How many calories are in fresh kitchen almond chicken?

Fresh Kitchen Almond Chicken is a popular meal choice for those looking for a delicious and protein-packed option. But when counting calories, it’s important to know just how many are in each serving. In this article, we’ll break down the calorie count in Fresh Kitchen Almond Chicken so you can make informed choices about this menu item.

An Overview of Fresh Kitchen and Their Almond Chicken

Fresh Kitchen is a restaurant chain that focuses on serving fresh, made-to-order meals. Their menu features salads, bowls, sandwiches and more. One of their most popular offerings is the Almond Chicken. This dish features grilled chicken breast topped with almonds and served with brown rice and steamed broccoli. It makes for a tasty and balanced meal.

Serving Size and Calories Per Serving

According to the Fresh Kitchen nutrition information, one serving of Almond Chicken contains the following:

Serving Size 1 plate (493g)
Calories 490

So in one average serving of Fresh Kitchen Almond Chicken, there are 490 calories. This number will vary slightly depending on the exact size of chicken breast and amount of almonds used, but the average serving contains about 490 calories.

Calories from Each Ingredient

To better understand where those calories come from, let’s break down the sources:

Grilled Chicken Breast

Chicken breast is the main source of protein and a major contributor of calories in this dish. There is 156g of chicken breast in each serving. With around 110 calories in 100g of cooked chicken breast, that equates to around 172 calories from the chicken alone.


Almonds add healthy fats and crunch to this meal. Each serving contains around 22 almonds, with 26 calories per almond, totaling about 57 calories from the almonds.

Brown Rice

The brown rice provides an excellent complex carb source. There is 156g of brown rice per serving, with around 112 calories in 100g of cooked brown rice, equaling about 175 calories just from the rice.

Steamed Broccoli

The broccoli adds nutrients like vitamin C and fiber. With 78 calories in 156g of broccoli, this ingredient contributes about 61 calories to the total.

Sauces and Seasonings

The almond sauce, oil used for cooking, and any seasonings also contribute small amounts of calories. An estimate is that they add around 25 calories to each serving.

Nutrition Breakdown for Almond Chicken

Looking beyond just calories, here is the full nutrition breakdown for a serving of Fresh Kitchen’s Almond Chicken:

Calories 490
Fat 16g
Carbs 44g
Protein 44g
Fiber 7g

As you can see, in addition to calories, this meal provides a good amount of protein from the chicken, healthy fats from the almonds, and fiber from the brown rice and broccoli. This makes it a balanced meal while still staying under 500 calories per serving.

How Almond Chicken Fits Into Your Daily Calorie Needs

So how do the 490 calories in Fresh Kitchen’s Almond Chicken fit into your daily calorie needs? That will depend on factors like your age, gender, activity level and weight goals.

For a Sedentary Adult

For a sedentary adult looking to maintain weight, the recommended daily calorie intake is around 2,000 calories. In that case, the 490 calories from Almond Chicken would account for around 25% of your total daily needs.

For an Active Adult

If you are an active adult aiming for weight loss or maintenance, your calorie needs are higher. For someone needing 2,400 calories per day, the Almond Chicken would provide around 20% of your total daily calories.

As Part of a Reduced Calorie Diet

For those following reduced calorie diets for weight loss, daily calories may be set around 1,200-1,500. For a 1,200 calorie diet, this single Fresh Kitchen meal would take up over 40% of your calories for the day. At 1,500 daily calories, it would be around 30%. So in those cases, it would need to be accompanied by other relatively low calorie meals and snacks throughout the day in order to stay within your restricted calorie limits for weight loss.

Tips for Enjoying Almond Chicken as Part of a Balanced Diet

Here are some tips to enjoy Fresh Kitchen’s Almond Chicken as part of a healthy, balanced diet:

Watch Portion Sizes

Stick to a single serving to keep calories under control. About 490 calories per meal is reasonable as part of a weight maintenance diet. But limiting portion sizes is important.

Pair with Low Calorie Sides and Snacks

To make this chicken dish work within a reduced calorie diet, pair it with lower calorie sides like a side salad with light dressing or a bowl of vegetable soup. And be sure to also include low calorie snacks between meals.

Add More Veggies

Round out the meal by adding extra non-starchy vegetables like roasted broccoli, grilled zucchini, or a side salad. This will add nutrients and bulk up the meal with low calorie foods.

Opt for Healthy Cooking Methods

Order the Almond Chicken grilled rather than fried or breaded to minimize added oils and calories. Grilled chicken breast is the healthier choice.

Watch the Sauces and Dressings

Flavorful sauces and dressings can add excess calories. Opt for the almond chicken without sauce or choose lower calorie preparations of the sauce. And use dressings and condiments sparingly.

How Almond Chicken Compares to Other Fresh Kitchen Options

Fresh Kitchen’s Almond Chicken is one of the lower calorie entree options on their menu. Here’s how it compares to some other popular choices:

Menu Item Calories
Almond Chicken 490
Chipotle Chicken Avocado Bowl 710
Sesame Ginger Salmon Bowl 600
Steak Fajita Bowl 630

As you can see, while not the lowest calorie choice, Almond Chicken is one of the more diet-friendly options. Going with a lighter salad or bowl can trim even more calories for those counting calories closely.

Is Fresh Kitchen’s Almond Chicken Healthy?

Looking beyond just calories, Fresh Kitchen’s Almond Chicken makes for a nutritious meal choice. It provides:

  • Lean protein from the chicken breast
  • Healthy fats from the almonds
  • Fiber from the brown rice and broccoli
  • Vitamins and minerals from the fresh vegetables

Compared to fried, high calorie dishes, this meal offers more nutritional benefits. The ingredients are fresh, lightly cooked, and free of heavy sauces or dressings. For these reasons, Fresh Kitchen’s Almond Chicken can be considered a healthy menu option when ordering in moderation and pairing with other nutritious choices. It provides quality nutrition in a meal under 500 calories when keeping portions in check.


Fresh Kitchen’s Almond Chicken provides a tasty and protein-packed meal that comes in at around 490 calories for an average serving. Exact counts can vary slightly based on ingredients, but you can expect this dish to contain around 490 calories per plate. These calories come mostly from the protein-rich chicken breast, fiber-filled brown rice, nutritious broccoli, and healthy almonds. When eating mindfully, Almond Chicken can be part of a balanced diet. Pay attention to portion sizes, add extra vegetable sides, and watch condiments to keep the calories of this meal in check. Paired with other wholesome choices, Fresh Kitchen’s Almond Chicken makes for a delicious and diet-friendly option when dining out.

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