How many calories in a 6 inch Cuban sandwich?

A 6 inch Cuban sandwich can range from 300 to 500 calories depending on the ingredients and preparation. Here’s a quick overview of the calorie count:


In summary, a 6 inch Cuban sandwich made with traditional ingredients like Cuban bread, ham, pork shoulder, Swiss cheese, pickles and mustard contains around 500 calories. However, the calorie count can vary between 300-500 calories depending on the specific ingredients used, such as:

  • Bread type (Cuban, French, etc) – Cuban bread tends to be lighter than other bread types
  • Meat choices (ham, pork, turkey, etc)
  • Cheese type (Swiss, cheddar, etc)
  • Spread/sauce (mustard, mayo, etc)
  • Extra toppings added like lettuce, tomatoes, onions
  • Portion size – a 6 inch sub can sometimes be packed with more fillings than other times

Making substitutions like choosing lean turkey over ham, using less cheese or mayo-based spreads, and loading up on veggie toppings can reduce the calories in a 6 inch Cuban sandwich. While a traditional Cuban sandwich has around 500 calories, a lighter version can clock in closer to 300 calories.

Calories in Main Cuban Sandwich Ingredients

Here’s a breakdown of the approximate calories in a 6 inch Cuban sandwich’s main ingredients:


A 6 inch Cuban loaf roll: Around 200 calories

The traditional Cuban bread used for these sandwiches is similar to French bread like a baguette. It has a crisp, thin crust and light, airy insides. A 6 inch section of Cuban bread weighs around 2 ounces and contains 200-210 calories.


2 ounces roasted pork shoulder: Around 130 calories

Authentic Cuban sandwiches are made with slow-roasted mojo-marinated pork shoulder. About 2 ounces of roasted pork provides 130 calories.


2 ounces sliced ham: Around 110 calories

Many Cuban sandwiches substitute cured ham for the traditional roasted pork. Two ounces of sliced ham (about 4 thin slices) contains around 110 calories.

Swiss Cheese

1 ounce Swiss cheese: Around 110 calories

Swiss cheese is the most commonly used cheese on Cuban sandwiches. One ounce or about 2 slices of Swiss cheese has around 110 calories.


2-3 pickle slices: Around 5-10 calories

Cuban sandwiches are traditionally topped with sliced dill pickles. Two or three small pickle slices adds a negligible amount of calories (5 to 10 calories).

Yellow Mustard

1-2 teaspoons mustard: Around 5-15 calories

Yellow mustard is the typical spread or sauce in a Cuban sandwich. One to two teaspoons of yellow mustard adds only about 5-15 calories.

Calculating Total Calories

Adding up the main ingredients:

  • Cuban bread: 200 calories
  • Pork: 130 calories
  • Ham: 110 calories
  • Swiss cheese: 110 calories
  • Pickles: 10 calories
  • Mustard: 10 calories

This leads to a total of around 570 calories in a traditional 6 inch Cuban sandwich made with Cuban bread, roasted pork, Swiss cheese, pickles and mustard.

Since a Cuban sandwich is often stuffed with ingredients rather than orderly layers, the proportions can vary. If made with around 2 ounces each of pork and ham (260 calories total), 2 slices of Swiss cheese (220 calories), mustard (10 calories) and bread (200 calories), the calorie total would be closer to 500 calories.

For a lighter Cuban sandwich, consider substituting turkey for the pork/ham, using just 1 slice of cheese and loading up on veggies like lettuce, tomatoes, onions and more pickles. This could bring the calorie count down to around 300-350 calories.

Nutrition Facts of a 6 Inch Cuban Sandwich

Here is the full nutrition breakdown for a typical 6 inch Cuban sandwich:

Nutrient Amount
Calories 500
Carbohydrates 40g
Protein 35g
Total Fat 15g
Saturated Fat 5g
Sodium 1500mg

As you can see, a traditional Cuban sandwich made with Cuban bread provides a good amount of carbohydrates. The protein and fat comes mainly from the meat, cheese and bread. Sodium is quite high due to the ham, pork, cheese and bread.

