This pared down burger features a beef patty, American cheese, and standard burger toppings.

The calorie count for the Cheeseburger is:

  • Half-pound patty: 700 calories
  • 1 slice American cheese: 50 calories
  • Brioche bun: 250 calories
  • Lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle: about 25 calories

So the Cheeseburger on its own contains about 1,025 calories. Paired with a side of fries, the total calories comes out to approximately 1,465 calories.

The Cheeseburger represents one of the lower calorie burger options at TGI Fridays without the extras like bacon or fried onion strings.

Comparing calories in TGI Fridays burgers

To summarize and compare the calories across some popular TGI Fridays burger choices:

Burger Calories (burger only) Calories (with fries)
Bacon Cheeseburger 1,090 1,530
Mushroom Swiss Burger 1,085 1,525
Whiskey Bacon Burger 1,210 1,650
Cheeseburger 1,025 1,465

This comparison makes it clear that most TGI Fridays burgers contain around 1,000 calories or more just for the burger alone. Adding fries tacks on an extra 400+ calories. The Cheeseburger represents the lowest calorie option if you want to watch your calorie intake when dining at TGI Fridays.

Tips for reducing calories in TGI Fridays burgers

If you want to enjoy a tasty burger at TGI Fridays while limiting calorie intake, here are some tips:

  • Choose lower calorie sides like steamed veggies or a side salad instead of fries.
  • Split the fries with a friend to cut calories in half.
  • Order a burger with fewer toppings like the Cheeseburger or Bacon Cheeseburger.
  • Request any sauce or glaze on the side to control how much you use.
  • Opt for a smaller one-third pound or veggie burger patty.
  • Take half the burger home for leftovers to split the meal across two sittings.

Making customizations like these can help reduce the total calorie intake from your TGI Fridays burger meal.

The healthiest TGI Fridays burger choices

For the most calorie-conscious burger lovers, these are some of the healthiest TGI Fridays burger options:

  • Veggie Burger – With a veggie patty and lower calorie toppings, this comes in at around 700 calories total.
  • Turkey Burger – The patty is lower in fat than beef, keeping the calorie count under 850 calories.
  • Salmon Burger – High in protein and omega-3s, the salmon patty and bun is about 800 calories.
  • Barbecue Brisket Burger – The thinner brisket patty and lower calorie BBQ sauce keeps this burger around 950 calories.

Choosing one of these lighter burgers and pairing it with a smart side will help keep your overall meal within a calorie range that still allows room for a tasty burger experience.


Most TGI Fridays burgers contain around 1,000 calories or more for just the burger alone, with added calories from sides like fries. A basic Cheeseburger meal with fries will cost you about 1,500 calories total. More indulgent burgers with extras like bacon, fried onion strings, and glazes can run over 1,600 calories for a full meal. To lighten up your burger meal at TGI Fridays, opt for lower calorie sides, customize with fewer toppings, or split portions. With smart tweaks and substitutions, you can still enjoy the great TGI Fridays burger taste while maintaining your healthy calorie goals.

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