How many calories are in a sonic cheesecake blast?

Quick Answer

A Sonic cheesecake blast contains between 840-1,230 calories, depending on the size. A small cheesecake blast has around 840 calories, while a large can have up to 1,230. The exact calorie count depends on factors like the cake flavor and toppings. But in general, a cheesecake blast is a high calorie dessert.

Calorie Counts by Size

Here is a breakdown of the approximate calorie counts for each size of Sonic’s cheesecake blast:

Small (12 oz)

– Around 840 calories

Medium (20 oz)

– Around 1,000 calories

Large (24 oz)

– Around 1,230 calories

As you can see, the small cheesecake blast has the lowest calorie count at 840 calories. But even that is very high for a single dessert item. The large clocks in at a whopping 1,230 calories.

Calories by Cake Flavor

The base cheesecake blast is made with a cheesecake flavored cake. But you can also select different cake flavors, which changes the calorie count slightly. Here are the calories by cake flavor:

Cake Flavor Calories (Small)
Cheesecake (default) 840
Chocolate 850
Strawberry 830
Vanilla 820

As you can see, the various cake flavors only alter the calorie count by about 10-30 calories. So the flavor doesn’t drastically change the calorie content.

Calories with Toppings

You can also add toppings to a cheesecake blast, which adds extra calories:

  • Cherry topping – Adds 80 calories
  • Chocolate syrup – Adds 60 calories
  • Strawberry topping – Adds 75 calories
  • Blueberry topping – Adds 70 calories
  • Hot fudge – Adds 100 calories

Two toppings can add 150-180 extra calories to your cheesecake blast. The hot fudge in particular piles on an extra 100 calories.

Nutritional Profile

Along with being high in calories, a Sonic cheesecake blast is also packed with fat, sugar, and carbs with little protein:

Small Cheesecake Blast

  • Total Fat: 40g
  • Saturated Fat: 24g
  • Trans Fat: 0.5g
  • Cholesterol: 125mg
  • Sodium: 330mg
  • Total Carbs: 93g
  • Dietary Fiber: 0g
  • Sugars: 69g
  • Protein: 9g

As you can see, the small cheesecake blast contains:

  • 40g fat (60% of daily value)
  • 93g carbs (31% daily value)
  • 69g sugar (77% daily value)
  • Only 9g protein

So the majority of the calories come from fat and carbs with very little protein. And the sugar content is extremely high.

Cheesecake Blast vs Other Desserts

How does the Sonic cheesecake blast compare calorie-wise to other popular desserts?

Dessert Calories
Small Sonic cheesecake blast 840
Small McDonald’s McFlurry 530
1 slice cheesecake 700
Double fudge brownie 670
1 slice pumpkin pie 323
1 slice apple pie 247

The cheesecake blast contains significantly more calories than most other dessert items. Even a small Sonic blast has over 300 more calories than a slice of pie or an apple pie. And it has about 80% more calories than a small McFlurry.

So while other desserts may seem indulgent, the cheesecake blast is in a league of its own when it comes to calorie density. Just one of these high calorie shakes provides over 40% of most people’s recommended daily calorie intake.

Daily Calorie Limits

To put the cheesecake blast calories into perspective, here are the recommended daily calorie limits for different groups of people:


  • Sedentary (little/no exercise): 2,000 calories
  • Moderately Active: 2,200 calories
  • Active Lifestyle: 2,400 calories


  • Sedentary (little/no exercise): 2,500 calories
  • Moderately Active: 2,800 calories
  • Active Lifestyle: 3,000 calories

As you can see, even for men with active lifestyles, a large cheesecake blast would provide over 40% of their daily calorie needs in just one dessert. For sedentary women, that 1,230 calorie large blast would constitute over half their daily calories.

So no matter who you are, a cheesecake blast can quickly max out your daily calorie allotment if you aren’t careful. Going over your calorie limits regularly can lead to weight gain over time.

Burning off the Calories

If you do indulge in a cheesecake blast, you’ll need to put in some time exercising to burn off those indulgent calories:

  • Small blast (840 calories):
    • 120 minutes of walking
    • 90 minutes of jogging
    • 75 minutes of swimming laps
    • 55 minutes of cycling
  • Large blast (1,230 calories):
    • 180 minutes of walking
    • 130 minutes of jogging
    • 110 minutes of swimming laps
    • 80 minutes of cycling

As you can see, you’d need to spend hours doing vigorous exercise to burn off a single cheesecake blast. It’s easy to see why these indulgent shakes pack on the pounds.

Ways to Make It Healthier

If you want to occasionally work a cheesecake blast into your diet without going overboard on calories, there are some ways to make it a bit healthier:

  • Order the small size
  • Skip the topping
  • Ask for a sugar free syrup instead of regular
  • Request fat free cream cheese in the cake
  • Substitute the cake for a lighter flavor like angel food
  • Share your cheesecake blast with a friend

While these tweaks can save you a few hundred calories, a cheesecake blast is still a high calorie indulgence. Your best bet is reserving it as an occasional treat if you are watching your calorie intake.

The Bottom Line

A Sonic cheesecake blast ranges from 840-1,230 calories depending on size. The shakes are loaded with sugar, fat, and carbs. Just one cheesecake blast can give you more than half your daily calories in one dessert. It’s smart to only have one occasionally if you are minding your calorie intake. Going for a smaller size, skipping toppings, and sharing can help reduce the calorie impact. But no matter what, a cheesecake blast should be an infrequent indulgence if you are watching your health and weight.

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