Here is the nutrition for a lighter Cuban sandwich made with turkey, one slice of cheese, and extra veggies:

Nutrient Amount
Calories 300
Carbohydrates 30g
Protein 20g
Total Fat 8g
Saturated Fat 3g
Sodium 800mg

Going lighter on the meat, cheese and condiments reduces the calories, sodium, fat and protein. But you still get plenty of carbs from the bread to fuel your day.

Tips for Lightening Up Your Cuban Sandwich

Here are some simple tips for reducing the calorie count in a Cuban sandwich:

  • Use lean turkey or chicken breast instead of higher-fat meats like pork or ham.
  • Limit to one slice of cheese like Swiss or cheddar.
  • Load up with fresh veggies like lettuce, tomato, onions, spinach.
  • Skip the mayo-based spreads and stick to mustard or hummus.
  • Choose whole grain mustard for a flavor boost without added fat.
  • Use lighter bread options like a whole wheat baguette.
  • Reduce portion size to a 4 or 5 inch sandwich.
  • Skip the fries or chips side and opt for a side salad instead.

With some simple substitutions and additions, you can easily slash calories and boost nutrition in your Cuban sandwich. Just stick to around 300-350 calories for a lighter 6 inch option.

Comparisons to Other Popular 6 Inch Sandwiches

How does a Cuban sandwich compare calorie-wise to other common 6 inch sandwich choices?

Italian Subs

A 6 inch Italian sub on white bread with deli meats, cheese and fixings has around 400-500 calories depending on ingredients.

Meatball Sub

A 6 inch meatball sub has between 500-600 calories.

Chicken Salad Sandwich

Chicken salad on white bread has around 300-400 calories in a 6 inch sandwich.

Tuna Sandwich

Tuna salad made with light mayo on whole wheat bread contains around 250-350 calories.

Veggie Sub

A veggie sub with veggies, hummus, avocado and cheese has around 400-500 calories.

In comparison, a traditional Cuban sandwich made with Cuban bread is quite high in calories, similar to an Italian sub, meatball sub or veggie sub. Going lighter on ingredients or sizing down can reduce the calories to compete with healthier subs.

Cuban Sandwich Calories at Popular Restaurants

To give you an idea of actual Cuban sandwich nutrition at restaurants, here are some options with their calorie counts:

Jimmy John’s Cuban Sandwich (6 inch)

  • 460 calories

Jersey Mike’s Cuban Sandwich (Mini 5 inch)

  • 540 calories

TooJay’s Original Cuban Sandwich

  • 710 calories

Pollo Tropical Cuban Sandwich

  • 460 calories

Quiznos Cuban Sandwich (6 inch)

  • 470 calories

As you can see, most restaurants serve Cuban sandwiches containing 450-700 calories. Ordering a mini or junior size can help reduce the calories, or customizing your ingredients.

Healthiest Ways to Enjoy Cuban Sandwiches

Here are some tips for enjoying Cuban sandwiches as part of a healthy diet:

  • Stick to a 6 inch or junior portion to control calories.
  • Pick restaurants that offer customizable or lighter options.
  • Split the sandwich and pair with a side salad or soup.
  • Opt for turkey, chicken or veggie versions when available.
  • Load up on veggies instead of cheese and heavy sauces.
  • Ask for whole grain bread if offered.
  • Skip the chips, fries or sugary drinks and have water instead.
  • Balance out the rest of your meals for the day.

With some smart customizations and choices, you can satisfy your Cuban sandwich craving while sticking to your health goals. Aim for no more than 300-350 calories in your lighter sandwich creation.


A traditional 6 inch Cuban sandwich packs around 500 calories, but can range from 300-500 calories depending on ingredients like bread, meat, cheese and toppings. Building a lighter Cuban sandwich with turkey, one slice of cheese, extra veggies, mustard and lighter bread can keep calories around 300-350. When dining out, check menus for lighter options or split a regular Cuban sandwich. With some adjustments, you can enjoy the delicious flavor combo of a Cuban sandwich while maintaining a balanced diet.

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