How many calories are in 2 apple cinnamon rice cakes?

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Two apple cinnamon rice cakes contain about 140 calories. Rice cakes are a low calorie snack option, with most varieties containing 50-110 calories per cake. Apple cinnamon is one of the more calorie-dense flavors, providing 70 calories per cake. So two apple cinnamon rice cakes would contain 140 calories total. The exact calorie count can vary slightly depending on the brand. But for most brands, two of these rice cakes makes a 140 calorie snack.

Calories in Rice Cakes

Rice cakes, sometimes called rice wafers or rice biscuits, are a low-calorie snack made from puffed rice pressed into a disk shape. Traditional plain rice cakes contain about 35-50 calories each. Flavored varieties tend to be slightly higher in calories, generally ranging from 50-110 calories per cake.

This is because flavors like caramel, chocolate, or apple cinnamon add additional ingredients like sugar, chocolate, fruits, and spices. So while plain rice cakes are an ultra low-calorie snack choice, flavored varieties may provide 50-100 calories per cake.

Still, even the flavored rice cakes are low in calories compared to many other snack options. For example, here are some calorie comparisons per cake or piece:

Snack Calories
Plain rice cake 35-50
Flavored rice cake 50-110
Potato chips 150
Cheetos 110
Butter cookies 50

As you can see, even the higher calorie flavored rice cakes contain fewer calories than high-carb snacks like chips or Cheetos. So rice cakes provide a way to get a crunchy, savory snack for far fewer calories.

Calories in Apple Cinnamon Rice Cakes

Now let’s look specifically at apple cinnamon flavored rice cakes. This popular flavor adds cinnamon and dehydrated apple pieces to provide a sweet, apple pie-like taste.

The calories in apple cinnamon rice cakes typically range from 70-90 per cake, depending on the brand. Here are nutrition facts for some popular brands:

Brand Calories Carbs Protein Fat
Quaker Rice Cakes 70 15g 1g 0g
Lundberg Rice Cakes 80 18g 1g 0g
Nabisco Rice Thins 90 21g 1g 0g

As you can see, calories range from 70-90 per cake, with carbs providing most of those calories. Protein and fat remain low.

So on average, each apple cinnamon rice cake contains about 80 calories. And most of those calories come from the added sugar and carbs to provide sweetness and flavor. But the cakes are still low calorie compared to most other flavored snack options.

Calories in 2 Apple Cinnamon Rice Cakes

Now that we know each apple cinnamon rice cake contains approximately 80 calories, we can calculate the calories for 2 cakes.

Since 80 calories x 2 cakes = 160 calories, two rice cakes would provide about 160 calories.

However, since calorie counts can vary a bit by brand, a more precise estimate is:

2 apple cinnamon rice cakes = 140 calories

So when enjoying this sweet treat, you can expect a 2-cake serving to provide around 140 total calories. That makes a satisfying snack for only 140 calories!

And if watching your weight, you can alter portion sizes. For example:

– 1 rice cake = 70 calories
– 2 rice cakes = 140 calories
– 3 rice cakes = 210 calories

Modifying portions allows you to enjoy the flavor while controlling calorie intake.

Nutrition Facts for 2 Apple Cinnamon Rice Cakes

Along with calories, here are some other key nutrition facts for a 2-cake serving:

Nutrient Amount
Calories 140
Carbohydrates 30-36g
Fiber 0-2g
Sugars 8-14g
Protein 2g
Fat 0g
Sodium 200-300mg

As you can see, carbs mainly come from added sugars. Fiber and protein are low, while fat is negligible. Sodium content ranges from 200-300mg for the 2-cake serving.

So the 2-cake portion makes a moderately high carb, low fat, low protein snack. The carbs come mostly from the added flavorings. But overall, it’s still relatively low in calories for a tasty snack.

Benefits of Apple Cinnamon Rice Cakes

Eating 2 apple cinnamon rice cakes in place of other snacks provides several benefits:

Low calorie

With only 140 calories for 2 cakes, this is an ultra low-calorie snack, especially compared to chips, cookies, or other flavored crackers. This allows you to enjoy a sweet, crunchy snack while controlling calorie intake.

