How many calories are in 2 waffles with butter and syrup?

Waffles are a delicious and popular breakfast food enjoyed by many. When topped with butter and syrup, waffles become an indulgent treat. But how many calories are actually in two waffles when they are served with these tasty accompaniments? In this article, we will examine the calorie counts for two waffles with butter and syrup to find out just how indulgent this classic breakfast combo can be.

The Base Calorie Count for Two Waffles

First, let’s look at the baseline calorie count for two standard waffles without any toppings. Waffles can come in different sizes and thicknesses, which affects their calorie content. Here is a look at the approximate calorie counts for two common waffle sizes:

Waffle Size Calories per Waffle Total Calories for 2 Waffles
Small (1 oz) 90 calories 180 calories
Large (1.5 oz) 140 calories 280 calories

As you can see, two standard small waffles contain about 180 calories total, while two large waffles contain 280 calories. This is just for the waffles alone without any toppings.

Calculating Calories for Waffle Toppings

Now let’s look at how many additional calories butter and syrup add when topping two waffles.


Butter is commonly served with waffles, either as pats on top or melted over the waffles. Here are the calories for common butter serving sizes:

Butter Serving Size Calories
1 pat or teaspoon (5g) 36 calories
2 pats or teaspoons (10g) 72 calories
1 tablespoon (14g) 100 calories

For two waffles, the typical amount of butter added is around 1-2 tablespoons total. So the calorie addition from butter can range from 100-200 calories.


Maple syrup and other sweet syrups are also popular waffle toppings. Here is the calorie count for 2 waffles with syrup:

Syrup Serving Size Calories
2 tablespoons (30mL) 200 calories
¼ cup (60mL) 400 calories
½ cup (120mL) 800 calories

For two waffles, a typical syrup amount is around ¼ cup, or 200 additional calories.

Total Calorie Count

Now let’s put it all together to find the total calories for two waffles topped with butter and syrup:

Waffles + Toppings Total Calories
2 Small Waffles (180 calories) + 2 Tbsp Butter (200 calories) + ¼ Cup Syrup (200 calories) 580 calories
2 Large Waffles (280 calories) + 2 Tbsp Butter (200 calories) + ¼ Cup Syrup (200 calories) 680 calories

So the total calorie count for two waffles with typical butter and syrup toppings ranges from 580-680 calories.

Ways to Lighten Up Waffles

While waffles with all the works can be high in calories, there are ways you can still enjoy waffles while reducing the calorie count:

  • Use lower-calorie butter spreads or redued-fat cream cheese instead of regular butter
  • Top waffles with fresh fruit like berries or bananas instead of syrup
  • Drizzle waffles with small amounts of pure maple syrup instead of syrup blends
  • Choose smaller or thinner waffles to reduce the base calorie count
  • Load up waffles with nutrition extras like nuts, seeds or oats

With some simple tweaks, you can still enjoy the delicious taste of waffles topped with butter and syrup, while avoiding going overboard on calories.

The Importance of Moderation

While waffles with butter and syrup can be high in calories, you can enjoy them in moderation as part of an overall healthy diet. The keys are controlling portions, choosing healthier toppings, and balancing out the rest of your meals.

Having waffles once in awhile is unlikely to have negative health effects. But eating multiple high-calorie waffles frequently could contribute to weight gain or other issues. As part of a balanced diet that includes plenty of fruits, vegetables and whole grains, occasional indulgent waffles are perfectly fine for most people.

Tracking Calories for Weight Loss Goals

If you are trying to lose weight, you may want to pay closer attention to waffle calorie counts. Tracking calories can help ensure you stay within your daily calorie target for weight loss.

For example, if your goal is a 500 calorie daily deficit to lose 1 pound per week, and your maintenance calories are 2,000 per day, you would aim to eat around 1,500 calories daily. In that case, a 680 calorie waffle breakfast would use up almost half your calories for the entire day.

