How many calories in a tablespoon of Everything Bagel seasoning?

Everything Bagel seasoning has become a popular way to add flavor to foods like eggs, avocado toast, salads, meats, and more. But many wonder just how many calories are in a tablespoon of this versatile spice blend. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll break down the nutritional facts on Everything Bagel seasoning and the calories per tablespoon. We’ll also look at how to determine your own serving size based on nutrition labels, get tips for using Everything Bagel seasoning while watching calories, and compare it to similar seasoning blends. Whether you love topping your morning toast with this oniony, garlicky mixture or sprinkling it on dips and snacks, read on to find out everything you need to know about the calories in Everything Bagel seasoning.

Nutritional Facts on Everything Bagel Seasoning

Since there are many brands of Everything Bagel seasoning out there, the exact nutrition facts can vary. But most blends contain common ingredients like sesame seeds, poppy seeds, dried onion, dried garlic, and salt. Some brands also add dehydrated parsley or other spices. Here’s a look at the typical nutrition information per 1 tablespoon serving:

Calories 45-60
Total Fat 3-4g
Sodium 190-350mg
Total Carbohydrates 3-5g
Protein 2g

As you can see, a single tablespoon of Everything Bagel seasoning generally provides 45-60 calories, along with small amounts of fat, carbs, and protein. The main caveat is that sodium content can be quite high due to all the salt used to flavor and preserve the dried ingredients. Those watching their salt intake may want to pay attention to the sodium levels on various brands.

Calorie Differences Between Brands

While most Everything Bagel seasonings have similar nutritional profiles, there can be slight differences between brands. For example:

– McCormick’s Everything Bagel Seasoning has 60 calories per tablespoon
– Trader Joe’s Everything but the Bagel Sesame Seasoning Blend has 45 calories
– Stonewall Kitchen Everything Bagel Seasoning has 50 calories
– Spice Islands Everything Bagel Seasoning has 55 calories

So be sure to check the nutrition facts on your own brand’s label to get the specifics. Even within the same brand, different sized containers may have slightly different calorie counts.

Determining Your Serving Size

When figuring out how many calories you’re consuming, it’s important to pay attention to your own personal serving size, not just what’s listed on the packaging. The nutrition information is based on 1 level tablespoon (about 9 grams), but you may use more or less than that amount depending on the dish you’re seasoning.

Here are some tips for measuring your serving size accurately:

– Use an actual measuring spoon rather than guessing portions.
– Level off the seasoning using a knife so it’s not rounded or overflowing.
– Weigh your serving on a food scale for the most precision.
– Start with less seasoning and add more to taste. It’s easy to overdo it on the Everything Bagel flavor.
– Consider the serving size in the entire recipe, not just what you add to each portion.

Tracking your precise serving size rather than estimating will give you a better handle on the calories and nutrients you’re consuming.

Sample Serving Sizes

To give you an idea of potential serving sizes for Everything Bagel seasoning, here are some examples and the calories each would contain:

Serving Size Calories*
1/4 teaspoon 8
1/2 teaspoon 15
3/4 teaspoon 23
1 teaspoon 30
1 tablespoon 60
2 tablespoons 120

*Based on Everything Bagel seasoning with 60 calories per tablespoon

As you can see, those small spoonfuls can add up, especially if you’re heavy handed with the seasoning! Measuring carefully is key for keeping calories in check.

Watching Calories with Everything Bagel Seasoning

While Everything Bagel seasoning certainly adds lots of flavor for few calories, there are some ways to keep calories even lower:

Go Easy on Portions

Stick close to the recommended serving size of 1 tablespoon instead of overdoing it. Measure precisely. Sprinkle lightly rather than dumping it on. You can always add more if needed.

Use in Place of Higher Calorie Toppings

Swap out things like cream cheese, butter, oil, bacon bits, etc. for the seasoning blend. It can make dishes lighter while keeping the everything bagel taste.

Boost Low Calorie Foods

Sprinkle on plain nonfat Greek yogurt, low fat cottage cheese, hard boiled eggs, air popped popcorn, roasted vegetables, salads, and other nutrition-packed eats.

Avoid Pairing with Calorie Dense Foods

While the seasoning can add flavor to almost anything, beware adding it to already high calorie foods like pizza, fatty meats, baked goods, etc. This piles on extra calories.

Compare Brands for Lower Sodium

To cut back on sodium, compare nutrition labels and choose a brand with lower salt content per serving. Less sodium may mean fewer calories in some cases.

Being mindful of serving sizes, what you eat it with, and watching labels can help keep Everything Bagel seasoning as a lower calorie flavor boost.

Everything Bagel Seasoning Alternatives

If you’re looking for similar flavors with even fewer calories, consider these lower calorie seasoning alternatives:

Onion and Garlic Powder

Use a combo of onion powder and garlic powder to dust foods instead. You’ll get the onion and garlic taste with way fewer calories and carbs.

Sesame Seeds

Sprinkle just the sesame seeds over foods for nutty flavor and crunch. Look for low sodium versions to further cut calories.

Poppy Seeds

Poppy seeds alone can provide the subtle blue speckled “everything” appearance without extra salt, fat, carbs, or calories.