Provides carbs

The 30-36g of carbs can help refuel your body and brain. The rice cakes provide fast-acting carbohydrates to replenish blood sugar levels.

Sweet flavor

The apple and cinnamon flavors provide a naturally sweet taste without artificial sweeteners. This can help satisfy a sweet tooth.


Rice cakes are made from rice so they are naturally gluten-free. This makes them a suitable snack for anyone avoiding gluten.

Portable snack

The lightweight wafers are easy to transport for an on-the-go snack. They don’t create mess or crumbs like some other snack foods.

So enjoy 2 apple cinnamon rice cakes as a sweet, crispy snack anytime!

Comparisons to Other Snacks

Eating 2 apple cinnamon rice cakes is a smart snack choice compared to many other options. Here’s how it compares to some other common snacks:

Snack Calories
Apple cinnamon rice cake (2 cakes) 140
Chips and salsa (20 chips + 2 Tbsp salsa) 210
Butter cookies (4 cookies) 200
Protein bar 190
Popcorn (3 cups) 180
Pretzels (20 twists) 110

The rice cakes contain fewer calories than after-school snacks like chips, popcorn, or protein bars. And provide a lighter option than bakery treats like cookies.

Snack Ideas

For variety, try pairing apple cinnamon rice cakes with different snacks or toppings:

– Light cream cheese or whipped cream cheese
– A tablespoon of peanut butter
– Low-fat vanilla yogurt
– A sprinkling of granola
– Diced apples
– A few chocolate chips
– Crushed nuts
– A drizzle of honey

Be creative and come up with your own delicious combinations!

Storing Rice Cakes

To maintain freshness and prevent staleness, store rice cakes:

– At room temperature
– In an airtight container or bag
– Away from moisture and humidity

Avoid storing rice cakes in the fridge or freezer, as this can make them soggy. With proper storage, rice cakes typically stay fresh for about 2-3 months past the printed expiration date. Check for staleness and discard any cakes that smell odd or are hard and crunchy.

For best quality and texture, enjoy rice cakes within a month or two of opening the package. The crispness starts to fade as the cakes are exposed to air.

Where to Buy Rice Cakes

Rice cakes can be found in the snack aisle at any major grocery store. Popular brands like Quaker, Lundberg, and Nabisco are widely available at chains like Walmart, Target, etc.

Health food stores like Sprouts or Whole Foods also offer a wide selection of flavors and brands. You can choose from traditional varieties like plain, brown rice, sesame, along with more unique flavors like chocolate, caramel, strawberry, and more.

Many gas stations and convenience stores carry individual pack sizes too for a quick on-the-go snack. Shop around to compare prices and find your favorite flavors!

You can also order rice cakes online from retailers like Amazon if wanting bulk quantities or specific niche brands. Just search for “rice cakes” and browse the many options.

Rice Cake Recipes

Rice cakes aren’t limited to just snacking – they can also be incorporated into recipes! Here are some creative ways to use rice cakes:

Breakfast Rice Cake Pizza

Top rice cakes with pizza sauce, cheese, and mini pepperonis for a fun breakfast pizza.

Rice Cake Sandwiches

Top rice cakes with peanut butter and banana slices, Nutella and strawberries, or cream cheese and cucumbers.

Crunchy Chicken Nuggets

Use rice cakes as a gluten free “breading” for chicken tenders. Simply dip chicken pieces in egg, coat with crushed rice cakes, and bake.

Rice Cake S’mores

Top a rice cake with chocolate and marshmallows then heat in the microwave for an easy s’more!

Sweet Rice Cake Nachos

Break rice cakes into chip-like pieces. Top with chocolate chips, marshmallows and nuts.


To summarize, 2 apple cinnamon rice cakes make a tasty low-calorie snack containing about 140 calories total. The added apple and cinnamon provide sweetness and flavor for only 70-90 calories per cake.

Rice cakes are lower in calories than many crunchy snack options, while providing satiating carbs. Plus they are gluten-free and easy to take on-the-go.

Next time you crave something sweet and crunchy, reach for a couple apple cinnamon rice cakes. But be sure to store them properly in an airtight container at room temperature to maintain crispness. And feel free to get creative with tasty toppings too!

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