How many calories does the almond croissant have at Starbucks?

The almond croissant at Starbucks is a delicious baked good that many customers enjoy with their morning coffee. But like many pastry items, it does come with a significant amount of calories. So just how many calories are in a Starbucks almond croissant?

The Nutrition Facts for Starbucks’ Almond Croissant

According to Starbucks’ website, one almond croissant contains the following nutrition facts:

Nutrition Facts Amount
Calories 330
Total Fat 16g
Saturated Fat 7g
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 55mg
Sodium 270mg
Total Carbohydrates 40g
Dietary Fiber 2g
Total Sugars 16g
Protein 7g

So according to Starbucks, their almond croissant contains 330 calories per pastry.

How the Calories Compare to Other Starbucks Items

The 330 calories in Starbucks’ almond croissant is on the higher side compared to some of their other baked goods. For example:

  • A blueberry muffin has 350 calories
  • A chocolate chip cookie has 200 calories
  • A slice of coffee cake has 320 calories

The almond croissant has more calories than a cookie or scone, but less than the larger muffins. Compared to Starbucks’ lunch items, the croissant is lower in calories than most of their sandwiches and protein boxes, which tend to range from 300-600 calories.

When it comes to their drinks menu, a Tall Latte with 2% milk has about 150 calories. So you’re looking at consuming nearly double the calories with the almond croissant versus a small latte.

How the Calories Break Down

Taking a closer look at the nutrition information, we can see the 330 calories in the almond croissant come primarily from carbohydrates and fat:

  • Total fat: 16g
  • Saturated fat: 7g
  • Total carbohydrates: 40g
  • Protein: 7g

With 40g of carbohydrates and 16g of fat, the majority of the calories are coming from these two macronutrients. The 7g of protein accounts for just a small portion of the overall calories.

How Many Calories Are in a Venti Almond Milk Latte?

For comparison, let’s look at the calorie count of a popular Starbucks drink – the Venti Almond Milk Latte:

Beverage Calories
Venti Almond Milk Latte 370

A Venti is Starbucks’ 20 oz size. With almond milk and no other customizations, this large latte contains 370 calories. That’s only 40 more calories than the almond croissant.

So while the croissant may seem like a more indulgent, higher calorie item, a large specialty latte like this one comes in at nearly the same calorie count. Going with a smaller Tall or Grande latte would reduce the calories to 250 or 300 respectively.

Tips for Enjoying the Almond Croissant While Watching Calories

The almond croissant has 330 calories, which is considered a higher calorie food for a relatively small pastry. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it as an occasional treat if you account for the indulgence:

Stick to One Croissant

First, stick to just one croissant. It’s easy to want to order multiple pastries or treats when visiting Starbucks. But a single croissant is plenty satisfying. Adding a second one doubles the calories to 660.

Skip the Extras

Second, skip extras that add additional calories like spreads, butters, or a Frappuccino on the side. Enjoy the croissant on its own.

Balance with Lower Calorie Choices for Other Meals

And finally, balance the higher calorie croissant with lower calorie meals and snacks for the rest of your day. For example, have a light breakfast of greek yogurt and fruit to save calories for your higher calorie pastry.

How Many Calories Does the Reduced Fat Turkey Bacon Breakfast Sandwich Have?

For a lower calorie breakfast option, Starbucks’ Reduced Fat Turkey Bacon Breakfast Sandwich is a good choice. The nutrition info is:

Nutrition Facts Amount
Calories 250
Total Fat 9g
Protein 16g
Carbohydrates 24g

At just 250 calories, this breakfast sandwich is a much lower calorie option compared to the 330 calorie almond croissant. And it provides more balanced nutrition with 16g of protein and 9g of fat.

Other Lower Calorie Starbucks Breakfast Options

Some other lower calorie Starbucks breakfast items include:

  • Egg white and roasted red pepper sous vide egg bites – 170 calories
  • Reduced fat turkey bacon protein plate – 200 calories
  • Oatmeal with berries – 150 calories

Pairing any of these with black coffee or unsweetened tea can keep your total breakfast under 300 calories.

What About the Carbs in Starbucks’ Almond Croissant?

In addition to the calorie count, it’s worth looking at the carbohydrates and sugar in Starbucks’ almond croissant.

Each croissant contains 40g total carbohydrates, which is a significant amount considering its small serving size. The Institute of Medicine recommends a minimum of 130g of carbs per day for most adults.

The croissant also contains 16g of sugar. The American Heart Association recommends limiting added sugar to no more than 25g per day for women and 36g per day for men.

So in this single pastry, you’re getting nearly half of the recommended limit for added sugars for women, and close to half the limit for men.

Tips for Limiting Carbs and Sugar

If you’re trying to watch your overall carbs or added sugars, consider these tips when opting for the almond croissant:

  • Stick to one croissant and avoid ordering multiple pastries
  • Pair with a high protein, lower carb breakfast like eggs or yogurt
  • Avoid added sugars in your coffee drink by skipping flavored syrups
  • Select lower carb options for other meals and snacks that day

This can help ensure the indulgent croissant doesn’t completely throw off your daily carb and sugar goals.

Comparing Calories and Carbs to Homemade Croissants

The nutrition information we’ve looked at so far applies specifically to Starbucks’ version of the almond croissant. But how does it compare against homemade croissants?

Here is the nutrition data for a basic homemade almond croissant according to the USDA:

Nutrition Facts (1 croissant) Amount
Calories 267
Total Fat 12g
Carbohydrates 32g
Protein 6g

The homemade version is slightly lower in calories at 267 vs 330 calories. It’s also a bit lower in carbs and fat. This isn’t too surprising since large coffee chains may use higher fat, higher sugar recipes to produce consistent baked goods across all their stores.

But in the grand scheme, the nutrition stats are fairly comparable. So you can enjoy Starbucks’ version knowing it’s relatively on par with what you’d expect from a homemade almond croissant.

Nutrition Tips for Enjoying the Starbucks Almond Croissant

Here are some tips to enjoy Starbucks’ almond croissant while maintaining balanced nutrition:

Go for a Smaller Size Drink

Pair your croissant with a Tall or Grande drink rather than a Venti to limit calories, sugar, and carbohydrates from your beverage choice.

Add Protein

Consider adding a protein-rich food like hard-boiled egg, greek yogurt, or nut butter to help balance the carbohydrate and fat from the pastry.

Slow Down and Savor

Practice mindful eating by slowing down and savoring each bite. This allows you to enjoy every morsel rather than mindlessly overeating.

Split with a Friend

Split the croissant with a friend or loved one. Portion control is key with a higher calorie bakery item like this.

Drink Water

Choose water or unsweetened coffee or tea as your beverage. Staying hydrated can help prevent overindulging.


Starbucks’ almond croissant contains 330 calories, 40g carbs, and 16g sugar. While on the higher side for a pastry, it can be enjoyed occassionally as part of an overall balanced diet. Sticking to just one croissant and pairing with protein and lower calorie beverages are simple ways to indulge while maintaining healthful eating habits overall.

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