How many calories in a half turkey sandwich from Panera?

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A half turkey sandwich from Panera contains around 300-400 calories, depending on the specific ingredients and bread choice. The turkey itself provides lean protein without too many calories. However, sandwich calories can quickly add up with the addition of cheese, sauces, dressings, and bread. Choosing whole grain bread options can help minimize calories versus white bread. Overall, a half turkey sandwich can be a relatively healthy lunch option when customized to limit high-calorie additions.

Calculating Panera Turkey Sandwich Calories

Panera offers extensive sandwich customization options, so the calories in a half turkey sandwich can vary significantly. Here are some general guidelines for estimating Panera half turkey sandwich calories:


A serving of sliced turkey breast contains around 110 calories. So the turkey meat itself only accounts for a relatively small portion of the sandwich calories.


Panera bread options range from 60 calories (Sprouted Grain Roll) to 250 calories (French Baguette). Choosing whole grain and sprouted grain breads can slash sandwich calories versus white bread options.


Cheese can add 150-200+ calories per slice. Options like cheddar, Swiss, pepper jack and feta should be used sparingly to keep sandwich calories in check.

Sauces and Dressings

Panera sauces like chipotle mayo (90 calories per 2 tbsp) and sweet onion dressing (140 per 2 tbsp) can also drive up calorie totals considerably. Going sauce-free or using oil & vinegar dressing (45 calories per 2 tbsp) minimizes calories.


Fresh veggies like lettuce, tomatoes, onions and pickles provide volume and flavor with minimal calories. Get extra veggies and skip high-calorie sauces and dressings.

Chips and Sides

Pairing the sandwich with lower calorie side options like apple slices (80 calories), or a side salad (~100 calories without dressing) instead of chips or bread minimizes meal calories.

Panera Turkey Sandwich Calorie Totals

Based on these Panera ingredient options, here are total calorie estimates for some common half turkey sandwich choices:

Half Turkey Sandwich on Sprouted Grain Roll

– 2 oz turkey (110 calories)
– 1 slice cheddar cheese (150 calories)
– Sprouted Grain Roll (60 calories)
– Lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles (~10 calories)

Total: Around 330 calories

Half Turkey Sandwich on Asiago Cheese Bagel

– 2 oz turkey (110 calories)
– 1 slice Swiss cheese (150 calories)
– Asiago Cheese Bagel (210 calories)
– Lettuce, onion (~10 calories)
– Honey mustard dressing (140 calories per 2 tbsp)

Total: Around 620 calories

Half Turkey Sandwich on Country Rustic Boule

– 2 oz turkey (110 calories)
– Country Rustic Boule (170 calories)
– Spinach, tomato, red onion (~15 calories)
– Oil & vinegar dressing (45 calories per 2 tbsp)

Total: Around 340 calories

Factors Affecting Panera Turkey Sandwich Calories

As shown above, the bread choice, cheese, sauces and accompaniments can really vary the calories in a Panera half turkey sandwich. Here are some of the main factors that affect the calorie count:

Bread Type

Choosing lower calorie whole grain breads like the Sprouted Grain Roll (60 calories) or Country Rustic Boule (170 calories) instead of higher calorie options like the Asiago Cheese Bagel (210 calories) or French Baguette (250 calories) makes a big difference.


Adding cheese piles on an extra 150-200+ calories. Skipping cheese or sticking to a slice of reduced-fat Swiss or cheddar helps limit calories.


Panera sandwich sauces range from 45 calories (oil & vinegar dressing) up to 140 calories (honey mustard) for just 2 tablespoons. Sauces are an easy place to trim sandwich calories.


Chips, bread or higher calorie side choices can nearly double meal calories. Opt for apple slices, a side salad or a broth-based soup for lower calorie accompaniments.


Other additions like avocado spread, bacon, or extra meat also increase calorie totals. Limiting customizations helps keep the sandwich calories focused on the turkey and veggie fillings.

Lowest Calorie Options for a Half Turkey Sandwich

If you’re looking for ways to customize your Panera half turkey sandwich for minimal calories, consider these lowest calorie options:


– Sprouted Grain Roll (60 calories)
– Campfire Roll (90 calories)
– Country Blonde Roll (90 calories)


– Skip cheese or stick to 1 slice reduced-fat cheddar or Swiss (70 calories)


– Oil & vinegar (45 calories for 2 tbsp)
– Leave sauce off


– Spinach, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle – load up on fresh veggies


– Apple slices (80 calories)
– Side salad with oil & vinegar dressing (~100 calories)
– Low-sodium chicken noodle soup (120 calories per bowl)


– Avocado spread, bacon, extra meat/cheese

Following these lower calorie choices can keep your customized Panera half turkey sandwich around 300 calories or less.