Being aware of calorie counts can help you balance your waffle intake within your overall plan. You can still enjoy waffles occasionally while losing weight, by reducing portions, choosing lighter toppings, and accounting for the calories.

Comparing Waffle Calorie Counts to Other Breakfasts

Waffles with butter and syrup are higher in calories than some other breakfast choices. Here’s how they compare to some common breakfast calories:

Breakfast Calories
Waffles – 2 large waffles with 2 tbsp butter and ¼ cup syrup 680 calories
Pancakes – 2 medium pancakes with 2 tbsp butter and ¼ cup syrup 610 calories
Oatmeal – 1 cup cooked oats with ½ cup milk and 1 tbsp brown sugar 150 calories
Scrambled Eggs – 2 large eggs scrambled in 1 tsp oil with 1 slice toast 315 calories
Yogurt Parfait – 1 cup yogurt with ½ cup berries and 2 tbsp granola 345 calories

As you can see, waffles with full toppings are one of the higher-calorie breakfast options. But you can bring down the calorie count by adjusting portions and toppings.

Health Benefits of Waffles

While waffles are high in calories, especially when topped with butter and syrup, they do provide some health benefits:

  • Whole grains – Most waffles are made with whole grain flour like whole wheat. Whole grains provide important nutrients and fiber.
  • Protein – Waffles made with milk and eggs provide a protein boost to help fill you up.
  • Vitamins and minerals – Waffles can contain vitamins like folate, niacin, thiamine and minerals like iron and calcium from the whole grain flour and dairy ingredients.

Choosing whole grain waffles and adding toppings like fruit, nuts or seeds boosts the nutritional value. Waffles in moderation can be part of healthy, balanced eating patterns.

Substituting Waffle Ingredients to Reduce Calories

You can reduce the calorie count of homemade waffles by substituting some of the ingredients:

  • Use whole wheat or almond flour instead of all-purpose flour
  • Replace some of the butter or oil with unsweetened applesauce
  • Use low-fat or fat-free milk instead of whole milk
  • Substitute one egg for two egg whites to cut fat and calories
  • Use a sugar substitute or reduce the amount of sugar

Experiment with ingredient tweaks to create lighter waffles. You can enjoy the flavor and texture of waffles for fewer calories by modifying the recipe.

Should You Avoid Waffles If Trying to Lose Weight?

You do not necessarily have to avoid waffles completely if you are trying to lose weight. The keys are moderation and balance.

Having a lighter waffle once or twice per week can likely be accommodated into a reduced-calorie diet for weight loss. Some tips to keep waffles weight-loss friendly include:

  • Choose a small or thin waffle to reduce calories
  • Limit syrup to 1 tablespoon or use fresh fruit instead
  • Use just 1 teaspoon of butter or light spread like jam
  • Fill up the rest of your plate with protein and veggies
  • Drink water or unsweetened coffee with your waffle instead of juice
  • Balance waffle days with lower-calorie options the rest of the week

An occasional lighter waffle can be worked into a reduced-calorie meal plan when trying to lose weight.

Should You Avoid Waffles If You Have Diabetes?

People with diabetes can also still enjoy waffles in moderation as part of a healthy diet. There are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Choose whole grain waffles for more fiber, vitamins and minerals
  • Limit added sugars by using just a small amount of syrup
  • Add protein like nuts or Greek yogurt to help manage blood sugar
  • Pair waffles with healthy fats like avocado or nut butter
  • Focus on portion control to prevent large blood sugar spikes

Enjoying waffles occasionally as part of a carb-controlled, balanced diet can be healthy for people with diabetes. Work with your doctor or dietitian to determine appropriate waffle portion sizes.


Waffles topped with butter and syrup can be high in calories, ranging from 580-680 calories for two waffles depending on size. But you can use lighter toppings and adjust portions to reduce the calorie count. Waffles in moderation can be part of an overall healthy diet, even if you are trying to lose weight or have diabetes. Balancing waffle intake with other healthy meals and snacks through the week allows you to enjoy this indulgent breakfast treat while still meeting your health goals.

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