How many calories are in cold foam from Starbucks?

Quick Answer

The number of calories in Starbucks’ cold foam depends on the type of milk used and the size of the beverage. A small cold brew with vanilla sweet cream cold foam made with 2% milk has about 60 calories from the cold foam. A grande sweet cream cold brew with salted honey cold foam contains around 100 calories from the cold foam topping. Cold foam is made by blending nonfat or 2% milk until it is frothy, meaning it has air whipped into it. This results in a lighter, foamy texture with a subtle sweetness.

Calories in Different Starbucks Cold Foam Options

Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Foam

Starbucks’ vanilla sweet cream cold foam is made by blending 2% milk with vanilla syrup. The standard sweet cream cold foam recipe uses 2 pumps of vanilla syrup for a tall, 3 pumps for a grande, 4 pumps for a venti.

Size Calories
Tall 60
Grande 90
Venti 120

As you can see, the calories increase with the size, since larger sizes use more 2% milk and vanilla syrup. The cold foam adds a creamy, sweet layer with 60-120 calories depending on size.

Salted Honey Cold Foam

The salted honey cold foam recipe combines nonfat milk, honey, and sea salt. Since nonfat milk is used instead of 2% milk, the calorie count is lower.

Size Calories
Tall 20
Grande 40
Venti 60

A tall salted honey cold foam only has around 20 calories, while a venti has 60 calories. The honey adds a touch of sweetness to complement the salty flavor.

Irish Cream Cold Foam

For anyone wanting a boozy, dessert-like cold foam, Starbucks offers an Irish cream version made with Irish cream syrup and 2% milk.

Size Calories
Tall 90
Grande 135
Venti 180

The Irish cream flavor packs more calories than plain sweet cream or salted honey, ranging from 90 calories for a tall up to 180 calories for a venti. It provides a richer, boozy topping for coffee drinks.

Peppermint Mocha Cold Foam

Starbucks brings back its holiday favorite peppermint mocha in cold foam form. The peppermint mocha cold foam is made by blending 2% milk, mocha sauce, and peppermint syrup.

Size Calories
Tall 100
Grande 150
Venti 200

With mocha sauce adding more sugar and richness, the peppermint mocha cold foam delivers 100-200 calories depending on size. It gives a festive peppermint mocha flavor with the frothy, lighter texture of cold foam.

Calories in Cold Foam vs. Whipped Cream

Cold foam and whipped cream may look similar as foamy toppings, but they differ in texture and calories. Cold foam is made by blending milk until frothy, while whipped cream is made by whipping heavy cream.

Whipped cream has significantly more calories and fat than cold foam. For example, a tall cup of vanilla sweet cream cold foam made with 2% milk contains 60 calories. A tall serving of regular Starbucks whipped cream made with heavy cream has 120 calories.

Here’s a comparison of the calories in a tall cold foam vs. whipped cream:

Topping Calories (Tall)
Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Foam 60
Whipped Cream 120

Cold foam provides a lighter topping alternative by using low fat or nonfat milk instead of heavy cream. It allows you to add a foamy, sweet layer to drinks without as much fat and calories as regular whipped cream.

Does Cold Foam Add Significant Calories to Drinks?

While cold foam does contain calories, a small or tall serving only adds 60-120 calories in most cases. This isn’t very significant compared to the calories in Frappuccinos and blended coffee drinks.

For example, a tall caramel Frappuccino has 250 calories without any toppings or whipped cream. Adding a tall vanilla sweet cream cold foam would bring it to around 310 calories total. The cold foam only increases the calorie count by about 25%.

Likewise, a grande java chip Frappuccino has 420 calories on its own. Adding a grande sweet cream cold foam adds 90 calories, bringing the total to 510 calories. Again, the cold foam only accounts for about 20% of total calories.

So while cold foam does contribute additional calories, it’s not a major source compared to the high calorie Frappuccino base. Cold foam is a lower calorie way to add flavor and texture versus heavy whipped cream. Adding it to brewed coffee or cold brew has a minimal impact on calories.

Tips for Lightening Up Your Cold Foam

If you want to reduce the calories in your cold foam drink, here are some tips:

Size Down

Choose a smaller size like tall or grande rather than venti. The calories are lower since it uses less milk and syrup.

Nonfat Milk

Request nonfat milk instead of 2%. Nonfat milk will slash calories since it has no fat.

Fewer Pumps of Syrup

Order fewer pumps of syrup, such as 1 pump instead of the standard 3 pumps in a grande. Less syrup means fewer calories.

Sugar-Free Syrup

Use a sugar-free syrup like sugar-free vanilla or sugar-free cinnamon dolce to cut calories.

No Whipped Cream

Skip the whipped cream on top to avoid those extra calories and fat. The cold foam gives plenty of frothy texture.

Cold Brew or Iced Coffee

Put cold foam on cold brew or iced coffee instead of Frappuccinos or blended drinks which are higher in calories.


Starbucks’ cold foam provides a lighter, foamy topping ranging from about 20-200 calories depending on the recipe and size. While it does add extra calories, a small or tall cold foam only contributes 60-120 calories in most cases. Choosing nonfat milk, fewer pumps of syrup, and sugar-free flavors can further lighten up your drink. Overall, cold foam is a trendy way to customize your coffee with a fraction of the calories of heavy whipped cream. Be mindful of size and additions to keep your drink from venturing into calorie-loaded territory.

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