Higher Calorie Options That Increase Sandwich Calories

On the other hand, these higher calorie options can make your Panera half turkey sandwich 600+ calories or more:


– Asiago Cheese Bagel (210 calories)
– French Baguette (250 calories)
– Three Cheese Bread Bowl (500+ calories)


– 2+ slices of cheese (150-300+ calories)
– Shredded cheese blend as topping (~200 calories)


– Chipotle Mayo (90 calories per 2 tbsp)
– Sweet Onion Dressing (140 calories per 2 tbsp)
– Honey Mustard Dressing (140 calories per 2 tbsp)


– Chips or baked chips (200-400+ calories)
– Mac & cheese (400+ calories)
– Bread bowl or bread slices (150+ calories per serving)


– Avocado spread
– Bacon
– Double meat

Choosing these higher calorie options can easily tip your half turkey sandwich over 600 calories or more depending on your customizations.

Healthiest Low Calorie Turkey Sandwich Choices at Panera

If you want to make your Panera half turkey sandwich as healthy and low-cal as possible, here are some smart choices:

– Sprouted Grain Roll or Country Rustic Boule for the bread
– Load up on lettuce, spinach, tomato, onion, pickle for fiber and nutrients
– Mustard, oil & vinegar or red wine vinaigrette for dressing
– Skip the cheese and sauce
– Choose apple slices or a salad as your side
– Stick to just the 2 oz turkey breast meat

This bread and veggie-focused turkey sandwich without cheese or heavy sauces provides lots of nutrition at around 250-350 calories for the whole sandwich depending on exact customizations.

Comparing Panera Turkey Sandwich to Other Options

How does a half turkey sandwich stack up against some other Panera lunch choices calorie-wise? Here’s a calorie comparison:

Half turkey sandwich on sprouted grain bread with veggies: ~300 calories

– Full turkey sandwich on baguette: ~550 calories
– Ham and Swiss on baguette: ~600 calories
– Tuna salad sandwich on country rustic boule: ~550 calories
– Baked potato soup bowl with baguette: ~500 calories
– Whole Greek salad with dressing: ~435 calories

So a customized half turkey sandwich is one of the lighter lunch options at Panera compared to many other sandwiches, soups and salads. Choosing whole grain bread, skipping cheese and sauces, and loading up on veggies keeps the calories reasonable on a half turkey sandwich.

Low Calorie Vegetarian Sandwich Options at Panera

For vegetarians looking for lower calorie Panera sandwiches, these tasty options clock in around 400 calories or less for a half sandwich:

Half Mediterranean Veggie on Sprouted Grain Roll
– Veggie fillings like hummus, cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, feta – ~300 calories

Half Veggie Sandwich on Country Blonde Roll
– Spinach, roasted veggies, pesto, mozzarella – ~390 calories

Half Green Goddess Cobb Salad Wrap
– Mixed greens, avocado, rice noodles and vinaigrette – ~340 calories

Half Thai Salad Roll-Up
– Mixed salad veggies, rice noodles, peanut sauce – ~300 calories

So vegetarians can also find flavorful and satisfying lower calorie sandwiches at Panera by opting for veggie fillings and avoiding heavy breads, cheeses and sauces.

Tips for Ordering a Lower Calorie Half Turkey Sandwich at Panera

Here are some tips to remember when customizing your half turkey sandwich order at Panera to minimize calories:

– Choose whole grain or sprouted grain bread options
– Load up with fresh veggies
– Use mustard, oil & vinegar or red wine vinaigrette
– Skip cheese and sauce
– Opt for apple slices or salad as sides over chips or bread
– Stick to 2 oz turkey breast meat
– Avoid avocado spread, bacon or double meat

Following these guidelines can help keep your half turkey sandwich around 300-400 calories while maximizing nutrition.


In summary, a half turkey sandwich from Panera can range from around 300-400 calories up to 600+ calories depending on your customizations. Choosing whole grain bread, vegetables, and mustard or oil and vinegar dressing keeps calories down. Avoiding cheese, sauces, avocado spread, bacon and higher calorie sides prevents excess calories. With smart customizations focused on veggies and lean protein, a half turkey sandwich can be a nutritious Panera lunch option at around 300-400 calories. Limiting high calorie additions allows you to enjoy the flavors and satisfaction of a turkey sandwich without the unwanted extra calories.

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