How many calories do you burn during T25?

T25 is an intense 25-minute workout program created by trainer Shaun T. It consists of cardio and bodyweight exercises packed into fast-paced circuits. T25 claims to deliver results comparable to more time-consuming workouts. But exactly how many calories can you expect to burn in just 25 minutes?

What is T25?

T25 is a DVD workout program that lasts 25 minutes per workout. It was created by Shaun T, who also developed other popular programs like Insanity and Hip Hop Abs.

T25 is designed to provide maximum results in minimum time. The workouts are intensely packed with different exercises to keep your heart rate elevated and burn more calories.

Some key facts about T25:

  • Duration: 25 minutes
  • Type: Cardio and bodyweight training
  • Creator: Shaun T
  • Programs: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Total Body Circuit
  • Equipment needed: Minimal – just dumbbells for some workouts

The T25 base program is divided into two phases:

Alpha Phase

The Alpha phase focuses on learning proper form and easing into the program. It includes four 25-minute workouts:

  • Cardio: High intensity cardio intervals
  • Lower Focus: Strengthens lower body
  • Upper Focus: Strengthens upper body
  • Core Cardio: Intense ab workout

Beta Phase

The Beta phase cranks up the intensity. It includes four more 25-minute workouts:

  • Speed 1.0: High speed intervals
  • Total Body Circuit: Works all major muscle groups
  • Core Speed: Planks and core moves
  • Rip’t Circuit: Non-stop alternating strength moves

After finishing Alpha and Beta, you can continue on to Gamma for more challenge, or go through Delta which focuses on increasing strength with weights. There’s also T25 Doubles, which is doing two workouts back-to-back.

Calorie Burn Potential

So how many calories can you expect to burn doing a 25-minute T25 workout?

The number of calories burned will vary based on:

  • Your weight – Heavier people burn more calories
  • Intensity – Higher intensity burns more calories
  • Fitness level – Beginners may burn fewer calories
  • Specific workout – Some workouts are tougher than others

However, here are some general estimates for calories burned during a 25-minute T25 workout:

For a 125 lb Person

  • Cardio: 260-300 calories
  • Lower Focus: 230-260 calories
  • Upper Focus: 220-250 calories
  • Core Cardio: 250-280 calories
  • Speed 1.0: 280-320 calories
  • Total Body Circuit: 300-340 calories
  • Core Speed: 240-280 calories
  • Rip’t Circuit: 320-360 calories

For a 155 lb Person

  • Cardio: 320-360 calories
  • Lower Focus: 280-320 calories
  • Upper Focus: 270-300 calories
  • Core Cardio: 300-340 calories
  • Speed 1.0: 340-380 calories
  • Total Body Circuit: 360-400 calories
  • Core Speed: 290-330 calories
  • Rip’t Circuit: 380-420 calories

For a 185 lb Person

  • Cardio: 380-420 calories
  • Lower Focus: 340-380 calories
  • Upper Focus: 320-360 calories
  • Core Cardio: 360-400 calories
  • Speed 1.0: 400-440 calories
  • Total Body Circuit: 420-460 calories
  • Core Speed: 340-380 calories
  • Rip’t Circuit: 440-480 calories

As you can see, calorie burn ranges from about 220-480 calories for a 25-minute workout session. The more intense total body workouts like Total Body Circuit and Rip’t Circuit burn the most calories.

Factors That Impact Calories Burned

The estimates above are based on someone doing T25 at a moderate to high intensity, giving around 80-90% effort. However, there are several factors that can raise or lower calorie burn during T25.

Body Weight

Heavier people will burn more calories doing T25. Each extra pound of body weight increases calorie burn by approximately 5-10 calories per workout. So at the same intensity, a 155 lb person may burn 50 more calories than a 125 lb person.

Workout Intensity

Working out at higher intensities causes more calories to be burned. Giving maximum effort during T25 can increase calorie burn by 30-50% compared to moderate intensity. Pushing yourself harder ramps up the afterburn effect as well.

Fitness Level

People who are more fit tend to burn slightly fewer calories because their bodies are more efficient. Beginners can burn 10-20% more doing T25 because their bodies are working harder to adapt to the challenge.