Trader Joe’s Onion Salt

This popular seasoning combines onion, garlic, and salt for an Everything Bagel vibe with just 10 calories per 1/4 teaspoon.

Mrs. Dash Original Blend

For an all-purpose, salt-free seasoning, Mrs. Dash has garlic, onion, and other spices for only 5 calories per 1/4 teaspoon.

You can mix and match simple spices and seeds to create your own lower calorie bagel seasoning too. Get creative!

Comparing Everything Bagel Seasoning to Other Popular Spice Blends

To get some extra perspective, let’s compare Everything Bagel seasoning to some other common spice blends:

Seasoning Calories per Tablespoon
Everything Bagel 45-60
Mrs. Dash Original Blend 5
Italian Seasoning 10-15
Taco Seasoning 15-25
Cajun Seasoning 15-30
Old Bay Seasoning 45
Pumpkin Pie Spice 45

As you can see, Everything Bagel seasoning falls somewhere in the middle calorie-wise. It provides more flavor punch than Italian seasoning or Mrs. Dash, but remains lower than heavy hitters like Old Bay and Pumpkin Pie Spice.

Key Takeaways

Some key points to remember when comparing these popular seasoning blends:

– Everything Bagel is higher in calories than Mrs. Dash, Italian Seasoning, and Taco Seasoning.
– It’s roughly the same as Cajun Seasoning in terms of calories.
– Old Bay and Pumpkin Pie Spice are the highest calorie options.
– Oils, salt, sugars, and nuts/seeds in blends impact total calories.
– Check labels and measure servings carefully no matter what seasoning you use.

So while Everything Bagel seasoning isn’t the absolute lowest calorie choice, it strikes a good balance by providing lots of flavor for a reasonable number of calories if used properly.

Tips for Using Everything Bagel Seasoning

To take advantage of all the flavor Everything Bagel seasoning offers while controlling calories, keep these tips in mind:

– Measure accurately rather than just shaking liberally over foods.
– Start with a moderate amount and add more to taste.
– Combine with lower calorie ingredients like eggs, cottage cheese, popcorn.
– Avoid piling it onto already high calorie foods.
– Sprinkle just a pinch in dips, dressings, marinades for flavored oil.
– Mix with plain nonfat Greek yogurt as a veggie dip or spread.
– Add to air popped popcorn along with a spritz of spray butter.
– Make your own blend using just spices/seeds you want.
– Compare brands and choose lower sodium options when possible.

With some creativity and restraint, Everything Bagel seasoning can be an asset for adding lots of flavor without necessarily lots of calories!

Common Questions about Calories in Everything Bagel Seasoning

Many people have additional questions about the calories and nutrition found in Everything Bagel seasoning beyond the basics. Here are some frequently asked questions with answers:

Why does Everything Bagel seasoning have so many calories?

The two main calorie contributors in Everything Bagel seasoning are the sesame seeds and poppy seeds. Since the seasoning is made from dried, concentrated seeds and spices, the small volume of a tablespoon contains more calories than you might think. The seeds bring protein, fiber, and healthy fats but also add to the total calorie count.

Are the carbs in Everything Bagel seasoning from sugar or fiber?

Most brands of Everything Bagel seasoning contain no added sugar. The 3-5 grams of carbohydrates per tablespoon come mainly from fiber in the seeds and minimal starch in the dried vegetables. So you’re getting beneficial fiber carbs rather than added sugars.

Can you reduce the calories by using less Everything Bagel seasoning?

Yes, you can definitely slash the calories by using smaller amounts of the seasoning. Even just 1/4 teaspoon provides big flavor for about 10 calories. Sprinkle lightly, and add more if needed. Limiting your portions is key to keeping calories down.

What’s the healthiest way to use Everything Bagel seasoning?

Focus on adding Everything Bagel seasoning to enhance lower calorie foods like eggs, cottage cheese, air popped popcorn, roasted veggies, salads, and chicken breasts. Avoid piling it onto foods that are already high in calories, fat, or carbs, as this additions unnecessary excess.

Is there a lower calorie alternative to Everything Bagel seasoning?

Some lower calorie alternatives that provide similar flavor are onion powder, garlic powder, sesame seeds, poppy seeds, onion salt, or Mrs. Dash Original blend. You can also make your own lower sodium blend.

Can you use Everything Bagel seasoning on a low carb or keto diet?

Yes, since most Everything Bagel seasoning only has 3-5 grams of total carbs per serving, it can fit into a low carb or keto eating plan in moderation. Just account for the carbs and watch your portions to keep intake low.


Everything Bagel seasoning has emerged as a favorite way to add onion, garlic, and sesame flavor to all kinds of foods. While calorie counts can range slightly based on the brand, a single tablespoon provides around 45-60 calories along with small amounts of fat, carbs, protein, and sodium. Paying attention to serving sizes is key, as the teaspoons and tablespoons can add up. But used judiciously, Everything Bagel seasoning can be a flavorful low calorie addition to eggs, veggies, cottage cheese, popcorn, and many other foods. Give one of the lighter alternative seasonings a try if you’re looking to cut even more calories. Whichever blend you choose, a little sprinkling of “everything” flavor can go a long way!

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