How many bookcases needed for level 30?

When deciding how many bookcases are needed to reach level 30 in a game or system that uses bookcases to level up, there are a few key factors to consider. First, you need to know how much each bookcase levels you up and how much experience points (XP) are required to reach each level. The specific numbers will vary by game, but let’s assume each bookcase gives 100 XP and you need 10,000 total XP to hit level 30.

Quick Answer

With those assumptions, you would need 100 bookcases to go from level 1 to level 30, since 100 bookcases x 100 XP per bookcase = 10,000 total XP.

Calculating Total XP Needed

To figure out how many bookcases you need, start by calculating the total amount of experience points (XP) required to reach level 30. If we hypothesize that you need 10,000 total XP to reach level 30, then we can use that number as our target.

The specifics will vary by game, but in many RPGs and other leveling systems, the amount of XP needed to reach each level increases incrementally. For example, level 1 might require 100 XP, level 2 requires 200 XP, level 3 requires 300 XP, and so on. Using a progression like this, we’d need to calculate the total XP needed to reach levels 1 through 29 before reaching the 10,000 XP goalpost for level 30.

Here’s a sample XP progression and the total XP accrued at each level:

Level XP Required Total XP
1 100 100
2 200 300
3 300 600
4 400 1,000
5 500 1,500
29 2,900 9,100
30 10,000 10,000

As you can see, if we need 10,000 XP to reach level 30, and we accumulate 9,100 XP by level 29, then the incremental XP required for the last level is 10,000 – 9,100 = 900 XP.

Calculating Bookcases Needed

Now that we know the total target XP amount, we can calculate how many bookcases are needed by dividing the total XP by the amount granted per bookcase.

Sticking with our example, let’s say each bookcase gives 100 XP when activated or collected. To reach our goal of 10,000 XP total, we would need:

Total XP Required / XP per Bookcase

10,000 / 100 = 100 Bookcases

So if each bookcase gives 100 XP, and we need 10,000 XP total, we would need 100 bookcases to reach level 30.

Factors That Could Change Bookcases Required

It’s worth noting that in many games and systems, there are factors that could alter the number of bookcases actually needed, including:

  • XP requirements changing at higher levels
  • Bookcases giving variable XP amounts
  • Bonuses, multipliers, or penalties affecting XP gained
  • Loss of XP on death/defeat reducing level
  • Minimum level requirements for using bookcases

So in a more complex system, you may not be able to reach level 30 with exactly 100 bookcases. Some trial and error while playing would be needed to determine the ideal number.

Caveats and Assumptions

This analysis makes a few key assumptions:

  • Reaching level 30 requires 10,000 XP total
  • XP requirements increase linearly by 100 each level
  • Each bookcase gives exactly 100 XP
  • No bonuses or penalties apply to XP
  • XP from bookcases is the only source considered
  • Loss of XP on death is not factored in

If any of those assumptions are changed or invalid in a particular game, the number of bookcases needed could change as well.

Additional Factors to Consider

Here are some other factors that could influence how many bookcases are ideal or required to reach a high level cap like level 30:

Available inventory space

There may be a limit on how many bookcases can be physically carried or stored by the player. Inventory filling up fast could make accumulating 100 separate bookcases difficult.

Bookcase storage

Similarly, there may be restrictions on where bookcases can be placed in the game world. Finding room to store 100 bookcases may be tricky depending on the game environment.

Bookcase durability

If bookcases can be damaged or destroyed (for example, by enemy NPCs), the player may need to acquire more than 100 total over time to replace losses.

Bookcase crafting costs

If bookcases have to be crafted from resources, crafted bookcases could be quite expensive. Players may want to minimize costs by optimizing the number crafted.

Diminishing returns

The XP gained from each bookcase may decrease after acquiring a certain amount, incentivizing using fewer total bookcases.

Level caps

If there is a level cap lower than 30, there’s no point accruing enough XP through bookcases to surpass the cap.

Optimizing Bookcase Acquisition

Here are some tips for efficiently acquiring enough bookcases to reach level 30, accounting for potential limitations:

  • Only build/obtain what inventory space allows – don’t let bookcases pile up unusable
  • Place bookcases strategically to maximize available room
  • Repair damaged bookcases rather than replacing completely
  • Use the minimum number needed to safely reach the level cap
  • Combine bookcases with other XP sources to minimize total required

Alternate Leveling Methods

While bookcases may be effective for leveling, some alternative options include:


Completing story quests, side quests, and other missions often grants big XP rewards. Chaining quests can level up characters faster than bookcases alone.

Killing Enemies

Grinding by killing enemies is a staple XP farming technique in many games. Focusing on high XP enemies can accelerate leveling.

Using XP Boosts

Consumable XP boost items, temporary buffs, and other bonuses can enhance XP gains for a time, reducing the number of bookcases needed.


Being in a group or party often grants an XP bonus. Grouping maximizes XP efficiency.

Other Helpful Tips

Here are some other tips to help maximize XP gains and speed up leveling:

  • Use XP boosting equipment and buffs
  • Complete achievements and collections for XP rewards
  • Don’t neglect main story/class quests alongside bookcase grinding
  • Buy XP boosts with real money in the cash shop if struggling
  • Join a dedicated XP grinding group or guild


Based on average XP requirements and bookcase XP values, accumulating around 100 bookcases should safely get you to level 30. However, optimization and using supplementary XP sources may reduce that number. Always consider limiting factors like inventory space and storage availability when grinding bookcases. Don’t neglect other valuable leveling methods either. With some diligence and smart play, reaching level 30 can be achievable at minimal cost and effort.


To summarize, here are the key points from this guide on reaching level 30 using bookcases:

  • Calculate the total XP required to reach level 30 based on the game’s leveling progression
  • Determine how much XP each bookcase provides
  • Divide total needed XP by the individual bookcase XP to get the number required
  • Factor in limitations like inventory space, storage, costs, and caps
  • Combine bookcases with other XP sources like quests and kills
  • Use XP boosts from items, buffs, and grouping to maximize efficiency
  • Acquire only what is needed to avoid waste
  • Consider repairing damaged bookcases rather than replacing
  • Be strategic about placement to maximize space
  • 100 bookcases is a solid estimate but not guaranteed exact

While level grinding can be tedious, hopefully this overview gives you a good starting point for estimating and optimizing your bookcase acquisition strategy. Adjust and improvise based on your specific game conditions, and you’ll be level 30 in no time! Let us know if you have any other questions, and happy power leveling!


Grinding levels by repeatedly accumulating and using bookcases may get repetitive, but here are some tips to keep the process fun and engaging:

  • Set incremental goals and milestones so you have something to look forward to
  • Track your progress and aim to beat personal bests in terms of bookcases per hour
  • Find a dedicated grinding buddy or group to team up with
  • Listen to podcasts, audiobooks or music while grinding to avoid boredom
  • Try to optimize your grinding route and methods to maximize efficiency
  • Take breaks regularly to avoid burning out
  • Vary your grinding locations occasionally to see new scenery
  • Make a background story or personality for your character as you progress

While everyone has a different tolerance level for repetitive grinding, keeping things fresh, social, and entertaining can make all the difference. Don’t be afraid to take it slow as well – the game isn’t going anywhere. Mix up serious grinding with casual play, and you’ll reach level 30 before you know it. Most importantly, remember to have fun along the way!

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