Muscle Mass

Having more muscle mass increases resting metabolism, so muscular people burn more calories and fat day-to-day. Greater muscle also allows for burning more energy during strength moves in T25.


Eating before your workout provides fuel for energy production and higher calorie burn. Proper nutrition also boosts metabolism and assists in recovery.

Age & Gender

Younger people and men tend to burn more calories than older adults and women respectively. However, the differences are small and can be offset by other factors like weight and intensity.

Benefits of T25 for Fat Loss

In addition to burning calories during each 25-minute session, T25 offers other benefits that promote fat loss:

Afterburn Effect

Intense exercise causes an elevated metabolism for hours after your workout. T25’s high-intensity intervals maximize excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC).

Increased Metabolism

The combination of cardio and resistance training boosts your resting metabolic rate. Adding muscle through strength training further increases metabolism.

Appetite Suppression

High-intensity exercise helps control appetite hormones like leptin and ghrelin. This leads to less overeating.

Enhanced Insulin Sensitivity

Improved insulin function means your body more efficiently shuttles nutrients into muscles rather than storing fat after meals.

Fat Oxidation

The cardio intervals in T25 promote fat burning, especially in fasted states. This allows you to tap into stored fat for energy.

Stress Relief

Exercise helps manage cortisol and mental stress, reducing emotional eating tendencies. T25 serves as an outlet for stress relief.

In summary, T25 provides comprehensive fat-burning benefits that extend well beyond just the 25-minute workout sessions. By combining proper nutrition with T25 training, you create a highly effective program for losing fat.

T25 Nutrition Plan

To maximize your results with T25, it’s important to follow the nutrition plan as outlined in the program materials. Here are some key points:

  • Five small meals per day
  • Each meal is 3-4 hours apart
  • Portion control is key
  • Emphasis on lean proteins, veggies, whole grains
  • Healthy fats in moderation
  • Limit sugar and processed carbs
  • Hydrate well with water
  • Avoid calorie-filled beverages

This scheduled, portion-controlled eating pattern keeps your metabolism stoked while providing balanced nutrition. It prevents overeating and long periods without food which can slow fat burning.

Proper post-workout nutrition is also emphasized, with a focus on consuming protein and carbs to replenish glycogen stores and feed muscles. This helps accelerate recovery and builds metabolism-boosting muscle.

Implementing the full T25 nutrition plan greatly enhances the effects of the workouts. It provides the ideal internal environment for efficiently losing fat.

Sample T25 Calorie Burn Workout

To give you an idea of what a T25 workout looks like, here is an overview of the Total Body Circuit workout:

Total Body Circuit is one of the toughest workouts. It works all the major muscle groups in a nonstop circuit. There are no scheduled breaks until the finish.


– Jogging with knee lifts: 2 minutes

– Switch kick jacks: 1 minute

– Arm crosses with leg kicks: 1 minute

Workout Circuit (2 Rounds)

– Power jumps: 45 seconds

– Pushup jacks: 45 seconds

– Corner to corner hops: 45 seconds

– High plank shoulder taps: 45 seconds

– Weighted squats: 45 seconds

– Weighted sumo squats: 45 seconds

– Wide grip pushups: 45 seconds

– Weighted stability ball hamstring curls: 45 seconds


– Fast feet shuffle: 45 seconds

– Mountain climbers: 45 seconds

This sequence taxes your cardiovascular system and muscular endurance with constant motion. Plyometric and multi-joint moves ignite your metabolism for fat burning both during and after the workout.

For a 155 lb person, this workout can burn 350-400 calories. It’s one of the most demanding 25 minutes you’ll encounter in a workout program.


T25 packs a serious punch when it comes to fat burning potential. With estimates ranging from 220-480 calories burned in just 25 minutes, it provides an incredibly efficient and effective workout.

The mix of cardio and full body resistance training torches calories while building metabolism-boosting muscle. Following the proper nutrition principles and pushing your intensity level maximizes the fat loss results.

If you’re pressed for time but looking to get fit and lean, T25 delivers on its promise of big results in just 25 minutes a day. Commit to the workouts and recommended nutrition, and you’ll be amazed by the changes in your body.

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